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    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    "they recommended additional phantom box or ZOOM portable recorder.(H and F series)" This makes no sense. According to the specs, both the MixPre and F4/8 can deliver 10mA. I would try 24 v Phantom Pwr.. According to Earthworks specs, the QTC40 will work with 24v Phantom Pwr.
  2. A lot has to do with the Tx sensitivity and the desired headroom.. If the Tx levels are hot, the Rx AF setting is typically lower or visa/versa. Set the Rx's AF adj. so the SD's input channel gain is around unity.
  3. The SK100 bodypack transmitter has an input meter, so that should be self-explanatory. The EK100 portable receiver's AF setting at maximum gain (+12) does not output a +4dB nominal signal, so it's anemic for SD's line level. I would use a lower AF setting (0 or -6) on the Rx feeding a mic level input.
  4. Rick Reineke

    "Like" button

    I'd click the Thumbs DOWN button
  5. Rick Reineke

    Sound Devices MM-1 preamp

    For use with a SK100 bodypack transmitter, I made a 15dB padded cable (easy L-pad). With a MM1, the SK100 Tx's input stage can be overloaded regardless of the sensitivity setting, even in the line level plug config..
  6. Rick Reineke

    Frequencies in Chicago

    If you do not have an external scanner (the G series Rx scanner is not very sensitive), going to the Sennheiser USA Frequency Finder is a good place to start. Try to find a TV channel with -80dBm or less signal strength and use one of the channel bank presets in that range. For instance, from what I basically see in Chicagoland for a Sennheiser G 100 series frequency block A, a bank with presets within 530-536 MHz would be a 1st choice. Do a walk test at each location to confirm no interference (and pray to the RF gods).
  7. Rick Reineke

    Rode Ntg3

    "how did you calculate the sensitivity difference?" - I did not calculate dB.. Just stating Voltage, not Decibels.
  8. Rick Reineke

    Rode Ntg3

    According to the mfg's specs, the NTG 3 is about 6.5 mV hotter @ 31.6mV/Pa. vs 25 for the 416P.
  9. Rick Reineke

    Frequencies in Chicago

    I don't know if "flawless'" will ever happen w/o cables. CHI is a busy RF area. TV channel 16 (482-488 MHz) is allegedly vacant. This may help with selection: http://gothamfaxes.com/
  10. Rick Reineke

    Cardiod Microphones

    I concur with Mungo and Jim, a lot of folks over on the DVx and DVi audio groups like the low budget priced Audio Technica AT875R, Another budget priced option is a pre-owned AT4073, ( if one can be found) which has about the hottest output (70mV) of all the short shotgun mics, which is important for preamps with minimal gain. But like the AT 875R, needs Phantom Power (11-52V). Addendum: The AT897 has a internal battery option, if Phantom Pwr is not available.
  11. Rick Reineke

    K-Tek Airo boom pole mods?

    Hardware and Home Depot type stores have large size rubber cane tips / round caps. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Caps-Tips/Rubber/N-5yc1vZ1z0xd5qZ1z114to. I use one to keep dirt and debris from getting into the bottom exit XLR on my Avalon when not using the full case.
  12. Rick Reineke

    NAB 2018 Products update

    The MKE-2 is a separate purchase from the 100 series system. If the B&H, Sweetwater and other high volume retailers do not carry it with the 100 series plug, contact one of usual suspect film-sound shops, Gotham, Trew, LSC, PSC, ect.
  13. I've mixed audio for a few live web events, I just supplied a line level audio feed. Otherwise, same as Bernie, the streaming was handled by an independent company.
  14. Rick Reineke

    NAB 2018 Products update

    The MKE-2 has been around since the 90s as I recall and I would not call it a 'predecessor' to the lower priced ME-2, which ain't very good IMO, ok if there's nothing else though. The MKE-2 is available for the 100 series, (locking 3.5mm TRS plug) it's just not bungled with that system.
  15. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8n.

    Don't know, but channel panning on a location sound recorder is usaully not an often used adj. The external control surface may have a easy acces pan though.
  16. Rick Reineke

    Student film equipment setup questions.

    Yes, the G4 EK100 is a single audio channel receiver and can be used with only one transmitter at a time (though multiple receivers can be used.. for instance, an audio hop to more than one cam. All of the SKP100 transmitters (including the G4), cannot power a mic.
  17. Rick Reineke

    Student film equipment setup questions.

    The Sony UWP series butt-plug transmitter has 48v Phantom Power and about the same price as the non-powered 100 series Sennheiser. I wouldn't use the AVX system if it's mic is in close proximity to other low latency systems (like the G3). The AVX has a whopping 19ms delay.
  18. Rick Reineke

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    As Dave stated, (and according to the manual) the 1/4" TRS jack is line level and does not carry power. The only 3.5mm input is a return (RTN) which is stated to be -10dBV (unbalanced consumer line level) in the specs.. So a typical lav with a mini-plug would need an XLR adaptor / power supply which transforms Phantom Power to Plug-in Power.. which are totally different configurations and voltage. Feeding Phantom Power through a simple hardwired 3.5mm to XLR adapter can fry the mic.
  19. Rick Reineke

    Countryman B6 caps?

    I replaced a lost cap last year and the lowest price I recall was about $8 from B&H. I'm sure the usual suspect vendors would do the same price if asked. Otherwise they're about $10.. and up.
  20. Rick Reineke

    bluetooth sound box

    Monoprice has some great deals. I picked up a DeepBlue BT speaker that sounds better than most of those expensive 'designer' speakers in the big box stores. It even has an aux. 3.5mm input.
  21. Rick Reineke

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    Never used the Senal.. nor do I expect to. The USA (NJ) made OST 801 / 802 are a good bang-for-the-buck.. Exact same size/shape and pick-up characteristics as the Tram .. the mounts are even interchangeable and available in four shades (white to black). The 4x7mm end-fire OST TL40 has a flatter response which is good for sibilant voices and such. I haven't checked prices lately, but the OST mics were around $120usd with a TA or 3.5mm locking Tx plug.
  22. Rick Reineke

    Plug for Reaper

    I use Vegas Pro a lot, which was the inspiration for Reaper, and I find the exact opposite. Both VP and Reaper are more direct than the multiple PTs menus, sub menus, sub-sub-sub menus. If you like aggravation, PT is your app.
  23. Rick Reineke

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    I get the same mind, body site with the Pale Moon browser (which is very similar to Firefox prior to ver. 57 Quantum).
  24. Rick Reineke

    Advice for a novice

    The Sanken CS3 is one of the few exterior 'shotgun' mics that could work in a reflective environment. It does not use the typical interference tube design and attenuates off-axis sounds by using multiple capsules. Not all folks like the tight pattern (and sound) and would not be good in the hands of an unskilled boom op. (but that pretty much applies to any mic).
  25. Rick Reineke

    sennheiser tx ew100 g2-g3, at 100 mw

    I have not ever read of RF power mods for the 100 G series Tx. 50+ mW Sennheiser 2000 series transmitters in compatible frequencies could be used though..