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  1. Thanks for asking, aginzo. No travel. we went local. Best. John
  2. Position filled. Thank you! Hi! I'm looking for an A2 with some familiarity with the Sound Devices 633 for a couple single sit-downs for CBS in Jupiter, Florida on Mar. 2, and possibly Mar 3. If anyone is interested, or if you can recommend someone, please contact me. John Cole 541-282-4874 john@johncole.co Thank you!
  3. Looking for sound recordist in Denver on 10/5. Probably 2/3 lavs, boom, wireless hop to camera, timecode sync to A7S2 (visual is ok- it'll be on a helix/movi), MP3 for transcript, was backups. Run and gun for a few hours in the evening... CBS gig very strong A2 ok- can use my SD633. please call- 541-282-4874 john
  4. Looking for a strong A2 who may be relied on to operate a 633, lav, boom for a shoot with a football player at the Phoenix stadium for a cbs gig. Please call me if interested: 541-282-4874
  5. Hello Gang. I've got a job in London in a couple weeks (will be shooting for four days). Need to bring lots of gear. People that hired me have not thought about visa requirements. I WILL get a carnet. Anybody know if I'll need a work visa? I'm working on a show for a famous golfer that will eventually air on cbs, but this isn't exactly a cbs gig... Though the final product will be for us tv. Has anyone been to England recently and did you travel with/without a work visa? Thanks!
  6. I started a thread like this on China travel, and got some great help. Thank you! I am also curious about Vietnam. I'm traveling to Vietnam soon with a tourist visa. Does anyone have experience shooting in Vietnam with a tourist visa? We are travelling into DaNang. We will fly either from Shanghai to DaNang, or from HongKong to DaNang. Trying to predict whether a full audio kit will be allowed, or if I'll have to pare way down (I need the full kit for my work in China right before this, but if customs in Vietnam is bad, I'll have to tough it out on smaller, less pro looking gear). My camera guy is also trying to decide whether to bring a real camera or just shoot on dinky dslr's. If anyone has experience, I'd be grateful to hear how it was for you! Thank you! John
  7. That's good news, MGough. Thanks. Do you have an American Passport? The overland route from Hong Kong to Shenzhen wouldn't let me in with my audio gear- spent two days trying. I'm hoping Shanghai will be kinder to me. Do you know any good fixers in Shanghai? John
  8. Woah. 25%. Not sure my client can handle that.... Where did you fly into and out of, Nick? Thanks you two! John
  9. Thanks Jack, Do you have a contact for your fixer? What city did you land in? Was your entry via ground or air? Did you travel into the interior of the country via air? John
  10. Hello esteemed colleagues. Need help with international travel - best routes through China/Viet Nam. My Problem: I have travelled from JFK to Hong Kong, then taken a car across the land border/ground customs to Shenzhen, but I always have trouble at that particular crossing. The last couple years, I've been stuck at customs at Shenzhen for a couple days. Last year, they wouldn't let me bring in any of my sound equipment. They said they were worried that I might be a journalist saying bad things about the govt. I'm not - it's a golf thing.... I had a good carnet and everything - they claim China is a Carnet country, but I'm not convinced... My current solution: Would like to try to fly into either Shanghai or Guangzouh - I'm thinking they might be better customs points and since it's air and not ground, perhaps I'll have better luck. People tell me that Shanghai is a relatively easy entry into customs, but of course I can find a good direct flight into and out of Guangzouh. My first question: Do any of you have any experience travelling gear into/through China? Do you know if it's any easier through Shanghai or Guangzouh? Also: I have a leg of the journey that has to go into/out of DaNang through Ho Chi Minh City. Anybody have any experience with VietNam Air? Trying to find the most hassel free routes. My current plan: JFK direct to Guangzouh, (work near Shenzhen) then Guangzough to Ho Chi Minh (VietNam air to DaNang - work near DaNang), then Ho Chi Minh to JFK. Any advice on this route? Or do you know good fixers in these places? Thanks! John
  11. I'm in need of a strong A2, for a shoot in the Palo Alto area on Sunday, 1/31. Some familiarity with the Sound Devices 633 would be a bonus. If you are interested, or know someone that you can recommend, please pm or email me - john@johncole.co Thanks!
  12. Hey, There may be an "I" in "interesting munchables", but there is no "I" in Team, which is why I quit asking for money a long time ago- though I will be late, and smell a bit like the floor of last night's bar, and my kids will be joining me. ...but they'll do the cooking! Can we have a ride? with love, and in joyful hope that you pick me, aspiring inert newbie ps - ...where do we get that wine and beer? Might be good to secure that right away....
  13. I'm looking for a local audio playback person in San Francisco with a protools setup and tc locks to multiple cameras Jan 8/9. You can see my pitch in the work available board here: http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/26663-audio-playback-operator-in-san-fran/ Please let me know if you are interested or can recommend anyone! Thanks. John
  14. Hi there, I'm in need of a local audio playback operator in San Francisco. My producer is currently hunting as well, but I thought I'd pitch the job here in case she has a hard time finding someone> The job loads in on Friday, Jan 8 and shoots on Jan 9. Here's what we expect to require: Playback system for audio sync to 3 cameras - 2 amiras and one A7S2 (or alexa mini) on gimbal. Protools playback that can feed existing pa system in dance studio (though having portable speaker system is encouraged as backup), while sending tc lock to 2 Amiras, and visual tc (slate?) for A7S2 (or alexa mini) on gimbal. wireless/auto refresh TC feeds required (could be comtek or wireless tx/rx, but must successfully feed cameras bn "tc in" - with sufficient bnc adapters getting into "tc in" of camera and slates). System/Operator needs to be able to receive approx 3min. TC stamped wav file (or Mp3) on cf or thumb drive, and have the ability to create last minute custom TC stamp (at 23.98) on the audio file in the event the file delivered is imperfect (no TC, or wrong frame rate, etc.). Operator should also be able to convert a .wav to .mp3 (or visa versa), should the job require it. Operator will operate playback and monitor tc lock on all cameras, while being able to scrub quickly to various locations on sound file for various playback points within given file. Thank you! John Cole 541-282-4874