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  1. Lectro Blocks for Australia

    Yep, wide band gear helps but Im not convinced the front end of my new SRc's are up to the task. 411's were no problem. I suppose we should be grateful for the ACMA data giving us a head start.
  2. Lectro Blocks for Australia

    I just looked at the ACMA site and it says Channels 40-51(Blocks 24-26,Band C1) are "Available" in Sydney. 21 is Red so not available. 22 is a YES or unallocated from 568-575 and "Likely" for the rest of it. 23 is "Likely". http://channelfinder.acma.gov.au/ Cheers Steve
  3. Audioroot Single Charger Failure

    Hi Scott, hope you find a solution. I'm about to get one of these chargers and wondered what the appeoximate charge time for the 98Wh Batt is? Regards Steve.
  4. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Me too. Maybe SD will have something at NAB?
  5. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Thanks TJW. Does it ship with cover plates for empty slots? I plan on only using 2 initially. Cheers, Steve
  6. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Thanks for the info. I guess I'm surprised that more of us aren't using it. Looks like a great setup to me. Very tidy bag there Anas! Regards, Steve.
  7. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Around 1200 US. Usual places.
  8. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Hi all, I am building a new bag/ kit and was wondering if anyone is using one of these? http://professionalsound.com/specs/six_pack.html It looks like it fits somewhere between the SD 688/SL-6 and Zaxcom Micplexer 2. It will slot easily into the Orca OR-32 Bag I plan to buy too. Im planning on using it with Lectro SRc's Any experiences or opinions welcome! Thanks, Steve Ravich Sydney AU.
  9. Panasonic Varicam LT

    Thanks Scott, we have 4 LT's at the ABC here in Sydney AU. The Shooters seem very happy with them. If you look on the right hand side(Pic 3) there is a small door with a USB port. Its meant for a Panasonic dongle that enables WiFi access to various functions and I think live pics. We are ordering some so i'll report back later. We have made our own mounts for the Camera mic and use Ambient V-Lock boxes for the SR receivers. The Tentacle Sync boxes fit nicely on those too. Having easy access to the menus via the monitor is really good but the positioning of all relevant inputs/outputs on the side is even better! Its also handy for keeping the sand off my 816 ;)) Cheers, Steve Ravich ABC TV Sydney AU
  10. Waist-belt bag rigs: current state of the art?

    I have been using the k-tek kswb1 waist belt with the OR30 bag for some time now. I have a 633, 3 lectro 411 and ancillary crap in the bag. This system works well for me. I always have a shoulder strap attached and occasionally use it for added support. Its quick and easy to attach and detach the OR 30. The only improvement I would like to see is a wider waist belt. Something along the lines of a kite/wind surfing waist harness. Regards Steve.
  11. Which Harness

    Thanks Dave, looking forward to seeing it. I was also wondering if you have included loops on the belt to hang Accessory pouches etc? Thanks. Steve
  12. Which Harness

    Hey Dave, I stopped using a harness many years ago and prefer wearing the bag around my waist. As the Stingray and orca bags are now rigid the new waistbelt, as modeled by yourself on FBook, would be all I need. Are K-Tek releasing these as part of the harness system or separately? Thanks, Steve, Sydney AU.
  13. Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    Sorry, yes I did mean the SL-6. Thanks Steve
  14. Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    Having read the draft 688 manual I can not find any reference to how the output of the CL-6 is assigned on the 688. Does it create an additional menu page(s) when connected? Thanks Steve
  15. The "Stupid Question" thread

    Surely some of you have heard of DFI? 2 DFI'S equal an NFI... Steve