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  1. Some DAWs and NLE are set by default to add an FX audio chain. Vegas Pro does this for instance (Comp, Gate & Reverb as I recall).. don't know about AA, but the defaults can changed or eliminated. If you can post a sample of the actual file someplace, we can check it out.
  2. Using Sound Forge, was able to open/recover ZOOM0025_Tr1 (Folder19103) .. but ZOOM0025_LR is just clipped noise. I can try the others when time permits.
  3. Maybe recoverable, usually in that scenario, the metadata header is not written, change the extension to <.raw> and try. Unfortunately, not many apps can open a RAW audio file. AFAIK, Sound Forge Pro and some versions of PTs will. Not sure about Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro) or the free Audacity.
  4. Patch into the house console.. and hope for the best. THIS thread on another A/V forum may be helpful:
  5. That does not make any deference w/ made in China products I guess... despite the US 'home' office. The 600mHz band is currently legal.. but not for long.
  6. Just for general info and to clarify it's not a 'made in China' POS.
  7. Yes, the (made in USA) OST 801 or 802 are decent sounding for around $120 w/plug (identical shape & size of a Tram). The 4mm round TL40 has a flatter response for slightly less as I recall. BTW, what connector do those mics use? The posted specs are pretty minimal.
  8. "Holy Crap those are inexpensive!" +11
  9. "There's something wrong if your TX is set to -50." I concur with Eric. The sensitivity setting on the SK100 transmitter does not actually adjust the input stage level, so a hot signal could still clip regardless. Similar to a budget recorder's 'record volume' setting, which is after the preamp.
  10. No, not a quick and easy job. Removal or installation the cable usually requires partial disassembly of the pole and soldering /de-soldering at least one end (either way should be considered permanent).
  11. Internal/ external is usually a personal preference. Pros and cons to both IMO. . If the pole usually stays at a fixed length for periods of time, a wrapped external cable would eliminate any internal cable noise. I prefer an internal cabled pole for run n' gun and rarely have a noise problem with a K-Tek KEG-100 graphite pole w/ mono mics. YMMV though.
  12. I think the rental house gave you the wrong input cable.. These are specialty cables, so a generic off-the-shelf XLR>1/8" could cause problems. FYI, for mic level, the hot (XLR pin 2) is wired to the input plugs tip (ring tied to shield/ground); for line level, the hot (XLR pin 2) is tied to the ring w/ the tip tied to the shield. SD recommends floating pin 3 on the XLR output for unbalanced operation on 633. Your G3's receiver AF out setting is 'about' normal for a mic level input, but the transmitter sensitivity setting is abnormally low. Feeding the G3 SK100 Tx mic or -10dB line would be recommended as a +4dB signal can clip occasionally.
  13. AFAIK, FCP always did this. But I recall you can group two mono tracks together to function as one. Most other NLEs I encounter had an option to import as a interleaved pair or two separate mono tracks.
  14. Most NLEs I've encountered have an option to display 'Active take information'' that displays the actual file names on the timeline. Most have the option to change the clip's or track's display name as well . Don't know much about PP though, except it isn't very audio friendly to begin with so maybe it's a PP/poly file issue.
  15. The Oktava 012 is very susceptible to air turbulence and handling noise. It also has a low sensitivity spec (10mV). By comparison, the Sennheiser and AT hypers are in the 21-25mV range. I would not recommend the Oktava for camera mount usage.. modded or not. Of coarse no cam mounted mic is going to sound very good. Aside from 'nat sound'.