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  1. Pelican case dividers

    i put my small travel kit in a roll-on suitcase with some foam padding around it.
  2. Miami Sound Needed w/ Gear 2 days $250 !

    thanks for that, i actually lol'd
  3. That time Senator Michaels disappeared from the internet

    i remember reading a long time ago that he legally changed his first name to "senator" to get into nice restaurants. "senator micheals" would get a table when "mike micheals" wouldn't have a chance of getting in. true or not, that's pretty funny.
  4. to be fair about the size/weight - if you are comparing them apples to apples the photo shouldn't have the cl6 attached to compare the two - just the sl6.
  5. Folding Zuca Bag Cart

    if you sold these i'd buy one today! I've been trying to figure out how to convert my zuca, yours looks great.
  6. Show me your bag

    where do all of you keep your transmitters/lavs? nice looking bags, but i'm curious what others are doing with those, especially in the tiny and compact bags. carrying in another pouch? all in the front pouch?
  7. On-Set comm/talkback rigs for sound crew

    i use motorola walkies w/surveillance earpieces - that way we can communicate, even if not on set. i take off the earpiece plug (leaving just the stem) so i can still hear program audio in both ears with headphones on. simple, cheap, and effective. my boom op uses a SD mm-1 to hear himself, and if he ever needs to hear the lavs we just feed a lectro IFB into it. forgot to mention - these are my personal walkies, not production walkies. different freqs so nobody can listen in to our conversations!
  8. Lone Star Sound Mixer Mixer, Jan 4, 2015 a Texas Success

    missed it again - next year!
  9. 664 vs. 788t

    be careful though - after selecting X1/X2 to follow the xlr outputs selecting a channel and then feeding it to the X1/X2 overrides that setting. it's easy to do and not easy to notice that's been done while in run n gun mode. there should an option to lock it in place so that doesn't happen.
  10. Lectrosonics antennaes in a pinch?

    that's why I mentioned paper clips as you can find them just about anywhere. if you can source cables and make better antennas - great! but if you can't ...
  11. Lectrosonics antennaes in a pinch?

    paper clips
  12. QUICK Complaints and Grievances to all companies.

    psc solice mini?
  13. PSC solice mini

    still have to make cables for mine. looks nice on the cart shelf though.
  14. Best cable for ENG multi

    c'mon senator, you know "it depends" :-)