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  1. I've tried a few, the iZotope Rx, Zynaptic, and the Plugin Alliance SPL Deverb. There's no night and day difference I could hear, they all work to a certain degree and produce artifacts when pushed.
  2. I had a desoldering pump for a few years, but it broke. Didn't work all that well anyway. I think it originally came from Radio Shack o' Shame. Like Bernie's method, I currently just heat the old solder to flow and tap the connector on something hard. I use small vice grips or other light weight clamping device to manually hold the connector.
  3. There is no SOP, unless you are fortunate enough to have pre-shoot scouting, unlimited time/budget, available materials and an accommodating lighting and other departments, you're very fortunate. It does not happen in my world though.
  4. I bought one of these type (generic with difference brand name) about six years ago on eBay for $25 (see pic below). The one I have runs on 18 volts (two 9 volts batts). I made another battery cover with a DC connector so I can use my external power. It's all aluminum and puts out enough clean volume to cause tinnitus and it's small enough for a bag (about 1/2 the size of a Lectro 195). I use mostly for after hours TV since my gear has adequate HP amps anyway.
  5. Tascam DR70 specs state the HP "maximum output: 20 mW + 20 mW" ... p i t i f u l... and not nearly enough for a even high sensitivity HPs.. Most budget recorders and mixers have very anemic HP amps. The DR60 and 680 have 50mW (x2) HP amp which is about the minimum one can get away with using IMO. "would be interesting to know if the DR-70 has a "true" line level in. Some of the cheaper recorders basically pad things down and then everything goes through the mic-preamp anyway" -- The only Tascam I'm aware of that completely by-passes the mic preamps is the DR680. Most recorders these days just insert a pad in front of the mic input for line. (I recall even the SDs do this.. but of course their mic pres are primo). I suspect the DR70 just inserts a pad as well, but I haven't seen a schematic or block diagram to be certain. FWIW, the maximum line level input of the DR70 is +20 dBu, so it does support nominal +4dB..
  6. Yes, the tip must be grounded (to the shield) on the G3 for line level. (the ring terminal being hot). On the G2 100 series body pack Tx, it was not necessary to ground the tip terminal. The Listentech LT-700 series bodypack transmitters use the same config for line level as the G2. Both the Sennheiser and ListenTech are nominal -10dB line (or there abouts).
  7. The job title is sometimes listed as "Sound Recordist"
  8. I think a wider pattern may be better for a 'green' boom op. There won't be a night-and-day difference with any of the above three mics. The Sennheisers have a few more mV output than the AT. An inexperienced boom op is a recipe for disaster with any mic IMHO. Been-there-done-that...
  9. AFAIK, 57s (w/ Shure wind screens and shock mounts) are still used by the 'White House Press Core' (since the LBJ admin), I saw The Donald, (Mr President, like it or not), using them yesterday or the day before on live TV . The WHPC does not handle all the presidential speeches and conferences, so different mics are common.
  10. Looks like a black vent on the ceiling, I assume the right-side is the same. I would block the air tubes and stick mics in those. Can't see the front part of the cabin well enough for an idea.
  11. I'd keep the MP-1 for sure and use for boom to feed to the Tascam (which I assume has sh--t limiters and not-so-great preamps). I used to have a Sennheiser 815T and rarely used it, so I sold it (it was heavy anyway). Then a scene arose where I wanted a long SG, so I bought an AT-4071. I used it twice in 2013 and it has not been out of the case since.
  12. Are you using the 100 series SK transmitter? The G3's line level plug wiring config is a little different from the G2 as well. As Constantin stated, mismatched Tx> Rx companders (or lack there of) can sound pretty awful, for instance using ListenTech receivers with a Comtek Tx.
  13. Great idea aff, I'm defiantly going to try that when I need to mic from below. I have been taping the mics to a Nite-Ize flex rods.
  14. "If the F4 had broadcast line level out I would buy it instead, will seldom need 8 channels." - Both the F4 and F8 have the same Main and Sub output specs: "Maximum output level = +10 dBV" which would be a little anemic feeding a nominal +4dB input.
  15. We've seen a number of 416 counterfeits on eBay, but I've never seen or read about a fake MKH50. I'd still be weary if the price is 'to-good-to-be-true and/or in 'as is' condition w/o a return option.