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  1. Bad sounding 416 with a SD 552?

    Hi Adam, Check to make sure your 552 is set to mic level and Phantom is on. Hold the Mic/Tone toggle towards mic. Then select the PFL on desired channel. This will switch between mic and line. A blue led will be lit if the channel is set to line. Once on mic level toggle the Mic/Tone switch to tone. Then toggle the PFL switch to desired channel. This will enable Phantom on that channel. There will be a blue LED indicator lit under PH on desired channel. Hope this helps. -Paul
  2. Hi, My friend recommended me to this site. I'm looking for a 4V sync generator for house sync on an SSL Aysis. I just received the console hooked it up to a black burst sync generator and it did not work. I was told by a lead engineer that I need a 4V sync generator. I've been up and down google and haven't had any luck finding one. If someone could point right direction I would much appreciate it. For my second question, I'm looking for a 691 BNC cable. Again was told by the lead engineer that I needed a 691 digital video cable. Is there a difference between a regular BNC cable and a 691 cable? Thanks for your help, -P