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  1. "If the F4 had broadcast line level out I would buy it instead, will seldom need 8 channels." - Both the F4 and F8 have the same Main and Sub output specs: "Maximum output level = +10 dBV" which would be a little anemic feeding a nominal +4dB input.
  2. We've seen a number of 416 counterfeits on eBay, but I've never seen or read about a fake MKH50. I'd still be weary if the price is 'to-good-to-be-true and/or in 'as is' condition w/o a return option.
  3. As with most lavs, if the wire/connection is broken at or close to the capsule, repair is usually not an option. Otherwise if still works ok.. shrink tubing.
  4. I have a ECM 55. it's an omni and I love the way it isolates the wearer w/o the usual cardioid issues. Unfortunately it's f__king HUGE (Godzilla), so it rarely gets out of the case. AFAIK, the only mic powering difference with the Sony bodypack transmitter compared to the G2/3 is the plug wiring. The Sony's plug-on transmitter has Phantom Power. With the Sennheiser, you would have to upgrade to the 300 or 2000 series butt plug "I think the Sennheisers just ship with better Mics" - The ME2 omni lav that's bungled with the bodypack G2/3 is basically a POS.
  5. Also has the about the same sensitivity as the 416p (25mV). it 'a p p e a r s'' impressive. Is it built in China? I know little to nothing about the the Aputure company.
  6. Off-topic but I hear ya. I also hate to re-type when something goes south (pilot error or otherwise). I use the browser add-on, 'Lazarus Form Recovery' It automatically saves entries for a user set amount if time. Has saved me much time and aggravation. Available for Mac/Win Firefox and Chrome browsers. Don't know about Safari. Not for IE.
  7. You should have no problems with Phantom Power (18-52v for that mic) as long as the connectors are wired correctly.
  8. Yes, the L-2E5AT has a foil shield and is designed for permanent installs, so it's somewhat stiff. I like the Canare L-2E5 2 conductor mini mic cable and the L-4E5C Star-quad mini. Both are around 4-5mm OD. Markertek (and Redco I think) sells it by-the-foot if you don't need a 600+ ft. roll.
  9. The Canare L-4E5C is the mini star-quad. The Canare L-2E5 is the 2-conductor shielded mini cable which would work too... Both are about 4 or 5mm. Just cut back the shield. 24 or 22g would be adequate for our low amperage usage.
  10. +11. To quote Senator: "it depends"...
  11. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of all those killed and injured, as well as to Berlin itself +1 from the USA.
  12. Having limiters and LPF after the ADs is not so good for anything. I don't have an F8 (or any Zoom for that matter) but the F8's 1/4" TRS line inputs will handle nominal +4dB. The main and sub mix outputs are -10dBV.
  13. Don't know about the new digital ListenTech. but the LR400-216Mhz receivers w/ListenTech LT transmitter sound better than the Comek 72Mhz system. Though I didn't do an A-B test. The ListenTechs are not as rugged as the Comteks but cost less.
  14. I would also rule out a card issue, since both the CF and SD cards have the same 'short' file.