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  1. I have a ECM 55. it's an omni and I love the way it isolates the wearer w/o the usual cardioid issues. Unfortunately it's f__king HUGE (Godzilla), so it rarely gets out of the case. AFAIK, the only mic powering difference with the Sony bodypack transmitter compared to the G2/3 is the plug wiring. The Sony's plug-on transmitter has Phantom Power. With the Sennheiser, you would have to upgrade to the 300 or 2000 series butt plug "I think the Sennheisers just ship with better Mics" - The ME2 omni lav that's bungled with the bodypack G2/3 is basically a POS.
  2. Also has the about the same sensitivity as the 416p (25mV). it 'a p p e a r s'' impressive. Is it built in China? I know little to nothing about the the Aputure company.
  3. Off-topic but I hear ya. I also hate to re-type when something goes south (pilot error or otherwise). I use the browser add-on, 'Lazarus Form Recovery' It automatically saves entries for a user set amount if time. Has saved me much time and aggravation. Available for Mac/Win Firefox and Chrome browsers. Don't know about Safari. Not for IE.
  4. You should have no problems with Phantom Power (18-52v for that mic) as long as the connectors are wired correctly.
  5. Yes, the L-2E5AT has a foil shield and is designed for permanent installs, so it's somewhat stiff. I like the Canare L-2E5 2 conductor mini mic cable and the L-4E5C Star-quad mini. Both are around 4-5mm OD. Markertek (and Redco I think) sells it by-the-foot if you don't need a 600+ ft. roll.
  6. The Canare L-4E5C is the mini star-quad. The Canare L-2E5 is the 2-conductor shielded mini cable which would work too... Both are about 4 or 5mm. Just cut back the shield. 24 or 22g would be adequate for our low amperage usage.
  7. +11. To quote Senator: "it depends"...
  8. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of all those killed and injured, as well as to Berlin itself +1 from the USA.
  9. Having limiters and LPF after the ADs is not so good for anything. I don't have an F8 (or any Zoom for that matter) but the F8's 1/4" TRS line inputs will handle nominal +4dB. The main and sub mix outputs are -10dBV.
  10. Don't know about the new digital ListenTech. but the LR400-216Mhz receivers w/ListenTech LT transmitter sound better than the Comek 72Mhz system. Though I didn't do an A-B test. The ListenTechs are not as rugged as the Comteks but cost less.
  11. I would also rule out a card issue, since both the CF and SD cards have the same 'short' file.
  12. The Rode NTG-2 has a notorious low output (sensitivity) level, so the record fader would likely need to be cranked. I don't think you would get any sound at all using line level, especially if that mic needs Phantom Power, which is disengaged in the line level mode. Use the 'Normal' input gain range setting in the set-up menu for sure.
  13. Stereo is ok for ambiance (recorded at a different time) but an interview is normally a single channel mono file. If it's a host/guest situation, two mono channels or files. Two Sennhieser 600 shotgun mics do not make an ideal stereo pair, but a single 600 on a boom pole would work for a single person interview, though an interference tube shotgun is usually not ideal indoors either. Most radio (and TV) reporters in the field, use a hand-held omni dynamic like the EV RE50 (gets more air-time than Seinfeld reruns). The Sennheiser MD42 and 46 are highly regarded for this type of work as well. 48k or 44.1kHz, 24 bit, is more than adequate spoken word recording.
  14. Hillary lost the election and will not be president.. Get over it! Jeffery S. Wexler for president. That's all I have to say.