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  1. Paypal payment options

    Then there's the fact that the "gift" option for such a transaction is dishonest.
  2. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Are their Frames Per Second 59.94 or is that their Timebase? The difference is often misunderstood. For many years into the digital world, (I haven't confirmed if this is still the case on their very latest units) Panasonic cameras have operated with a Timebase of 59.94, and a FPS of 29.97 (some other cameras have too). If you shoot 23.976 with these Pannys, the TB and FPS still remain 59.94 & 29.97 and it internally flags which frames will be used to output the 23.976 result. It works fine as long as the person using it understands the system and knows what they're doing. Isn't that the case, of course, with any of our gear.
  3. Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    According to what I was told by a manufacturer who said they spoke directly with Arri, they confirmed that they made the Mini time code input requirements too stringent. Time code is an audio frequency square wave. As I was told, SMPTE specs allow for a given amount of rounding of the square wave to still be within specs. Arri reportedly admitted that they were extra zealous with the Mini's time code input and designed it to require an almost perfect square wave signal. Therefore, anything short of this perfect waveform can be problematic. Thus the device generating the time code, the cabling, any cabling crosstalk, etc. can be an issue. For instance, my RX200 time code output isn't welcome into a Mini, even though it works flawlessly with every other camera I've fed with it -- including the Alexa and Amira. A Denecke box does work on a Mini.
  4. “Upgrading” Wires

    Yep. It's a unique combination of voice, placement, and mic choice.
  5. “Upgrading” Wires

    I use my DPA lavs more than my Sankens but carry both and both have their place. The analogy I have made between the two is that the Sanken is more like a 416 with a bit of extra edge that helps it cut through, and the DPA is like a Schoeps -- more natural sounding. Both have their place in my tool box.
  6. “Upgrading” Wires

    You're asking others to pass judgement on what something is worth to you. I only know of one person who can make that call. Having said that, how much value do you place on having different tools in your toolbox? Every accomplished mechanic I know has a wide selection of choices at hand, from open-end and box-end wrenches in a vast array of both SAE and Metric sizes to standard and deep-wall socket wrenches of each type, and a seemingly endless collection of "the right tools for the right job." From my POV, mics are among the most important tools in our toolbox.
  7. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Jay -- Potential sales? I have no clue. However I think the book is more important now than ever before.
  8. Comtek “compand” switch missing

  9. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Along with what's been mentioned, some other contributions to this: 1) Changes from the studio system where tradespeople were groomed and mentored as well as taught the value of the entire process (others can speak to this more than I). 2) Digital filmmaking and the loss of discipline that has resulted from everyone becoming an instant expert. 3) The proliferation of multi-camera shoots. This has meant even more attention to the image by more people while our crew remains the same, or even sometimes shrinks. Being so massively outnumbered, sound too often becomes the "bastard stepchild".
  10. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    Didn't know they used the filtered cable on outputs, too. Anyway, contact Comtek support. I've found them quite friendly about supplying cable schematics. I have the schematics but they're somewhere at my studio so you're better off contacting Comtek as I'm away from there.
  11. Comtek PR-216 1/8 inch plug wiring

    This sounds like you're talking about a Comtek input cable (for an M216 transmitter) which has a built-in filter. Comtek support can, indeed, shed more light on this and will even send you schematics of the cables. The PR216 (receiver) output is a mini TRS with the T & R wired out of phase. This is the shortcut method Comtek uses to make a mono output compatible for either a three connector or two conductor plug. When used with stereo headphones, many folks (I'm one of them) don't like this out-of-phase effect you get between ears and, therefore, wire my Comtek headphones with a two conductor (TS) plug.
  12. Best Position of Shotgun Mic in Blimp

    I'm going to wait until the movie comes out.
  13. North Korea microphone surplus.

    Note that uniformity is more important than directionality. ...and let's face it -- you can't have too many mics on Bad Haircut Day.
  14. 2018

    Happy New Year to all!
  15. Creeky Floor

    Which was exactly the case of how I was set up on that shoot more than ten years ago. John B., CAS
  16. Line or Mic Level Input

    ...and don't touch that thing without adult supervision.
  17. Whip Antennas across multiple blocks

    To get an answer that even approaches objective, you'd need to first objectively define what "work well" means. Subjectively, if your receiver is reasonably near the transmitter, you'll likely notice no difference. You're dealing in the realm of a sliding scale. A few dB loss in one situation might mean nothing in terms of dependable reception, whereas, in another, more critical situation, could make a noticable -- but varying -- difference.
  18. Creeky Floor

    So, I guess he's going to get mad and leave in another ten years of we don't stay exactly on topic.
  19. Reference Check for WTB/FS forum transaction

    Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this forum is as a discussion group for professional sound mixers. Jeff added the WTB/FS section as an accommodation to serve active forum members. The higher the number of non-buy/sell posts a person has here, indicates a greater contribution to this community as it's intended. Obviously, just because someone isn't active here doesn't indicate they're a bad person by any means, however, those who contribute to the community usually have reputations that mean much more to them than any buy/sell transaction.
  20. Signing out comteks

    My bodypacks have "DIRECTOR," "PRODUCER," "SCRIPT" labeled with the rest numbered and with my info on them. While with most of the agency folks I deal with, trying to sign Comteks out would be like herding cats, a lot of these same folks are really cool about trying to return them to either their case or my cart. The worst I've seen was on a national Chevy commercial -- night shoot -- exterior -- several agency denizens left them lying in the grass, in the dark, when we moved locations. We still managed to locate all of them as some nice crew member alerted us to where he saw them abandoned. But, lest we forget -- like in a lot of situations in life -- most folks are actually pretty considerate -- the others just demand more attention.
  21. Signing out comteks

    It makes sense if it works. For me, it was a good idea with no practical application.
  22. Signing out comteks

    So, how do you handle this when you need to leave a supply at video village and are busy with other tasks such as wiring up talent when a bevy of agency suits show up at the last minute? I agree with AFMY, having an obvious place for folks to leave them afterwards is the best solution. Sometimes an announcement at wrap helps to remind those who forget they're wearing one.
  23. Signing out comteks

    My experience: Years ago I made a sign-out sheet for Comteks and quickly learned that it simply wouldn't work for a number of reasons. There may be conditions under which it might, but on most of the jobs I've ever done, it wouldn't -- especially with agency folk.
  24. Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    Based on what I just read on a CNN crawler on a monitor at the airport, several things in the bill have been changed including some just mentioned. But, please, let's all follow Philip's intent to keep this non-partisan as that will help us keep the focus on our profession and how we're affected.
  25. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring