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  1. Condolences on your loss, Jim. Thanks for the detailed account.
  2. With great power comes great responsibility.
  3. Contact Sound Guys -- They had some they were closing out recently. Also, they may be releasing a new version in the future.
  4. That's a shame. They are excellent clips! I understand, though, Kelsey is a working mixer.
  5. It sounds like you're confusing coordinated frequencies and blocks. Forget coordination unless you're using three or more units in the same block simultaneously. Follow Johnny's recommendation.
  6. In reaction to your a tad defensive post -- one thing to remember is that very few things are actually personal. Those who state how important it is to support those who support us are most likely not really referencing a couple of $13 purchases. Not intending to speak for them, but my take is that their posts more broadly address the dozens of newbies we get here who only think of how cheaply they can buy something rather than how they can grow in the craft and build a career within a community. There is, of course, nothing wrong with buying used, considering costs, making good deals, etc. These are all part of running a business, as are the further considerations of how one supports and contributes to the community. Too frequently the newbies (and occasionally others) neglect the latter part. For instance, some of my earlier comments address years of hearing one of the most absurd assumptions around. I probably couldn't count on hands, toes, nose, and penis (twenty-two for those scoring along at home) the amount of times I've heard the unsourced statement that (___fill_in_the_blank___) look similar, and are therefore all made in the same factory, so there is no difference between brands. From guitar strings to VCRs these "experts" proudly proclaim this misleading meme -- often quite militantly. After many years of experience I've learned these statements are most often made without substantiating evidence and lack any degree of understanding in regard to manufacturing contracts, processes, constraints, and specifications. Time and again my experience has borne out that such statements come from ignorance much more often than from knowledge. Yes, Virginia, there are differences -- vive la différence.
  7. Is the belt clip as secure as the one Kelsey (Wandering Ear) makes?
  8. Apparently the fellow being interviewed is making sweeping statements.
  9. First, I don't understand why this is being so passionately debated -- a boom pole holder is just an inexpensive professional tool. Sorry, my comments weren't aimed at you personally -- they were intended to address comments I've read in this thread that made conclusions based solely on uninformed assumptions and that dismiss statements made by a well-regarded manufacturer and member of our community.
  10. Nifty.
  11. Interesting. Are the folks that appear obsessed with the claim that their cheapie holders are identical to a Boom Boy maintaining that Glen Trew is lying when he states that the BB has better-reinforced welds, or are they convinced that he simply doesn't know as much about the products his company produces as they do? Strange obsession. I own five of this type of holder, three from Walmart, and two Boom Boys. One of the Walmart ones broke at the weld. It was under a good bit of pressure at the time -- not unlike the pressure some here seem to feel to maintain an unproven assumption.
  12. I don't understand this comment as Durapore, the most popular cloth based medical tape (at least here in the US -- and no doubt other companies make something equivalent), is hypoallergenic.
  13. Two 9v. batteries in series could power it but their combined voltage may be a bit too high to be within safety margins. If they're connected in parallel, it'll perform just as you described. A choice that'll work fine is an 8 AA holder with the appropriate power plug.
  14. It was a Walmart one that was sold as a fishing pole holder. Glen Trew has stated that the Remote Audio Boom Boy has reinforced welds. Neither of my Boom Boys has shown any sign of weakness. Still, like most things, I carry backups for Justin. ...Justin Case.
  15. And yet, all your sarcasm aside, I bought one that broke at the weld.