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  1. Philip Perkins

    Favorite Slate

    I still like the TSC. Small, light, low-battery usage and it more easily fits in my kit. Easy to one-hand-slate with.
  2. Philip Perkins

    RF issues with RF multi + SNA600

    Same cables used for both sets of antennas? How did the SNAs do if you moved them away from your rig a bit?
  3. Philip Perkins

    New IFB system

    FWIW I run my Lectro IFB TX (a 400) in the same block with some of my talent systems in a crowded bag and have been fine. No knock on the Shure system but as expensive as the Lectro IFB RX are I think they work really well, sound good and can always be sold in an instant if you change your mind.
  4. Philip Perkins

    From small cart to bag cart.

    If your back seats fold flat you can easily get this cart in on its back with some room for some stackable cases etc next to it. Doggo can ride in the passenger seat, with some more gak on the floor.
  5. Philip Perkins

    The horse has left that barn

    Like it. Not having a lot of luck with it so far though....
  6. Philip Perkins

    The horse has left that barn

    I actually wish you hadn't told us this.....
  7. Philip Perkins

    The horse has left that barn

    I hear you, and think that especially if you are working at a fixed install (like a church, TV station, theatre, music venue etc) then you should be compensated for having so much expensive hardware declared illegal to operate, with no good way of selling that stuff off either. People like to posture about how hard the FCC and other RF Policemen are going to come down on people who have not been able to get out of sold-off bands yet, experience with previous auctions leads me to believe there will be a gap between stated policy and actual enforcement unless someone very visible is affected in a big ongoing way. But the other side of this is that you will have to have the convo with your bosses (in my case that is me) about what the future of wireless usage will be in your organization, and make a plan about how you can transition out of 600 in the least painful way possible. And I don't believe this is the end of the RF shuffle, either, despite what anyone official says.
  8. Philip Perkins

    Rates, rates, rates

    When a producer I don't know tells me that "LA" (or NY or wherever) rates are "X" my first thought is how the fuck do you know? You mean that's what you WISH they were, you mean that's what you got a couple of newbs or maybe a soundie who is also your skateboarding bro to work for on something you did, but that doesn't mean that is The Rate In LA or wherever he is. Someone's budget for sound or anything else is just what they decided it is, they can decide to change it. Many productions are seriously underfunded. I'm sorry about that, but I won't be helping them get more funding by underfunding myself, so to speak. There are desperate people (have been one I admit), there are newbie people (ditto) and there are opportunists. Don't be one of the latter.
  9. Philip Perkins

    Mixpre 10t and Timestamped MP3s for Transcription

  10. Philip Perkins

    recording 8 external sources tracks on sound devices664

    Yes, as you see, you can do 12 isos on 664, AND it also has a mix bus input that allows you to bus in another mixer to its mix bus (other 6xx machines don't have this). I used that bus input to route 2 more isos to the 664 mix bus, then unrouted all the internal tracks from the mix bus so only the external feeds were on the mix tracks, thus 2 more isos. It was a Hail Mary situation but we got away with it--14 isos on the 664!
  11. Philip Perkins

    New to Nagra!!

    There are lots of other small mixers avail used if you want to mix down stereo to mono for your Nagra. Pretty much any will do. But the BMII would look cool with your III
  12. Philip Perkins

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    +1, very much a thing in commercials etc--scripty changes scene/take after the take or after everyone has rolled, and no one want to wait for you to reenter data (or will cut to go to a new take).
  13. Philip Perkins

    New to Nagra!!

    Looks clean, man, congrats! Fills my heart with nostalgia! The heads are fairly worn but if you aren't going to do a lot of recording on it they'll hold you for a while. But you gotta ditch that 16mm film takeup reel right now--that really make you look like a dweeb! Your III looks like someone took good care of it, I hope it sounds great! Re: summing stereo into mono....best is to actually mix it down in a mixer, but for testing you can just sum the L+R in a combiner cable. This isn't what you'd want to do on an ongoing basis (like for a permanent hookup to your other, stereo, gear), for that you should get some sort of small 2>1 mixer. If you want to stay All-Nagra look for a Nagra BMII, will match the look (and technology) of your III perfectly.
  14. Philip Perkins

    HVAC astonishment

    Amazingly enough, there were what appeared to be pink noise generators hung from the ceilings as well, but they were not making any sound--the HVAC duct work was tremendously noisy on its own. In some buildings there is an ebb and flow to the noise as the sun moves around the building, but not in this case: full Niagara all the time. I went perhaps one step beyond polite advice in the direction of rudeness on this subject, and got the signal from the producer that this battle was already lost in pre-pro so we just kind of had to tough it out.
  15. Philip Perkins

    HVAC astonishment

    I've been doing a few corpo shoots lately, mostly for tech cos., mostly in Silicon V. I've been noticing that the newest buildings seem to have HVAC systems that are astonishingly loud--like not just a problem for me as a location soundie, but loud enough that being in there would be tiring, like living next to a waterfall. In general, I'm finding that the newer the building the louder the air. In one case the company had renovated an older building then joined it to a new one--the difference in the loudness of the air system was very audible as you walked from the old section into the new. No one cares much about my problems with this high BG audio (until they get to post), but I would seriously hate working 8+ hrs a day every day in these places. These were not cheap buildings: expensive Silicon Valley land, heavy interior decoration in the linear psuedo mid-century style, full tech biz snackatoriums and free cafeteria, gym and etc. And terrifically noisy AC.