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  1. John Blankenship

    Advice for a novice

    I note that a lot of beginners tout a singular equipment choice as if it defines them personally. I repeat my frequent mantra, "They're only tools, and you pick the right tool for the job." Toward that end, maintaining a complete tool chest and making great choices from it more suitably defines a working professional. I'm a big fan of my Schoeps for natural sound, love how well a CS3e handles certain things like micing from below, and have used my 416 as recently as a couple of weeks ago at the Indy 500. There was also quickly planting a DPA on a grocery shelf, and numerous mics in a van full of kids. It's not about owning a universal mic, it's about making the right choice at the right time. (And, yes, there are times that I wish I had made a different choice.)
  2. John Blankenship

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I carry headphones for my boom ops... I don't have underwear for them!
  3. John Blankenship

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    Seems the front of the Lectro General Store needs painting. ...or is that a fresh facade, sporting the "Rustic New Mexico" look? Methinks your Porsche has a good shot at overtaking the tumbleweed.
  4. John Blankenship

    Film Camera Noise

    The 16SR2 is designed to be used with sound and, if properly maintained, should be relatively quiet. Some of it depends upon the magazines and how well maintained and adjusted they are. It also depends upon the lenses and lens housings, as a good bit of camera noise can emanate through there.
  5. John Blankenship

    Film Camera Noise

    I'll bet they got a good deal on the rental. Trying to fix the sound in post will cost them more than renting the proper camera to begin with. Which Arri 16 is it? Forget the coats -- most of the non-blimped Arris are extremely loud and good only for MOS. A 16BL, or better yet a 16SR, can serve you well if the magazines are in proper condition (and you're not shooting in real tight spaces). Ironically, they should be able to get a killer deal on an SR rental, so starting with a noisy 16mm camera is just, plain incompetence, IMO.
  6. John Blankenship

    Knurled Thumb Screw for Denecke TS-2?

    I concur! Likewise, his wife Kim, the person with the pleasant voice that will likely greet your call.
  7. John Blankenship

    Knurled Thumb Screw for Denecke TS-2?

    I'll bet Charlie Parra (at Denecke) would be happy to send you a replacement if you can't find one locally.
  8. John Blankenship

    Car as "wild lines" booth

    +1 Post can add more waves if they need to, so listen to the environment and the timbre of the voice and try to match these somewhere with less waves. A small enclosed space will sound like a small enclosed space.
  9. John Blankenship

    Advice for a novice

    Believe it or not, whatever the profession, it takes thirty years to gain thirty years of experience. I was making a point, by the way -- which it seems may have been missed -- that it isn't the tools, but the capabilities of the person using them that matters. Yet your focus seemed to be on what mic to buy. If you're serious about improving your game, forget for now what mic to buy and learn about acoustics and placement and develop the tool you already have -- your ears -- and learn how to listen. As far as mics, keep it as simple as possible -- the more mics you have live, the more phase problems that will crop up if you don't know how to use them properly and how to listen for those issues.
  10. John Blankenship

    Advice for a novice

    I bought the best scalpel available a year ago and still haven't been able to do open heart surgery on a patient that lived -- go figure.
  11. John Blankenship

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    We owe much to our veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice, along with those whose lives are permanently altered as a result of having proudly served our country. Perhaps we should be pay more attention to that than to petty bickering.
  12. John Blankenship

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    More proof that reality's not what it's cracked up to be.
  13. John Blankenship

    LW-216 whip for Comtek M-216

    For years I've used a floppy antenna w/2.5mm plug in the bag and either a floppy or lightweight stick antenna w/2.5mm plug on the cart with no issues. I recently changed the cart transmitter to an option 7 so I can use a Mini-Mite external antenna.
  14. John Blankenship

    LW-216 whip for Comtek M-216

    You can get everything you need directly from Comtek, from the 2.5mm locking plug to the components needed for the filtered input cable, to a finished input cable and, yes, a completed floppy antenna.