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  1. What Ryan said. The specified term for repacking channels, etc. is 39 months. It wouldn't surprise me if it takes longer than that before the sky is falling.
  2. AFMY makes an excellent point. I find that spending time with the manual after I am familiar with a piece of gear reveals a wealth of tips and nuances that I see people dazed and confused about here on a regular basis. Many of the unique inner workings covered by any decent manual don't register until after the basics are well learned.
  3. Early on, the ERXs were apparently vulnerable to phantom voltage damage. Not too long after the "2" version was released, Zaxcom made a modification that elimated the issue. If your unit has had service since then, or is newer than when the mod was made, you shouldn't worry. ...And, no, I don't know at what serial number the change was made.
  4. A sound mixer friend has what is probably the nearest to an ideal solution: His wife works full time and her employment allows her to work from home, plus they also have extended family nearby. Nothing makes parenting while working easy, but his scenario gives options that alleviate some of the anguish.
  5. Call Lectrosonics and they will tell you and most likely will send you replacement screws for free.
  6. They mention phase reversal in the examples of 2-wire vs 3-wire.
  7. It has absolutely nothing to do with the number of mics in use, the relative car population, nor even vodoo. It has to do with the way lavs are made, whether they're two-wire or three-wire configuration, and the individual wiring scheme chosen for any specific transmitter. In many cases, two-wire schemes result in phase reversal for three wire mics. Some transmitters work only with a two-wire configuration, while others can be configured with either a two-wire or three-wire input. Going through a period of both positive and negative bias Trams didn't help any either. As a result of these variables, there's much confusion, misunderstanding, and phase-abuse. In-phase is described as a positive sound pressure at the diaphragm resulting in a positive leading waveform at the output. Re Jeff's comment, in this case we're talking about electrical phase, not acoustical phase, which is too often even more misunderstood due to variations by both distance, frequency, time domain, reflections, and, oh yes... vodoo.
  8. I second Jason's recommendation of the Transcend. They're rock solid for me.
  9. Congratulations to all! To my fellow soundies: Isn't it great to work in an industry in which the manufacturers have passion for creating the products they offer!
  10. Nice setup, Stacy. For me, it varies with almost every gig depending upon how the camera is rigged and how the operator wants to work.
  11. ...and perhaps many people not in this thread -- let's spread the love!
  12. Is the Bebopbag sound cart available anywhere in the U.S.?
  13. I'm not sure why you think every discussion should be approached as an argument, but if you're arguing over who the world's expert on your opinion is, well... you win. On the other hand, if the crux is based on who is best versed in my opinion, then... I win. If the contention is over who is most intimately acquainted with the intricacies of Zaxcom gear, you may be well served by not putting any money on the outcome.
  14. In accordance with what Constantin said, Martin seems to be pushing it more than a bit with his wide ranging analogies. Many users don't find Zaxcom gear that daunting, although learning how to fully benefit from some of the advanced features does have more of a learning curve. While it's true that some folks get a bit anxious by the sheer number of settings in the extended menu, basic operation requires mostly the same considerations as other professional wireless. Lectro systems are top notch and are more sophisticated feature-wise than a cursory glance might lead one to believe. The few I know who have Wisycoms are pleased with their choice, and Audio Limited are highly regarded and notable for their sonic quality. Operators who maintain a healthy working relationship with their equipment typically see that gear as "tools," and like a top professional in any field, they learn their tools well under a myriad of conditions. That level of intimacy requires a learning curve, and time spent, with any gear. If non-thinking simplicity is one's goal, there's Fisher Price.
  15. While I often fail to shy away from the nifty mental exercise of theoretical practicality (please note the oxymoron), this discussion seems to fall into the "...Then There's The Real World" category. Point being, if the goal is to avoid any time domain discrepancies, there's only one way to do it in the real world: Record the scene with one microphone. Any use of more than one pickup device where the sound source and the microphones are not each occupying an exact unmovable position, will result in sound pickup of varying delays between the two microphones. If you don't wish to deal with time domain differences, use one, and only one, microphone. More than one? Well... In our profession we should always be "playing it by ear" anyway.
  16. It's a connector thing. Do a Google search for "sma rp vs sma".
  17. I understand the numbers, however my comments on both the 4080 and 4099 (6mV/Pa version) are based on my experiences with actual use.
  18. The 4099 is designed for musical instruments and therefore has a lower sensitivity which results in higher max SPL handling. Given the distance the mic often needs to be from the subject in a car, the lower level is not really the best choice. The 4080 is designed as a directional lav and therefore has a severe low end roll-off to compensate for the proximity effect when mounted on a chest. I like the 4080 mounting as, in some instances, it can be hidden even better than a 4098. I'd like to see DPA make a mic just like the 4080, but with a flat response. Unfortunately, when I brought it up to the DPA rep he seemed to have no interest in customer feedback, so I don't expect that to happen in the foreseeable future.
  19. I talked with them about six weeks ago at the Atlanta Mixer Mixer. It's a nice little unit. They said they're in the process of finalizing some things to put them into production. If I were to venture a guess, I'd expect them early next year, but consider it as just speculation on my part.
  20. I've gotta agree with Rado. RX200 receivers are among my favorite bits of kit. It's hard to beat having two channels of premium audio, as well as time code locked to either my cart or my bag, feeding from one easy-to-mount unit with flexible powering options.
  21. Leo set up the shot, and what Leo wants... Leo gets! In actuality, even though "Leo the Lion" was how MGM billed him, there were seven lions used over the years, with only the last one actually named "Leo." They were: Slats, Jackie, Telly, Coffee, Tanner, George, and Leo. You'll note that the Wikipedia page has a slightly different photo, apparently from the same photo shoot:
  22. Werner, Sorry if any of my comment came across as shouting -- I didn't mean it that way. ---------- All -- When political discussion was removed from the JWS main board the discourse became much more civil. Now might be a good time to reenforce that policy. When it comes to political discussion, it seems there is no shortage of people who are certain that anyone who isn't in lockstep with their views must be a misinformed idiot. ...back to talking about sound. Even if we sometimes disagree, we do it with a much more open mind.
  23. This is not intended as a political statement, or choosing sides, nor as any kind of a slam, but I feel the above is a statement that should not be left unchallenged and remain as yet another example of "internet truths." Statistics is NOT an "accurate science." Even if it were, their value requires a great deal of contextual correlation to have any applicable significance. A statistics "expert" can make the numbers mean pretty much whatever they wish by the context and correlation accompanying them. One of my favorite examples goes way back to the early days of public drug awareness and their rise among youth. Many well-meaning parents would quote the statistic that 85% of heroin users first used pot -- therefore, pot is a gateway drug that leads to heroin use. What they failed to include is that 98+% of heroin users first drank mother's milk -- so, applying the same "logic," mother's milk is more endangering than pot. Further, the O.P, is talking about statistics gained from surveys (exit polling) which calls their validity even more into question. To embellish the irony, look up the statistics of how many people offer false information when engaging in surveys. Add to that the fact that 87.9% of all statistics are simply made up.
  24. Rather than attempting to continue the circus, the money would be much better spent feeding the hungry in our country -- but that would show we cared more about people than politics.
  25. I think simply: XTRA. It's just four letters -- it's obvious what it means -- and it's not easily confused with any of our other nomenclature.