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  1. Philip Perkins

    HN-7506 or something else

    I guess mine are oldies!
  2. Philip Perkins

    Zynaptiq plug ins

    I also wish makers of plug-ins would: A: focus less on sexy-spacey GUIs that take up way too much screen space, B: not force me to down load 50 of their other plugins plus their shell to get the one that interests me, C : name parameters something that reflects their function and not some abstract engineering concept or marketing-speak.
  3. Philip Perkins

    HN-7506 or something else

    I use HN7506s all the time for location music recording. They make it possible to have at least some accurate idea of what I'm getting while being in the same room with the music, and were a big improvement over my home-made "aircraft-hearing-protector-with-cannibalized-Senn-drivers" phones that I used for decades. But...if you have kind of a large head, the HNs can get pretty uncomfortable over a long set, your ears get pretty warm inside those enclosures and they are not light (they also do not have the usual Sony convertadapto-plug--1/4" only). So I am kind of down to try some in-ears. I rented in some Shures for the players in a show I worked this spring, they were far from the top of the line but sounded ok. I like the idea of topping them with (comfortable) construction-type hearing protectors, and as was pointed out, you will never get correct bass-freq monitoring in a close-in music monitoring situation with any sort of headphones...that's why "recording trucks" were invented. (Remember those?)
  4. Philip Perkins

    Sound Report Writer app

    Or Wave Agent...?
  5. Philip Perkins

    Budget carbon fibre boom pole

    NO......no more aluminum poles! Ach! Bad memories! Microphonic, wind resonant, easy to jam or cross thread and impossible to fix on location---get away with those aluminum poles! Never again!
  6. Philip Perkins

    Behringer tried to sue Dave Smith Instruments, forum posters

    Midas M32=Beh X32, diff box. Don't preach to me about the Midas pres, they don't sound the same as those in higher end Midas stuff. If you like the sound of the Midas then save your $ and get the X32.
  7. Philip Perkins

    Updating firmware on Sound Devices 633?

    There are other improvements besides Dugan as well. Also--if you do have an issue with your 633 and call for support to SD, the first thing they will tell you will be to upgrade to the current firmware if you haven't already.
  8. Philip Perkins

    View From The Office:

    Here's the view from my position last night for a multicam doco shoot of a performance by Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser at a venue in Santa Cruz CA. Great show, crowd went nuts during the encore. The producer had wanted me to cover both doco/verite audio and music recording for the all-day shoot, but she not only listened to my concerns about that and hired a 2nd sound person (Ray Day) to do the doco stuff, she rented good cameras (HDX900), Lockits for all and let me roll my multitrack rig and deliver as files, with the cameras free and untethered to anything. Really nice change from either miles of audio/genlock/TC/video cabling or dinky-cams that can only be approximately synced. Philip Perkins
  9. Philip Perkins

    Zynaptiq plug ins

    I have Unveil. It works on some things and not others, and is not the only game in town. I will say that I don't like their GUI at all....
  10. Philip Perkins

    In ear monitors for production sound

    Most of the musicians I work with that use in-ears seem to have various models of Shure buds.
  11. Philip Perkins

    Sennheiser MKH-416T hiss

    A: borrow or rent another 416 and compare B: send your mic to Pete V (http://www.416tupgrade.com/416Tupgrade.com.html) Money well spent believe me--p48 makes the mic much more useful and easy to use (no p48 barrel).
  12. Philip Perkins

    News from Audio, Ltd

  13. Philip Perkins

    In ear monitors for production sound

    These actually sound pretty bad--ok for IFB type cue audio, barely. The Remote Audio enclosed 7506s work very well--I use them all the time for location music recording, but they are not the most comfortable or the most hifi headphones in the world.
  14. Philip Perkins

    Noisy Environments

    Good creative solutions. I do the best I can re fidelity and normal standards of "good sound" but also remind myself that the recording's purpose is to work for the scene, like with picture, and "barely working" counts as "working" if it preserves what was good about that performance and shot, and avoids ADR.
  15. Philip Perkins

    In ear monitors for production sound

    They do iso pretty well but I find on anything doco where I'm "in the scene" with the talent and camera they cut me off from what was going on around me too much (I, like many doco sound people, often roll with headphones "one ear off" because of this). If you are doing a music doco and have to be on stage with a rock band with a full horsepower PA rig going then absolutely in-ears.
  16. I did just such an event today, local and 2 remote sites, one in a very distant country. The folks doing it wanted to do use fairly simple off the shelf technology, based around the Black Magic Web Presenter box. What we found was that if the show has real teeth, like a paying audience and high-level/famous/expensive/very time-limited talent then it's still a "show" and full testing, rehearsal, backup etc protocols still apply. This means pro audio people, with backups and experience, so yes, despite what some manufacturers want customers to believe it still takes pros to put on a pro-level show. If the internet is involved they need real IT type folks onsite in all locales as well. I have learned this the hard way.
  17. An app like this will make as good sounding a recording as the digital feed it receives, although it will be very compressed data-wise. Can't you use the MP10 as the ADC, and skip the Roland box? That would probably be an improvement.
  18. Philip Perkins

    Simultaneous Translation

    I too have done a fair amount of this, including translators and listeners who are not onsite. I like oldschool methods for this, ie a mixer with various aux mixes. You can bring FaceTime into the setup but it is important to control the audio on both ends of the call, re: feedback (like remote people use an earbud etc).
  19. Philip Perkins

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Yah just ordered that, thanks!
  20. Philip Perkins

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Thanks. Cool but too big for my use.
  21. Philip Perkins

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    What do you like instead?
  22. Philip Perkins

    Behringer tried to sue Dave Smith Instruments, forum posters

  23. Philip Perkins

    CAS Podcast 1 - David MacMillan and William Kaplan with Peter Devlin

    The lengths Bill Kaplan described going to to quiet the sets of "Unstoppable" and "Crimson Tide" (among others) ....does anyone get to do that these days?
  24. Way cool. Are all those holes in the metal plates threaded? If so, I'm in! I've made several plates like this for myself but yours are much nicer. One suggestion: a version with a NanoClamp or similar rubber-jacket-jaw-grabber device instead of the simple bolt. I often end up using the crappy plates I made for myself this way, grabbing lens-rails, pan handles or top handles etc...
  25. Philip Perkins

    CAS Podcast 1 - David MacMillan and William Kaplan with Peter Devlin

    That was great! More please!