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  1. Rick Reineke

    Can you show me how to make low profile XLR to 3.5mm cables

    Don't know of any websites with step-by-step instructions. Do you know how to solder? Both the typical audio XLR and a 3.5mm TRS (aka, 1/8" mini-plug) only have three terminals, You have to configure the XLR end for unbalanced operation (typically jumping pin-3 to shield) since the mini-plug connection will most likly be unbalanced. What signal will you be feeding via the XLR, i,e., stereo headphone output, unbalanced mic input, other? Lots and lots of examples of low profile right-angle XLRs here. FWIW, I got a bunch of very low profile right-angle TRS mini-plugs from eBay a few years age, which do the job.
  2. Rick Reineke

    zoom F8 extended knob

    I recall seeing those before, but don't recall if they came from a 788 or 3D printer. I'd like to get a set of those myself.
  3. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8n.

    Thanks Pin , I must have misread the comparison chart. The F8n does have -10dB main output mode, which is perfect for feeding a line level SK100 Tx.
  4. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8 - Define PFL

    When I got asked this question, which happened frequently in music recording studios. I could not resist the "Pretty F_cking' Loud" response, Of course I always followed up with 'Pre Fader Listen' and its usage.
  5. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8n.

    The F8's main output (1/2) is -10dB line or -40dB mic level. The F8n's main out is fixed @ +4dB. BTW, +4dB program audio will occasionally clip the input stage of a Sennheiser G2/3/4 SK-100 bodypack Tx (plug wired for line level), regardless of the sensitivity setting .. and it ain't nice sounding. Zoom's F8n - F8 feature comparison chart (PDF)
  6. Rick Reineke

    Oscar SoundTech lav mics - opinions

    - Same here. Best bang-for-the-buck for sure. Made in the USA and A+ customer service. As an OST user since 2010, I have no real complaints, except the TL-40 has a 'lower the normal' max SPL spec, but that's rarely a problem with dialog. The 801 and 802 are the exact dimensions as the Tram TR50, even the mounting hardware is interchangeable. The 4mm round TL40 has a flatter response than the rectangular shaped 800 series. The HM-701 headset edition uses the TL40 element.
  7. Rick Reineke

    Neil Young talks about analog vs. digital

    Interesting, Thanks Jeff. Yes Niel's pretty far out there. His hi-res digital 'Pono' player never caught on, and I did not think it would due to the high price of the player and music (in the Pono format whatever that was).
  8. Rick Reineke

    Production company scam?

    - I had similar experience about a year ago, this person (also a wedding photographer) went so far as to send me a fraudulent check (third-party) for COD gear. I think they got my name for the Mandy directory.Upon investigating, the wedding photographer's name he was using had passed away.. He also stated a semi-local production company, whom I notified, but they never had any contact with him.
  9. Rick Reineke

    Anyone had experience with Lectrosonics 190 series?

    "185 VHF systems still in operation". 1 here, 193.??? MHz as I recall, very seldom do I use it, but it still works. The VHS range is less crowded these days than when I bought it back in the 90s.
  10. Ground = shield connection, (The 'S' in "TRS")
  11. Been-there-done-that.. the SK-100 G2 Tx will work without grounding the plug tip. Howoever, the G3 input plug tip terminal must be grounded. I would assume the same for the G4 SK-100 Tx..
  12. This group is primarily film sound pros who normally do not work with DJs or on weddings.You would be better off on other forums like Gearsluts and/or maybe DVi and DVX audio would be more appropriate. Aside from that, why even bother using cob job external power for the wireless since most rechargeable and even alkaline batteries will run a portable G series Tx/Rx for 10 hours.
  13. Rick Reineke

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    "they recommended additional phantom box or ZOOM portable recorder.(H and F series)" This makes no sense. According to the specs, both the MixPre and F4/8 can deliver 10mA. I would try 24 v Phantom Pwr.. According to Earthworks specs, the QTC40 will work with 24v Phantom Pwr.
  14. A lot has to do with the Tx sensitivity and the desired headroom.. If the Tx levels are hot, the Rx AF setting is typically lower or visa/versa. Set the Rx's AF adj. so the SD's input channel gain is around unity.
  15. The SK100 bodypack transmitter has an input meter, so that should be self-explanatory. The EK100 portable receiver's AF setting at maximum gain (+12) does not output a +4dB nominal signal, so it's anemic for SD's line level. I would use a lower AF setting (0 or -6) on the Rx feeding a mic level input.