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  1. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Most of us consider lavs as expendables or at lest semi expendable, And as Daniel stated, over time, they get contaminated with make-up sweat, ect. compromises the response. The cable/connections take a beating as well. That doesn't mean there aren't deals to be had but I would not buy a used lav, unless I knew it's history and/or I could try it out prior to handing over $$.
  2. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Thomas Popp also did a multi part 'Udemi' video course that is very comprehensive. I forget the title, but maybe that's what Alex is referring to. Ain't free though.
  3. Mark fourm as Read

    I still get the "Are you sure you want to mark all content in the community as read?" prompt. (Win 10, Firefox browser).
  4. I had a legal org client and was presented with that issue regularly (4 or 5 times a month for 20 years) in many of the midtown hotel ballrooms. Sometimes the mics, mixer and projection gear would be brought in by a third party rental outfit. More times than not, the mixer would be fed into the 'house' system.. usually feeding line level into a mic level input. They just turned it down real low... (what's gain staging?) Most of the time the hotel A/V staff and/or the rental co. set it up and left lf it unattended. On many of the gigs, I commandeered the mixer (or brought my own mixer when I took my vehicle into town or catch a ride with the camera/video folks) I ran the pre-fader aux send to the house through a line>mic pad and fed the recorders with the linear faders so I could mix easily and bringing up low talkers and the audience (room) mics did not affect the house mix.. avoiding feedback. Other times I would split the podium mic and take a sum of all, since most of the speakers talked at the pod anyway. I always brought my own pod mic (SM57 w/wind screen and shock mount) since the supplied mic were usually POS. I also never left home w/o a couple of IL19 ISOs for unexpected interface issues. A few times I just taped a lav to the house podium mic and prayed the audio gods would smile upon me. Boundary mics picked up too much table noise (STL) and/or the presenter would put papers or other items on top of them not to mention spilling liquids.. (they were lawyers) For some odd reason, I kind of look back on it fondly and got free or low cost legal advice and assistance.
  5. Sewing Lavs into Wardrobe

    Not specifically sewing, but wardrobe has assisted with other mounting/hiding issues. I have encountered wardrobe folks who will not help... "that's your problem".
  6. Zoom F8

    Three mic preamp inputs, and three line inputs equal six. (3+3 =6) Most pro wireless Rx can output line, so it's not a huge issue. The 633 line inputs have a lot of headroom, +30dBu max as I recall, but not that enough gain for anything below +4dB (nominal).
  7. 664 panic

    When I encounter problem PCM files, changing the extension to <.raw>. In my experience, that opens it four out of five times. Then 'Save as' back to a PCM (.wav). It's usually an issue with a corrupted/missing header or TOC. I don't know about Macs & Mac apps, but for PC users, Sound Forge Pro, and the free Audacity opens a <.raw> audio file.
  8. Recording 160dB?

    I've mic'd some high SPL sources including firearms, auto exhaust & engine compartments with the Sennheiser 421, a popular drum mic. Offhand, I don't know the max SPL, but it's high. A 160 dB car stereo? .. I don't think so..
  9. From what I've read, the Sony's internal mics are decent, same with previous models. But if your planning to use pro condenser mics, the D100 does not have balanced XLR inputs... or Phantom Power.
  10. A cam op I worked with a lot had two 100' snakes (Canare snake cable I think). Each had 2 balanced audio channels w/ XLRs, 2 coax w/ BNCs and a stereo audio HP return 1/8" TRS. They were real handy for the two cam interview shoots we were doing at the time. I think Markertek assembled it in their custom shop. They have a huge selection of all kinds of bulk A/V cables, snake and other wise.
  11. MixPre-6 or a second hand 552?

    Depends on your usual workflow. The 552 is pretty versatile .. but not as a recorder, and it only records two tracks. SD stated when the 552 was introduced, the two track recorder was primarily a cam hop back-up, but not up to the 7 series quality... it does sound pretty good though. A 552 feeding (line level) to a multi-track Tascam 680 would sound very good, but the Tascam has no TC capabilities whatsoever, and the 552 cannot generate TC on it's own. Same with the MixPre 3/6. Maybe take a look at the new MixPre 10T or the F series Zoom. A pre owned 702 is another quality option if you only need two tracks. How about the weight factor? Obviously, a MixPre is smaller/lighter than a 552/680 and in any scenario, you'll need an external power system as well. For instance, the 680 will eat up eight alkaline or rechargeable AAs every hour or so, the 552's four internal AA batteries don't last long either, especially w/ Phantom Pwr. The MixPre 3/6 has it's own power issues. (search)
  12. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    Just in time for the NY NAB/AES show in a few weeks. I'll defiantly look it over. The idea of only one card is scary though.
  13. Tom Petty, RIP

    Sorry to report, but according to Pitchfork and a personal MI contact who worked for the Heartbreakers, it seems Tom Petty has passed away. A great talent. for sure https://pitchfork.com/news/tom-petty-dead-at-66/
  14. Production Mix Structure

    This mostly applies to wide shots.
  15. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    "the director hasn’t made himself available until now to allow me to demonstrate the ME 2’s shortcomings. > Without an A-B demo, I doubt you'll get anywhere. Some directors just don't care about sound at all. "we’re in a rural area – lesser chance for environmental noise." > Rural locations often have undesirable sounds as well. I was on a shoot in a remote region of Adirondack State Park... which had an active military air base ten or so miles away (next-door for jet aircraft). The scout report never mentioned this or there was little activity when they visited. Then there's the usual commercial and private aircraft to contend with along with unwanted birds, insects and environmental annoyances. Don't assume "rural" is going to be w/o issues. I hope it works out for you anyway,