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  1. I voice slate (top and /or tail), and get the loaders to also do it, do voice notes, do metadata notes, paper notes, tell continuity to make notes on occasion and send emails if necessary. Jam cameras with TC, use smart slates and make sure we get the claps properly, fine focus pullers (in beer) when they cut early on tail slates (good thing that they don't all pay up or I would be drowning in beer on most shows)………anything to avoid the emails from post. But I did stop doing beeps when we went non linear, a file is a file.
  2. And really easy to see how many are missing at the end of the day, nice!
  3. Hi Larry Pity! I was hoping to have an excuse to get closer to the car, and therefore home. Ok so I guess Im wrong about the moisture. As with most RF problems it would be great to have an answer and therefore a possible solution to every problem but thats the way it goes some days.
  4. Straying slightly off topic but still in the RF zone, has anyone else ever experienced a shortening of range when working in a high humidity area. I occasionally work in a city in my country that is known for its high levels of humidity and often have a drop in range that I believe may be caused by the extra moisture in the air. This also happens when we work right next to the sea with big spay from waves. Of course I could be completely wrong? That 35ft Zone of Death is good to know about Larry, I may move further from set in future
  5. If you did a factory reset and you aren't seeing the headphone volume control option when you press the headphone button, then the machine has possibly defaulted to headphone volume controlled by the rotary fader #8. if you open that fader you should hear your headphones.
  6. Wild track Wild Dialogue Wild FX Wild
  7. Can a digital camera change frame rate (ramp) once its rolling? I think the shot is done at high speed from beginning to end and the ramping is all done in post, in which case front and end boards are useful, and shooting at 96kHz may also help. If possible this is a discussion to have with post before shooting
  8. Ive always thought Monophonic files where more for the music world or for anyone shooting VERY long takes (over 2G in polyphonic format). Never used it it but I'm sure there is a need for it somewhere?
  9. So I wonder how far you could actually get with line of sight and no cars or large metal trucks?
  10. On my most recent job Post instructed me not to change the Deva file names in wave agent (or any program for that matter) as this messes with the Avid and some metadata can't be read afterwards. Made my life easier on set which is always good.
  11. Im no expert but I have been down a few mines and caves, Its hot and very humid, theres a lot of water underground. Silicon packs are a good idea to have and use especially if you are going to be descending and ascending over days. Im sure you have already planned to keep your rig as small as possible Radio mics are only good for line of site Good Luck
  12. I start on a full day for both and negotiate from there but generally its full day on gear and half day on labour up to six hours travel and full day thereafter
  13. +1 for IPower
  14. Im with the senators old hat on this one. Contact Zaxcom, they will know exactly what you need and if they can't supply it then Im sure they can tell you where to get one.
  15. Constantin is right you have to get the switch ir touching up against the ir window and even then it can be a bit difficult