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  1. The VTR guys that I know around NYC do provide client monitors and directors monitors, but they are well compensated for them. If production is renting a camera package I'm sure they can get a couple monitors thrown in for peanuts.
  2. If you're just going to be using the one boom mic, I'd run the boom into the MP-1 and then run the MP-1 into the Tascam. Even if the Tascam pre's are an improvement over the Roland, the Sound Devices pre's will still be noticeably better. And having the MP-1s limiter is a nice little bit of insurance.
  3. I second the high sensitivity version, I'm using them with the TRX900LANC's and have been really happy with the results.
  4. Fantastic, thanks a lot Wes!
  5. Dredging this up as I need to find out what size screw is used for the adjusting screws. Thanks.
  6. Check this one off the bucket list, got to record J Mascis jamming for the day.
  7. Nice work Mike!
  8. I think that's what they call a "decleater". Hope you're feeling alright Bernie, that's a mountain of a man you ran into.
  9. Not sure what Ausgang auf means but the do list Arri Alexa Mini and it's dumb little mini Lemo 5pol gewinkelt. I'm guessing they have a full size Alexa version and an Alexa Mini version.
  10. I picked one of these up a few months ago as a quick run bag and I'm really digging it.
  11. Yeah I know, just wishing out loud for something for the Nomad that I can just bolt on and streamline my setup. I would love a small alternative to the RX12 as well, the RX12 is too much horsepower for the shoots I work on. Or if you open your metalworking shop I'll be ready to send my Nomad in for modifications.
  12. Really clean bag, you're giving my OCD the chills I'd really love to have soundbag dashboard for my Nomad and QRX's. Please!!!
  13. Fairly certain the stream of BS we heard had nothing to do with the microphone.
  14. This is great, especially after reading the thread over on Zaxcom's Facebook page regarding dead TRX's due to sweaty talent. Thanks Rich!
  15. 2.01 is available for download on the Zax user forum.