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  1. I modded an wooden crate one point to hold my boom, but the grips put it in the truck and that's last I saw of it. $185 is a little steep.
  2. Happy B'day my man!
  3. For me, a1st gen FP32 (not the 32a) a 415T and a Telex ENG wireless cam hop.. VHF in one of the 'travel' frequencies. I used that for a few months and purchased a Lectro185 system,
  4. The G2/3 EK100 receiver is nominally a little below +4dB, so it can be a little anemic with the 633's line in, it will work though, Many or us have stated this and requested a little more gain on the line inputs. I have not seen or received a response from SD.
  5. Yes indeed, congrats Eric . I just got the email notice from PSS as well. Does this eliminate the sales tax for gear shipped to NY?
  6. If you only need two tracks, there's more options. A SD MixPre with a lower cost 2 track recorder.
  7. I personally don't use reels but have considered it. Most of my cables are relatively short of varying lengths , except for some 50 footers, 100' 8 channel snake and a 75' boom duplex. In any case, Markertek.com has all kinds of A/V reels.
  8. FWIW, Canare is Japanese.
  9. Thanks Tom, Silica gel packs then. DO NOT EAT
  10. A faster 'SloTools'.. I don't use that application anymore.
  11. Put it in a jar of rice for few days. Sometimes that will draw the moisture out of a device. I assume you double checked the Rx 'AF output' and Tx 'sensitivity' settings. Do the meter(s) on the system show normal deviation?
  12. Most of us (I would assume) just use a peak limiter (compressor with a high ratio and threshold) to catch occasional peaks. That said, in audio post and music, I don't think I've ever used the exact same compressor settings twice. Depends on the track.
  13. The 302 is real handy to have around. I'd keep the 302 even if I bought two 664s. The 302 has L&R Main, Tape and an assignable HP outputs.. no direct outs, prefade or otherwise. I s'pose you could solo a preamp (with the fader down) and take an unbalanced feed from the HP jack, but it's a clunky way of doing things.
  14. I've tried a few, the iZotope Rx, Zynaptic, and the Plugin Alliance SPL Deverb. There's no night and day difference I could hear, they all work to a certain degree and produce artifacts when pushed.
  15. I had a desoldering pump for a few years, but it broke. Didn't work all that well anyway. I think it originally came from Radio Shack o' Shame. Like Bernie's method, I currently just heat the old solder to flow and tap the connector on something hard. I use small vice grips or other light weight clamping device to manually hold the connector.