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  1. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    I like iZotope's RX for NR and spectral editing and Ozone for EQ, multi-band comp/limit. My (current fav) final plug-in is Tokyo Dawn's No 6 Limiter, which has five selectable stages.,, comp, peak limit, HF limit, clipper and ISP protect. I have some Waves plug-ins, but their authorization is not reliable, (at least w/ Win 10), so sometimes they work sometimes they don't

    Happy B'day Jeff and thanks again for this group. 'Being There' w/ Jeff Wexler.
  3. SONY MDR-7506

    I've used the Auratone 5Cs since ty early 70s studio days (daze).. still do. Most folks in the NYC studios used Scots tissue paper on the original NS-10s. Regarding the Sony 7506, I use them as they are, except for Garfield Softie ear-pad covers. I tuck the 'excess' coiled cable in one of the pockets in my bag, the cable can be pulled out as an extension if needed... this rarely happens though.
  4. Sony UWP Wireless System

    I've used HP amps to drive line level inputs, depends on the amp's output, how much gain you'll need at the input (and of course the quality). Not a usual off-the-shelf cable, but easy to build with audio connector/soldering skills. For balanced XLR inputs, HP plug Tip and Ring to XLR Pin-2. Pins 1 and 3 to shield.
  5. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Impressive... sensitivity = a whooping 79mV.. Good price as well. It's still an interference tube design, so it's usefulness for interiors and such could be limited.
  6. C-Stand Antenna range amplifier?

    I don't think the metal pole has much to do with it. Just a matter of a clearer line-of-sight and away from obstructions..
  7. Scam offer from "FreeFlow Production"

    Someone had attempted a scam like that on me about six months ago, They got my info from the Production Hub directory.,They stated they where a production company (local company name they pulled from the phone book) and used 'recognizable' names for their personnel..Out of the blue, I received a $7K check (third-party), for equipment that was being sent me.. which was suspicious to say the least..The principle contact had stated he was a photographer getting into the film biz, I checked this out and 'that' photographer had died a year or so ago. The local production company (wedding and events) was unaware of any of this, I told the scammer if they contacted me again, I was taking the check and other info to the FBI. That's the last I heard from them.
  8. Roland R88 failed playback issue

    Was the media formatted in that machine. However all of the recorders I've worked with display a message if not formatted properly prior to recording. Don't know if the Rolands do that.
  9. rescued from the dumpster

    My mom's cousin (who worked for RCA (and later NBC) recalled throwing out boxes full of perfectly good RCA ribbon mics. 44s, 77 series and such..
  10. NFL Boom ops

    Our friend Bernie Beaudry is parab operator and has been on the sidelines... even made the national news doing so.
  11. Elon's Falcon Heavy Tesla launch

    Unfortunately, a traditional sound system does not work very well in a vacuum. You may be able to feel the bass in the vehicle though.
  12. United States Frequencies

    According to the FCC, the 600 MHz range is 'legal' for wireless mic users until July 2020. T Mobile is however using it some areas of the continental US already.
  13. 96khz to 48khz converter

    I'd just send them the 96k files.. I'm not sure, but I recall SD's free 'Wave Agent' can re-sample. FWIW, I use Sound Forge Pro which has the iZotope SRC, but I'm not sure if it forks up the meta data, since I've never had to re-sample a BWF.
  14. Favorite PA Demo Songs?

    I work with bands as a FOH mixer as well as PSM work. Thomas Dolby's 'Pulp Culture' is my go-to for checking a system's basic operation before anything else. This will usually ID a non-working sub, main, monitor or cabinet component. I'll sometimes use Steely Dan/Donald Fagen's I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World) for something different.
  15. Light weight audio cable in various jacket colors

    Canare L-4E5C.. aka, mini star-quad. Marketek.com sells assorted colors of this in by-the-foot lengths.