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  1. I suspect that those who envision the demise of our profession due to automix have little real world experience with the feature and (as Mungo offered) are being mislead by the name. It's a helpful tool in the right hands and yet another way to screw up sound in the wrong ones.
  2. I doubt Jack was offering that photo as an ideally hidden plant. I think it was just posted as an interesting size reference.
  3. Please, Jon, such posturing is not needed here. I never read any defensiveness into AFMY's comments, just his opinion based on many years of experience.
  4. That file, BTW, can be used to reload the settings for that particular transmitter.
  5. I agree with AFMY. Anyone who can be replaced by a piece of gear is not an accomplished professional sound mixer. They should be more concerned about being replaced by someone who is.
  6. You're not alone.
  7. When I worked in SD not long ago, I made more than that, not including gear. I know of others who have done equally well in that market. Here's the deal, some people seem to think if they charge a low rate they'll get lots of work and their clients will appreciate them so much they'll then pay more. Both are erroneous assumptions. There is a psychological effect that people tend to value things by how much they cost. Low ball producers will work you harder, treat you worse, and then pounce on the next cut rate mixer who comes along. Good producers want to hire experience they can count on, and expect to pay what that costs. Typically, they treat their crews better than the low-ballers do, and are much more enjoyable and rewarding to work for. If you're a low-baller, this is how you'll be known, and therefore determine the job offers available to you. In my experience, a person whose rate is too high will attract more business than one whose rate is too low. If your rate is too high, you can negotiate down if necessary, if your rate is too low, you won't be able to negotiate up -- nor be able to feed a family, nor work for the quality producers, nor get referrals from other mixers, nor sustain a career. It's a choice between win-win or lose-lose.
  8. Ritalin.
  9. It seems to have become a thing for the current crop of actors, that the way to sound more dramatic is to whisper. Not a properly trained stage whisper, mind you, but low down under the breath. Perhaps, one of these days, there'll be someone up the food chain savvy enough to figure this out and give credit where credit is due.
  10. The TV stations need to be "repacked" before the telcos can use the freqs they're on. Typical for government's great ideas -- which, of course, work great in theory -- the reality may be more problematic due to a number of factors.
  11. What Ryan said. The specified term for repacking channels, etc. is 39 months. It wouldn't surprise me if it takes longer than that before the sky is falling.
  12. AFMY makes an excellent point. I find that spending time with the manual after I am familiar with a piece of gear reveals a wealth of tips and nuances that I see people dazed and confused about here on a regular basis. Many of the unique inner workings covered by any decent manual don't register until after the basics are well learned.
  13. Early on, the ERXs were apparently vulnerable to phantom voltage damage. Not too long after the "2" version was released, Zaxcom made a modification that elimated the issue. If your unit has had service since then, or is newer than when the mod was made, you shouldn't worry. ...And, no, I don't know at what serial number the change was made.
  14. A sound mixer friend has what is probably the nearest to an ideal solution: His wife works full time and her employment allows her to work from home, plus they also have extended family nearby. Nothing makes parenting while working easy, but his scenario gives options that alleviate some of the anguish.
  15. Call Lectrosonics and they will tell you and most likely will send you replacement screws for free.