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  1. Light weight audio cable in various jacket colors

    Canare L-4E5C.. aka, mini star-quad. Marketek.com sells assorted colors of this in by-the-foot lengths.
  2. Playback rig

    Sound Forge Pro: Multi-channel. TC, markers and/or regions.
  3. Tascam HS-P82 Knob Problem

    Tom Duffy from Tascam frequents this group and will probably respond or you could probably PM him.
  4. Comtek “compand” switch missing

    I've never heard of any Comtek counterfeits. Are you sure the switches are not just recessed. and switchable with a pen or other pointy object. I used to have an M216 and some PR receivers but don't recall the switch arrangement.
  5. Easily portable mats/carpets/alternatives?

    "I've needed something to kill noise from feet for jittery talent/interviewees" - A few throw rugs could be carried in just about any personal vehicle, public transportation is another story. If the talent is sitting in one spot, asking them to remove their shoes is not an unreasonable request explaining the noise issue. Maybe carry a few pairs of those socks with grip bottoms hospitals hand out to patients.
  6. New audiophile (?) portable reel-to-reel recorder coming?

    I would love to have one, if only for a home ornament .
  7. Best Position of Shotgun Mic in Blimp

    AFAIK, the Neutrik X series and the newer XX series female cable mount XLRs always came with an O-ring to keep out contaminants and to ensure a 'tight' mechanical fit, Unlike the old Switchcraft XLRs which were prone to rattle due to the loose fit... that and the (reversed thread) set screw and clamp retention screws would loosen and fall out.without some type of thread locking compound.. I still have a bunch of these with missing screws and no replacement parts are available AFAIK, For the past 20+ years I use Canare wtth Neutrik XLRs.
  8. I concur with my fellow PSMs, any board w/ direct outs (or an adequate number of pre fader aux sends) would work. You could plug a return from the recorder into an unsigned channel or 2 trk. as a return to monitor the recorder's internal mix. As was said, you would want a mixer with really good preamps.
  9. Line or Mic Level Input

    Basic audio 101 questions like this are better queried over at DVinfo.net or DVX user . This is a tough room for newbies and you may feel insulted.
  10. Lav on Fireman suit?

    Same here. And the same for hard hats well.
  11. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    Yes, the OST TL-40 has the more typical end-address design, (round can shape). It's about the same diameter (4mm) as the Sanken but a little shorter. It has flatter response than the flat design OST 801 and 802,. The 801 has more of a presence peak, than the 802 and is usually recommended for hiding under clothes. All are an improvement over the ME2 which was/is usually included with a G2/3 bodypack system..
  12. 'Being There'

    Yes , I recall the closing credits for Don Coufal stating, "Boom op (and then some)" . BTW, Thanks Jeff. I figured it would have been a Nagra in that time period. I had an 815T for a while, long-heavy beast. i rarely used it, then got an 816P and rarely used that.. then I got an AT 4071, the last time I used that was 2013. I still have it though. FWIW, it's the highest sensitivity mic I've ever encountered (a whopping 90mV as I recall).
  13. 'Being There'

    Kudos Jeff. I happened to catch this 1979 movie on TV last night and right in the beginning, prominently credits our friend Jeff. Great movie all around and the dialog was crystal clear. I'm curious what was used for mics, recorders, ect. I don't recall any good wireless around then, but I was in the music biz at that time. Do you have any production snapshots you can post?
  14. Guard Bands

    "G3's can do 10mW " - The 100 series G2/3 Tx are fixed @ 30mW.. but will the FCC ever get close enough to measure it?
  15. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    I always used the Countrymans on acoustic guitars and such. The Radial DIs are allegedly very good. For simple unbalanced line to balanced mic, and on sources where 'loading' is not an issue, the low cost passive Rolls DB25 works, has three-way attenuation settings and a ground lift. The DB25a has a variable rotary pad.