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  1. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Since you are shooting and I assume editing in USA I'd go for 23.98 all around, not 24.
  2. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    megaboss. Well done. Mass-trans friendly!
  3. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    Common for BBC shows at the time, NOT common for USA TV for that time (I was there). Don't be too sure that they didn't cheat a bit and fly in wild tracks for things like the telephone voice, the reporter's voice when he jumps into the van and so on. This sort of practice was very common at the time, there wasn't the current onus to get everything in real time.
  4. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    Yeah--this clips sounds very good and that show was nothing special: just small news-feature-magazine show segment, not a movie or episodic.
  5. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    Rehearsed, perfected, recorded by professionals with wardrobe dept support, then cleaned up in post in fine style.
  6. rescued from the dumpster

    The old UCLA Royce hall FOH console was basically left out on the dock on purpose until someone finally stole it. (I think One Pass Inc did the same thing with their SpectraSonics console after it set itself on fire.) The EMTs I saw were stacked up on the dock @ Skywalker. I prob could have made a lowball offer (at that point they were deeply unhip) but we were living in a pretty small apartment at that time.... It was @ Ace Surplus where I saw the stacks of 6 plate KEMs and Moviolas, Fairlight frames, Sony editing 3/4 decks and piles and piles of finely machined 35mm sprocket drives, sitting out in the weather....an "Ozymandias" sort of moment.
  7. rescued from the dumpster

    Dan Alexander said that he was out at the dumpster behind DR in Germany in the 1970s as they tossed a lot of "old fashioned" Neumann tube mics and tube pres, the original batches of which launched his used sound equipment business in Berkeley.
  8. rescued from the dumpster

    Might end up being a "Pyrrhic" repair job, right? But anything you could do on your own with a few parts might be worth it, esp to have as a backup or "stand-pole".
  9. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    The pull down for audio used to be done in telecine or transfer. To change the record speed of your files you'd have to change the sample rate. I do not recommend this at all, you can make all sorts of issues for yourself later on in post. Anymore I strongly recommend a 1=1 shooting method, where the film frame rate of the camera is 23.98, and the audio is recorded at 48k with 23.98 TC.
  10. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    I bet he's shooting film because it is instant art direction, a look. It also imposes serious discipline on an indie crew, a good thing, usually. When we recorded for film shoots in the telecine days we rolled with 30NDF TC, with the camera on 24fps. If they want to shoot 23.98 fps then you can record the sound with just about any recorder with a decent clock, since there would be no pull down. But, as always, test and confabulate with your peeps.
  11. rescued from the dumpster

    Prob no fun on a long fishpole but a solid Sony product. I've seen these on broadcast jobs, like sports events and parades etc on plant mics.
  12. View From The Office:

    Is that the view from the broadcast mixer position?
  13. 14 hour day

    Yes, and my friends have worked on crews in Thailand where the action basically never stopped--crew members would tap-out and go try to find someplace to nap for awhile, talent was round-robin scheduled and the above the liners drugged themselves to keep going. In the pre-union era in Hollywood, sound stages would have cots for crew people to nap on while shooting a feature film in a matter of days. Are we holding this sort of MO up as normal, a good idea, and/or what has to be done? Only if we let them do it to us.
  14. Cantar X3 Mini

    Silly question....will Aaton make an outboard preamp box for this to get the mic input count above 4?
  15. Samplitude's "O-Ton-Modus"

    Audio Hijack is a very useful tool in my world.