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  1. Atari Speakerhat! Perfect!

    It's only 8 bit... -Brent Calkin
  2. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Yep, sorry Ty, the very effective ceiling mount was also acting as a lint mount, not to mention it's capabilities as a dog hair mount... Cheers, Brent Calkin
  3. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    I started down the list (and added a few) 99% alcohol - no change Dish soap- no change Fast orange citrus with pumice- a little bit cleaner- maybe the pumice rubbed some stickiness off. Naptha (Coleman Fuel)- no change brake cleaner - no change Acetone- no change Xylene- This actually seemed to clean the stickiness off. It left the rubber sheath a bit soft though, so I rubbed on some 303 Aerospace protectant, which seemed to reconstitute the rubber a bit, and made it feel normal again- though now I'm noticing that 3M Transpore tape doesn't like to stick to the 303. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  4. I was pulling out some older cos 11 lavs that I haven't used for a while, and one of the mics' cable sheath has started to degrade. It looks normal, but the entire length of it has gone sticky. I'm going to try a few terrifying solvents I have lying around (start with citrus, then alcohol, then naphtha, then xylene, then acetone, then Methyl Ethyl Ketone) but wondering if anyone has come up against this and can recommend a fix? The mic works fine apart from the fact that I can throw it at the ceiling like a piece of spaghetti and it will stick... The one interesting thing about this mic is that it was bought second hand with a transmitter, and it's sheath always seemed a bit different than all my other Cos 11's, I not sure whether Sanken changed how they manufacture the cable at some point, or whether it got contaminated with something at some point in its lifespan. Any thoughts? Cheers, Brent Calkin
  5. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    I love options and tickboxes and mysterious ring connectors. An optional jam lock will be a very nice addition as well. Thanks for chiming in Klaus! Cheers, Brent Calkin
  6. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Thanks to both Nagnila and TJW for the helpful info. I've had a couple Nano's for a while and while the user manual has a lot packed into it - it's pretty brief and there's some missing information. For example- I was wondering what their effective RF range was! A few more tips. -Maybe I missed it, but there's seems to be no documentation for the fact that when you turn the output volume of the Nano down, it will alternately flash green and orange to let you know that it's below line level. -If you plug the Nano into an active bidirectional Timecode jack on a camera or mixer, it will rejam, even if it has been jammed previously. I've had to build a number unidirectional timecode cables to fix this issue, as it doesn't seem that unidirectional 5 pin lemo to 5 pin lemo are very common- most of the ones available for purchase are input AND output simultaneously... although looking around online, it seems that unidirectional cables may be more common in Europe... The included 5 pin lemo to 3.5mm TRS cable is wired interestingly - with TC output going from the pin 5 of the 5 pin lemo to the TRS tip, which is to be expected, but also the TRS ring is connected to pin 2 of the lemo, so TC could be sent from the ring connector to the Nano. This may be confusing to read- basically it's a bi-directional cable with tc output on the tip and input on the ring. I guess you could make a unique breakout cable to use this function if you were really short on lemo connectors and had no other way to jam your Nano by wire... As has been discussed above- when you first get them - it's quite easy to take the units off charge and put them away without turning them off- the auto power on function is a little counter intuitive, and if you put them away for a couple days they will die in their storage bag. If you then fire them up, thinking they are ready to go, they will start, but only last a minute or two before shutting down.- If you see a double blink when you pull them out of storage, you may be in trouble, since you can't just change the battery! If this happens, get them on charge fast and hope that the lighting setup takes way longer than usual... Anyone else have any undocumented tricks and tips? Cheers, Brent Calkin
  7. Transmitter SMA Connector

    OK, so maybe you don't have to phone Lectro, since Larry is still making house calls... Cheers, Brent Calkin
  8. Pelican transport case

    1610 with wheels seems to be a good size for keeping flying weight under 50 pounds. I have a bigger one but find it a bit too unwieldy. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  9. Transmitter SMA Connector

    I'm going to go all senatorial and suggest you phone Lectrosonics. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  10. I've got a barrel that gets occasional use on my older MM400 transmitters - usually when I want to use my white Cos 11. It screws right into the unit and is dead solid. It's a bit of an ungainly protuberance, and can cause a bit of discomfort for wearers who tend to "flow over" the back of their belts a bit. I've had a couple of complaints about that. But other than that, I think it's one of the more amazing and bombproof adapters I've ever seen. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  11. Wired vs Wireless Lavs

    Ironically, hardwiring my cos 11's with an Ambient Eumel gives a more hissy result than my Lectrosonics 411's with "Normal" noise reduction in play. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  12. SD 633 MP3 recording Sounds lousy

    It would be fine for transcription- and that's the only reason I've ever had for Mp3 delivery. No good for backup. Cheers, Brent Calkin
  13. SD 633 MP3 recording Sounds lousy

    Yep, based on this experiment, that's the way I'll be doing it if I need to deliver MP3- any thoughts on why a raw recording to Mp3 would be so much worse than a downconvert? Cheers, Brent Calkin
  14. SD 633 MP3 recording Sounds lousy

    I just did a test on mine, close voice in an ambient neighbourhood with leaves rustling and distant traffic. At 128 I had a few unexpected and shocking warbles on the voice. The background ambience was somewhat squiggly, but about what you would expect at that bit rate. At 320, the same test sounded OK, less squiggly in the ambience and no warbling on the voice. Not exactly a scientific comparison to whatever you guys are doing recording for your tests, but some feedback anyway... - I thought 320 sounded all right, but I expected better from 128... With Mp3's I expect a loss of resolution and some squiggles on high frequency complex sounds (like water or tree leaves), but the large warbly artifacts on voice were unexpected.
  15. Plug for Pete Verrando

    Another +1 for Pete's 416t work. I had 2 done a couple of weeks ago. I'm very happy with the job he did! They sound the exact same as they did before, and its awesome to be rid of those clunky, crackly, and heavy adapter barrels. Cheers, Brent Calkin