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  1. Probably the encoder software SD put in it. I've had excellent results using the Mainconcept and LAME MP3 encoders. I prefer the Mainconcept when very low bit rates are needed (64kbps and below for small file sizes). The WinLAME RC3 encoder has a fast and easy batch process and the option for HP and LP filters (among other parameters. Most of the advanced audio user parameters have to be be set in a 'script' file which become a preset. Neither writes a TC stamp though, so put LTC on an audio track if needed
  2. Sounds like some of the hardware components got fried. Probably not worth the cost of getting fixed. Tom Duffy from Tascam frequents this group and will likely comment.
  3. I'd just use good quality software to down-sample. For instance Sound Forge Pro includes the iZotope 64bit SRC re-sample plug in.
  4. Cool shades Dave!
  5. "Antenna contact with sweaty skin will give you range problems" - Fo' sure, been there. I recall reading around 70% signal loss (depending).
  6. Obliviously for the consumer market The term "multi-channel" would be better terminology than "multi-track".. "Automatic removal of background noises".. how does it know what we want and don't want. Only $999 and made in Poland. I would have thought China. Know any good Polish jokes.
  7. I modded an wooden crate one point to hold my boom, but the grips put it in the truck and that's last I saw of it. $185 is a little steep.
  8. Happy B'day my man!
  9. For me, a1st gen FP32 (not the 32a) a 415T and a Telex ENG wireless cam hop.. VHF in one of the 'travel' frequencies. I used that for a few months and purchased a Lectro185 system,
  10. The G2/3 EK100 receiver is nominally a little below +4dB, so it can be a little anemic with the 633's line in, it will work though, Many or us have stated this and requested a little more gain on the line inputs. I have not seen or received a response from SD.
  11. Yes indeed, congrats Eric . I just got the email notice from PSS as well. Does this eliminate the sales tax for gear shipped to NY?
  12. If you only need two tracks, there's more options. A SD MixPre with a lower cost 2 track recorder.
  13. I personally don't use reels but have considered it. Most of my cables are relatively short of varying lengths , except for some 50 footers, 100' 8 channel snake and a 75' boom duplex. In any case, Markertek.com has all kinds of A/V reels.
  14. FWIW, Canare is Japanese.
  15. Thanks Tom, Silica gel packs then. DO NOT EAT