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  1. I use the 664/CL12 combo. Prior to that I had a Cooper and for a short time I used a Soundcraft board. I much prefer the combo of CL12 to the front end of another mixer... Mainly because the 664/688 is already a mixer. Dont get me wrong, a Sonosax or a Cooper is obviously superior but maybe not the best combination with the 6 series. Gain staging, extra patching from RX to mixer to 664. So many fail points. I am obviously missing out on key features of the CL12 by still using the 664 but it's been a great combination for me. CL12 is still a fairly new product for SD. I use it with my 633 as well. And I'm looking forward to using it with new 6 series products down the road.
  2. I have seen this before and have actually done it myself without melting the plastic. I don't remember exactly what it said, but in reading the Neutrik pdf on their connectors, the plastic is rated for some insane amount of heat. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  3. I stand corrected.. You want the MC41 pin out. This will do what you want perfectly!
  4. Use the mic level wiring.. I believe its the mc35 cable. I use that configuration. Look on lectro website under audio cables. Find xlr to ta5
  5. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to go the zaxcom route to do TC and Scratch. I also have the UHF RX so I have options for doing ENG work or even production work where they want main audio on the camera as well. I wanted to keep my bag rig simple so the ability to use 1 TX for two separate system capabilities has been great. Plus the ERX is super versatile especially when working with DSLR or even with big cameras. Downside is the bag is not the greatest. I have a directional antenna for the TX when I work on the cart, and it works great. When I work on my cart, I pull the TX out of my bag and go from there.. I am considering an IFB200 but I can't justify right now, and it's easy to switch back and forth. Regular sync boxes are on my list as well. There is always a need especially in situations where 2.4ghz is not allowed.
  6. I use my ERX's as much as possible to avoid this type of situation...SO I can't tell you how much, if any drift is experienced in that regard. When I am unable to have an ERX on the camera, I re-jam as often as I can. Usually at lunch or any kind of location change, battery changes/Power downs. It's probably over kill but I'd rather CYA if they don't want a sync box, and it only takes a second. You have to really stay on top of the C300's although the MKII is a little better. I've noticed the Sony F7 doesn't hold TC very well either. F5, F55 and most of the ENG type cameras usually do pretty well.
  7. I'm not putting this site up on a pedestal or anything, but being able to even participate in a forum such as this...with all of the talent and experience is a luxury. I've solved more problems than I can count, on my own just by reading this site. There are different levels of knowledge here on this board...but for the most part (its kind of expected that) everyone here has a basic level of audio...Signal flow, gain structure and common audio terminology. Had the OP known these basic principles, along with the manual, he could have probably figured it out on his own. One of the things I learned...even before I got into this business is that you have to get really good at figuring out things on your own...Especially when your in the trenches and you have a job to do. No ones got time to wait for a response from JWsound! lol No ones trying to beat the guy up...I just think it catches people off guard when someone shows up here seeking help in the very basics of this field. Honestly it would have been way worse if The Senator was still participating. He takes no prisoners!
  8. Signal flow, gain structure and standard audio terminology...JonG was being polite...
  9. Is this a new firmware!?! Sweet!
  10. This whole scenario just screams of a no win situation for anyone... Your TC/Recording TX's will need something to sync them, so a zaxnet TX. And you want to monitor them and all while operating a camera. If this doesn't frustrate YOU during the shoot, it will probably frustrate your talent. You know there will be issues with sync etc. It sounds like you don't already own the gear you are proposing and like anything there is a learning curve. I know you said it wasn't an option for a Sound Mixer to be present, but looking at the unrealistic expectations you are presented with?? I would figure out a way to make it happen..For the sake of your sanity and for the betterment of your shoot.
  11. Just added the Mic Plexer II to my setup. Not sure how I'm going to do my aerials yet. I had the PSC SMA Multi in there, but the form factor didn't work well in the tight space. The fitment of everything is a lot better now. Output side: TA3 feeds Camera Link XLR/Return is terminated at a Neutricon for hardwired days. This way I can use existing extensions and camera tails. Audio Root Right angle Hirose Right angle 5pin Lemo Input side is all right angle XLR/TA3 I tech flexed the RF cables for the SRb. Keeps them from getting snagged or hung up in the bag. I feed TC to the Camera Link then split it out for TC I/O. Those tails live in the back pouch. This way I never have to unplug devices to jam TC.
  12. George, congrats on this new slate! This version looks to be a winner. I kinda wish I hadn't bought my ts3 back when I did but I really needed one at the time. I really hope this does well for you.
  13. So senatorial of jack ☺
  14. It's not that they don't play nice together - it just that the lack of a filter can overload the receivers with something like a walkie or video transmitter on set. Yes the psc will work with the qrx. Will you get optimal preformance with your wireless? As the senator would say. . . It depends. If this is the case with zax rx wouldn't the same be said for lectro or wysicom? I use the psc with 3 srb and have no issues with walkies or rf video.. Just curious.
  15. I spent the day using the CL12 with my 633. It wasn't a big shoot.. Talking head reading a prompter so I thought it was a good way to break it in! I have to say, its pretty damn awesome. I don't have a 688, only a 664 and 633 so I am not really "missing" any of the features of the 688 yet! It was nice mixing with faders and I didn't have bring out the Cooper with all the wires etc. CL12 is not heavy and fit on my rock n roller cart with my 633 in the orca bag right in front of it..i had a company move and had to move at the 2nd location and it was quick tear down and setup. Using it tomorrow with the 664, venue etc on a little bigger shoot.. see how it goes!!