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  1. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    (I wrote this before Jim's response, but was on a plane, so am belatedly uploading it.) Just for some clarity, the Zax device getting a lot of discussion here, as well as the high end RX200, and if I'm not mistaken, some of Ambient's recent offerings, are all jam-synced devices with their own generators. They're not jam-syncing the camera wirelessly, they just have the added advantage of automatically re-jamming themselves remotely. It's an important distinction since, if they were jamming the camera wirelessly, dropout could be a problem, but in this case, they feed the camera continuously just like any other jamming device. Don't get me wrong, I have a whole fleet of Denecke boxes (six, plus slates, unless I've lost count) and happily deploy them when they're the right tools for the job, but having sync boxes that are automatically jammed is pretty cool.
  2. Headphone

    Available now from those wonderful folks who bring you "Magic Microphone," the one and only microphone you'll ever need for a career in sound mixing -- it's "Hyper Headphone," the one headphone that sounds better than any other to every user with every type of ears, head, and experience! Order a "Hyper Headphone" now and receive a "Magic Microphone" free -- just pay shipping and an additional fee! Order now and you can have both at this amazing low price -- only slightly higher than buying each individually! Yes, you too can become a professional sound mixer overnight with our expedited shipping option -- not available where prohibited by law! You'll walk with a new swagger to your step! You'll spout impressive terms like, "dynamic range," "sampling rate," and "hyper-cardioid"! You will even learn the super-secret sound mixer handshake! Buy now and be great!
  3. Just a rant

    That call sheet is frighteningly true. The one thing that could be added: "The L&G crew rigs for the next shot while we're rolling."
  4. Remote Audio BDSv4U Connection

    Call a proper location sound dealer and they will fix you up.
  5. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Gee, Glen, i guess I have to spell it out... My intent is not that it has to be identically designed, but that a cardioid with this size and form form factor with a flatter low end, would be a great addition for car miking. Stating a desire for a 4080 without the low end rolloff is a shorthand way to communicate that to DPA, rather than asking everyone to specifically state, “this size — this form factor — same or similar mount — full sensitivity — cardioid pickup pattern — and flat response.” Are you claiming that DPA lacks the expertise to design and build such a mic? If so, i hope they take it as a challenge. I have no doubt they can do it. Sorry if I wasn’t sufficiently detailed. When I’ve talked with DPA engineers, they seem to understand the request, now we need enough end users to ask for it in order to establish the need.
  6. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Which takes us back to my request of DPA for a 4080 version with no low frequency roll-off. If enough of us ask for it, then it's more likely to happen.
  7. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    Boom technique is often more important than mic choice. Many here have quite successfully used a variety of mics -- including the 416 -- on group discussions with people talking quickly back and forth. Bernie mentioned booming from below. If that's an option -- sunny days with lots of shadows, etc. -- then the hero mic is a Sanken CS3e. They work great from below due to being a short shotgun with very little rear lobe. Mics are tools -- the right tool for the right job -- and they're basic tools in our world. An important part of being a professional is knowing your tools. There is no automatic microphone that will do the job for you.
  8. NFL sideline mic

    This Sundays Twickenham game is Cardinals vs Rams; next week's is Vikings vs Browns.
  9. P48 to T-Power converter?

    +1 for Pete's work. I didn't mention it because the O.P. is in South Africa.
  10. P48 to T-Power converter?

    Yes to all your questions. The only real downside to an 816 is its weight. Like the 416 -- a workhorse. PSC makes a reasonably priced adapter barrel. I like the older version of the barrel better, though -- metal rather than plastic -- a tad more weight, but less susceptible to hum (maybe they've switched back over the years -- it's been a long time since I bought one.) A legendary mic.
  11. Alexa Mini TC sync

    The last two Minis I worked with this month were both time code challenged.
  12. NFL sideline mic

    +1 what others have said. Based on what one would guess you'll be doing, the most common sideline boom these days is a Schoeps CMIT. Also used is Sanken CS3e, and Sennheiser MKH-70. Absolute minimum pole length is 12', but as mentioned, 17' is better. I'll be there, care to recommend a good pub?
  13. Ask yourself this, "Would you rather charge proper rates and be considered for recommendation by other professionals in the sound community, or charge sub-standard rates and therefore considered a clueless amateur by experienced mixers. In the first case you make more per job and get more referrals for gigs, in the second, you make less per gig and no working professional will recommend you. Do the math -- one is a living, and the other is a hobby.
  14. Best mic for specific location

    For me, the dominate choices in the situation you describe would be: 1). Schoeps 641 -- The smooth pattern of an MK41 capsule makes it a particularly good selection in reverberant spaces. A smaller mic allows you to be in a bit closer which also helps. Yes, you will hear some of the reverb, but the naturalness and presence of this mic will allow your subject the be heard and understood clearly. If the camera person has any savvy, they'll allow you in close enough that this will be an excellent choice. 2). Sanken CS3e -- has less rear lobe than most shotgun mics, which means you could even mic from below if overhead lights cause shadow challenges. 3). DPA 4080 directional lav. Since the lav can be seen, you're in just the situation this mic was designed for. It has a fairly steep low freq roll-off which is there to compensate for the proximity effect of a close mic'd cardioid. 4). I've not used a Super-CMIT, but would consider it as a possible candidate based on what others have said.
  15. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    So many attorneys moonlighting as sound mixers...