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  1. NAB 2018 Products update

    Aputure is splitting off the microphone department into a separate company: Deity.
  2. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    A quick and dirty sound sample: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhXlwuThnqF/
  3. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    The market was less saturated as now. When the 788 came out, cheaper (and less capable, but more than enough for most users) recorders where not available or way less in quality.
  4. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    I believe with the very capable options in the 'low' and 'high-mid' priced ranges, makes a successor for a 788t less interesting for 95% of the market, if not 99%. In other words, in today's location sound world, a 788 mark II would be a niche item, thus less interesting to make. And with the new Deva and Cantar, the pie even gets smaller. Gossip mode; if they will come out with a 61212 (yeah they name needs some work) with Dante/aes, a super-superslot with room for 6*2 RX (audio limited integration) digitally integrated, a fader board, optional 12 extra Isos, that would make a lot of sense in the product line. More than pushing a 788 mark 2, being just one sibling in the 'top' category since the 744/722 are discontinued already.
  5. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    Are we talking location sound recording use here? Are we talking about location sound recording with like a couple of, if not all, TXses taking over 'preamp duty' away from the actual recorder? Are we talking about location sound recording with like a ton of other real world scenarios are like a factor 200 more of an influence on a taped track before one can even notice a difference in a preamp? Are we talking about location sound recording for motion picture, television or documenteries with usually a complete post audio overhaul of the tracks we give them with tones of music tx etc? Did any post audio guy ever complained about a certain transient aspect or something else regarding the preamps of a given audio file to them? (Or are we talking music recording?)
  6. SONA Dutch translation please?

    It's a language (Sona/Kanasi) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanasi_language
  7. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Location with a lot of background noise from busy street, generator etc, DOP said: "if you keep the blimp on, but screw off the front of it, it will reject the street noises". the good part was that the producer had to laugh as hard as I did.
  8. The NEW Standard in Broadcast Wireless Has Been Set :D

    2700$ for a kit, that does sound pro..
  9. German rates?

    Ah didn't know that is the case in Germany. In the Netherlands you have to have a VAT number if you invoice. Exception is if you pay for something upfront, like parking fees or other travel expenses.
  10. German rates?

    Yeah, I am assuming that is the case if one is invoicing already.
  11. German rates?

    No VAT involved if you invoice to a company in another EU country.
  12. Sennheiser AVX any good?

    The avx system is NOT in the 2.4 ghz range. It's in 1.8 ghz I believe.
  13. I have the same problem this week with iPad and MacBook (safari, chrome). At the moment iPhone works, hence this post. Will check if emptying cache will work.
  14. Zoom F8

    I don't use the limiters, they are post input. Headroom is great, no problems. More problems with my transmitters overloading because the doc is about Syrian refugees, lots of screaming Arab all of the sudden dont know what went wrong with your gig, was is it unstable drift or an constant 2/3 seconds offset? When the zoom drifts after power sycle it can go easily to 20/30 seconds.
  15. Zoom F8

    Hi Glenn, to alaborate more about my workflow; yes we sync the cameras continually with tc because they are C300s, thus useless regarding stand alone TC. The moments I had to sacrifice the tentacle sync I have constantly attached to the f8 for an extra camera I had no problems whatsoever with tc, as long as the f8 stays on (it will run for more than a day on a np1 by the way). This is in line with other users, and zoom is aware of this flaw and are acknowledging it, no way to correct this with firmware because it is of the lack of an internal battery to keep the tc. For another shooting we did a workflow test with an alexa and the f8, especially for tc (without tc boxes, just the build ins). Yet again, the f8 was completely capable to hold tc, just like the alexa, for about the day we did the test. Mixing is shit, unless you like mixing on an iPad/iPhone. My projects with the f8 are one man boom(mix) shoots, so I provide a basic mix for scratch and director. Isos for post. This is actually what I am doing as well when I am working with 688 or 633 for that matter (alone). Can't really mix and boom properly anyways.