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  1. I bet they are the same. But they don't have his groovy color-coding....
  2. The FCC will eventually auction or repack etc all of the spectrum. Bet on it. When this will happen is down to how much money (a lot) is behind the various pushes to change. Users of wireless mics that use current technology are like inhabitants of low-lying islands in a global-warming driven rising sea. Eventually.... I will repeat my plea/demand/harangue to the makers of the sort of gear we use: please find a technology that will co-exist with all the rest of the stuff in the air now and in the future, because what we're doing now will not continue to work at the level of quality and reliability expected by our clients. Recording wireless TX are very cool, but they are not the solution we (and live-event audio) need, finally.
  3. Yours is in far better condition than mine! Decidedly mid-fi, but handy, will take any level from dynamic mic to hot line, and is pretty loud. All of these would need to have had their gel-cels replaced by now (mine needs another set now), but those are cheap. A small tip--they will function with just the wall-wart and no batteries installed! We made a little platform that fits on the bottom between the two sides, with a baby receiver plate and a pair of straps with buckles so it could be mounted on a light stand. In the old days mine had a CD player velcro'ed to the back!
  4. To be precise, the current crop of recorders actually are mixers as well, with the higher end ones having most of the features of a location dialog panel of a few years ago. Co.s like Aaton, Zax and SD make fader surfaces that make using their internal mixers more like using an old-school analog board. Meanwhile, over in the live-sound and MI world, you can buy an all digital mixer, 20 inputs, 12 physical outputs, page after page of routing and processing possibilities, full remote control from an i- or Android device, full direct multitrack recording of all channels (inputs, sends, mixes etc) to a USB drive for under $1k (open box demo). What's missing for us? All those niggling but needed details: ext. clock, timecode, reporting, file naming, input limiters, DC powering. But the indies have discovered these and are using them today despite their shortcomings.
  5. No. I notice that they only gave us one very short sample of treated speech (that sounded very "sat-on" to me) before they fired up the reverb to camo what the track really sounds like. It seems like it costing $1k and that it's a stand-alone only (no auto-xfer between a DAW and the app) there are other ways to do this work that are more compato with current workflows.
  6. I still have a JL Cooper MCS2 for 9 pin control that will never get used here again--if anyone can use it PM me and we'll work out shipping. It's a nice heavy duty unit with a weighted 3" jog wheel, transport and option keys. Works great with VTRs etc.
  7. The new "little" Sound Devices boxes (MixPre 3)?
  8. Thanks again!
  9. If Kudelski had done the same kind of backwards compato thing with the Nagra IVS-TC there might not have been a "Harvey mod". One of the major pluses of the TCS mod, esp at the beginning of its time, was that one could change to Pilotone sync with the turn of a switch on the side of the machine. This was VERY handy back when only certain sorts of jobs demanded CTTC, and the rest still wanted Pilotone. The same changeover in the stock IV-STC required the swapping out of a circuit board, which turned out to be easily damaged.
  10. Hey Hench--do us a jangling keys test those wirelesses and let us know how they do?
  11. Was it in Ext TC with a Lockit etc hooked up when this happened, or jam synced only? Frame rates matched? Cables good?
  12. JW covers current technique on this kind of shooting pretty well (I would only add the "thumper" technique, which would not have worked in this scene anyhow), AND the point that with talent @ the level of these folks "all of the above" would be expected to be available as-needed or as-requested. If you haven't already, do check out Steve Morrow's interviews about how he recorded "La-La Land"--he used pretty much all of these techniques at one point or another on that film.
  13. Folks working or who have recently worked in HK--is 518--578 MHz usable in central HK?
  14. That anxiety was justified, in my experience. Many late-night phone calls from dailies houses accusing me of having a Nagra running off-speed., man.....
  15. thanks