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  1. Rick Reineke

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    As Dave stated, (and according to the manual) the 1/4" TRS jack is line level and does not carry power. The only 3.5mm input is a return (RTN) which is stated to be -10dBV (unbalanced consumer line level) in the specs.. So a typical lav with a mini-plug would need an XLR adaptor / power supply which transforms Phantom Power to Plug-in Power.. which are totally different configurations and voltage. Feeding Phantom Power through a simple hardwired 3.5mm to XLR adapter can fry the mic.
  2. Rick Reineke

    Countryman B6 caps?

    I replaced a lost cap last year and the lowest price I recall was about $8 from B&H. I'm sure the usual suspect vendors would do the same price if asked. Otherwise they're about $10.. and up.
  3. Rick Reineke

    bluetooth sound box

    Monoprice has some great deals. I picked up a DeepBlue BT speaker that sounds better than most of those expensive 'designer' speakers in the big box stores. It even has an aux. 3.5mm input.
  4. Rick Reineke

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    Never used the Senal.. nor do I expect to. The USA (NJ) made OST 801 / 802 are a good bang-for-the-buck.. Exact same size/shape and pick-up characteristics as the Tram .. the mounts are even interchangeable and available in four shades (white to black). The 4x7mm end-fire OST TL40 has a flatter response which is good for sibilant voices and such. I haven't checked prices lately, but the OST mics were around $120usd with a TA or 3.5mm locking Tx plug.
  5. Rick Reineke

    Plug for Reaper

    I use Vegas Pro a lot, which was the inspiration for Reaper, and I find the exact opposite. Both VP and Reaper are more direct than the multiple PTs menus, sub menus, sub-sub-sub menus. If you like aggravation, PT is your app.
  6. Rick Reineke

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    I get the same mind, body site with the Pale Moon browser (which is very similar to Firefox prior to ver. 57 Quantum).
  7. Rick Reineke

    Advice for a novice

    The Sanken CS3 is one of the few exterior 'shotgun' mics that could work in a reflective environment. It does not use the typical interference tube design and attenuates off-axis sounds by using multiple capsules. Not all folks like the tight pattern (and sound) and would not be good in the hands of an unskilled boom op. (but that pretty much applies to any mic).
  8. Rick Reineke

    sennheiser tx ew100 g2-g3, at 100 mw

    I have not ever read of RF power mods for the 100 G series Tx. 50+ mW Sennheiser 2000 series transmitters in compatible frequencies could be used though..
  9. Rick Reineke

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    Most all wireless systems range is compromised when the Tx antenna is in contact with skin. If the Tx case is part of antenna system, that would make seance.
  10. Rick Reineke

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    I keep my AA batteries in the Aviation tools- Storeacell AA caddy. To ID charged/discharged, I put the positive end up if they're spent. The batteries are also labeled (using a paint pen), so the pairs are always the same.
  11. Rick Reineke

    What case to get next

    Harbor Freight Tools has the Apache cases. For instance, the Apache 3800 is the same size and design as the Pelican 1450, but $60 less @ $39.99. I have not checked the quality difference. I'm sure the Pelicans are more durable.. but at less than half the price... I'd check it out., though I'm not sure they have the the 1650 size.
  12. Rick Reineke

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    Most DSLRs like mic level around -60dBu and both the UWP and G series can output that. The Sennheser G2/3 EK-100 portable receivers are unbalanced and includes a cable to feed both L-R channels (dual mono via 3.5mm to 3.5mm TRS cable). Don't know about the Sony, which may need a custom cable if the mic level output is balanced, but that's a cheap and easy alteration.
  13. Rick Reineke

    Today's challenge - find a working GOLD RE-20 --

    Rush's gold RE-20 (or is it a RE-27?) is a custom build, so the chances of finding a rental are slim. Call Rush's company (EIB), maybe they would lend you one.. if your not looking to insult him. Otherwise, If your prop mic has no innards, stick an SM57 in there. I could also run it through a convolution processor. I recall Sound Forge's Acoustic Mirror has an RE-20 impulse. if... you need that specific LD dynamic mic sound.
  14. Rick Reineke

    MixPre 3 & RODE SmartLav+ not compatible really?

    If you're plugging it in via a 3.5mm unbalanced input, either the input is not supplying bias voltage (aka, plugin power), it's line level, or it's wired for a TRS (3 terminal plug).
  15. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8

    The soon-to-be-released F8n allegedly has mic/line switchable XLRs.