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  1. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Yes, thanks, Glen -- fixed it.
  2. rescued from the dumpster

    Ouch! Doubtful -- but it might be worthwhile to someone for parts -- if, for instance, the knuckles are in decent condition. Also, what Philip said.
  3. rescued from the dumpster

    It looks over-engineered for pole use. My guess is it was tossed by a broadcast facility on a cleaning spree.
  4. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    I don't know about he Mixpre3, but it is not 01%, it is .1% (one tenth of one percent. (And, I appreciate you taking my advice non-defensively. )
  5. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Why are you shooting on film if your goal is to be an amateur filmmaker? If your goal is to be a professional filmmaker, you accomplish that by working with professionals. There are many reasons to hire an accomplished professional in any field. One of the main ones is: You have no clue what it is you don't know, and what you don't know will keep you among the ranks of wannabe amateurs.
  6. Working on a short film budget for August

    This is surreal. One of our own wants to put together a proper budget for his sound team and asks for applicable numbers and folks give him anything but. I'm not in L.A., but in my neck of the woods -- for a top notch team: Day Rate -- Mixer w/Full Gear: $800 - $1300 Boom: $400 - $600 Utility: $250 - $500 So, for budget numbers, around $2,000 per day would serve you well. Adjustments can be made from there -- size of crew, gear needed, etc. I hope this helps a bit, Mark.
  7. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    Most of the better quality gear has SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) built in. But, BMD doesn't always abide by what others are doing.
  8. NFL Boom ops

    Please note that the article is more than ten years old and some things have changed.
  9. View From The Office:

    The network mixer is in one of the broadcast trucks. Sorry I missed you this trip. Hopefully, another time.
  10. View From The Office:

    That's certainly your prerogative. I like the part where I get paid. I must have posted in the wrong thread -- I thought this was "View From The Office," not "Lifestyles Of A Curmudgeon."
  11. View From The Office:

    Wide angle lens is misleading. And what do you call "cheap?" Forbes reported that the cheapest seats in the house were $2,800.
  12. View From The Office:

    View from the office, February 4, 2018:
  13. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    You also should indicate that it is an LT transmitter and not an LA.
  14. camera link

    Of course, the higher the power of a transmitter you use near receivers (such as in a bag), the more it desensitizes the receivers.
  15. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    First, Energizer Ultimate Lithium are the longest lasting AAs that I'm aware of -- the Energizer Advanced Lithium are not quite as good (they may not even make the "Advanced" any more, as they no longer show up on Energizer's web site ). Of course, you may be using a different brand. Second, are you talking about a TRXLA or a TRXLT (2 AA vs 1AA)? 4 hours is way low for a TRXLA using a good set of lithiums.