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    Worldwide Lithium Ion Battery Air Travel Regulations

    I just had $850 of rechargeable lithium batteries confiscated by Dubai security. They had me go through security to get to my connecting flight and as you might know, lithium batts are not allowed in checked baggage, so I had them in my carry on like I always do. I made them bring over a supervisor and showed them on the Emirates website that they do allow them in carry ons. Twice they came around and decided it would be OK to take them but then ultimately decided to only allow me to take 10 throw away lithium AAs. I tried to negotiate to keep the most expensive ones (NP1s) instead but they wouldn't have it. Also, at the beginning of all this, they had a guy take my passport and boarding pass away to another room. They gave it back when I stopped fighting them about it. I recommend not flying through Dubai if you can avoid it. They don't have a clear policy. It probably depends on who is working security when you go through and you are at their mercy.