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  1. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    While I don't disagree with Constantin and Kelsey, my opinion is that ALL parties should strive to make their gear compatible with all other parties.
  2. Time Code to Red Epic W

    Like many here I carry three to four times as much gear for Justin, as I do for me. (You know, Justin Case) The other mistake you made is assuming that the producer or camera person told you everything you need to know. 1) They seldom tell you everything you need to know, and 2) Even those things can, and often do, change Prepare (for whatever), prepare, and then when that's done... prepare!
  3. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Something Larry mentioned bears repeating (or should I say "bares repeating" since there's another thread on mixing naked). Getting your antennas high enough that there is not anything (people, etc.) between the transmitter and receiving antennas will make a big difference. That, together with good antennas makes more difference than pretty much anything else. As far as transmitter power -- that is an often misunderstood specification. The difference between 50mW and 100mW is only 3dB and in the real world, unless distance is truly a limiting factor, it makes even less impact than the 3dB figure would have you believe. For instance, a Comtek transmitter outputs only 10mW yet has admirable range. The biggest limiting factor with a bodypack transmitter is that it's typically fastened to a large bag of water (person) and if the antenna isn't high enough, the signal must permeate many other large bags of water. Then, there's multipath to take into account, where sometimes lower power can work better than higher power. In other words, way too many people obsess over transmitter power numbers when there are much more pertinent things to consider.

    Happy Birthday, Jeff. Along with the special person you are, you've done something really special for this community. I feel honored to call you a friend.
  5. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    For those who don't know, double the power (or half the power), is a 3dB difference, so Kelsey's results are right on the money.
  6. Phonak Roger real world experience

    I can't make that comparison.
  7. SONY MDR-7506

    On all my 7506 cans (which I don't use much any more) I eliminated the straight section leading from the curly to the headphones -- that helps tame the excess immensely.
  8. Nomad Config page vs manual

    I'm not near my Nomad right now but will be able to be check my rev #s either today or tomorrow. Someone else may weigh in sooner. Also, you could contact Zax tech support and they'd be able to tell you.
  9. IFB on the cheap.

    Trying to do IFB on the cheap is a way to learn why the industry standard systems are the best solution for anyone wanting to be a professional.
  10. Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    It was your birthday, you're allowed to go in circles.
  11. Naked Audio

    I'm sorry but I no longer work naked after a nasty incident with a deep fryer.
  12. Phonak Roger real world experience

    I tried one at NAB and found that a proper seal would be necessary to achieve sufficient gain for me. They furnish some thin gasket-like material to aid in that fit (which I didn't try). My take is, if you're expecting great sound, you'll be disappointed. If you're simply expecting better sound than an induction unit, you'll be pleased. The thing is tiny and disappears into the ear much better than the PSC induction units I have.
  13. Lectrosonics UCR211 problem!

    From your original description it sounded like sticking buttons to me. Having the sleeve on may be torqueing the case just enough that the buttons are pressing against the sides of their openings. The unit may have taken a physical hit or some other diagonal pressure that skewed the case a bit.
  14. Nomad Config page vs manual

    In your "About Nomad" screen, what are the "Audio Rev" and "Main Rev" numbers? If memory serves, at lest one of these needs to be at, or beyond, a certain version in order for the additional settings to be available. I think it's "Audio Rev" but don't quote me. I did it a long time ago, but if IIRC, it needs to be sent in for this updating.
  15. Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    Double post of a misleading article doesn't make it any more correct.