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  1. "cine tape" mic interference?

    Reviving an old topic here but I am experiencing issues with a cinetape and an 8050 as well. I reckon it is due to the extended response of the mic (up to 50 khz as stated on the sennheiser site). Interestingly, i only have issues with the mic on a hard line and not when using an HMa. The question I have for the group is whether using a plug in transmitter like the hma (which is a 20 hz -20 khz device) is keeping the problem at bay because it acts as a high cut? I use an Audio Developments board which is supposedly 20-20 as well but I consistently get the dreaded 'ticking' on close ups when cabled even with the cinetape turned to low, it definitely seems like it is a proximity thing with the cinetape. Thanks Millar
  2. SMA 50 ohm termination

    Hey all, Im using a PSC sma multi rf distribution. Does anyone know if the unused SMA connectors on the distro box need to have 50 ohm terminators on them? I am only using 5 out of the 8 pairs of outputs and am getting all sorts of RF interference that I am not used to getting. Worst culprit is the AD's walkies (Ch 1 is set to around 750 mHz), I'm using primarily block 21 (550 mhz). thanks
  3. Hey guys, i am currently using a pelican case for my wires and transmitters but its a bit bulky and heavy for the job. I was wondering what others use? I have been thinking about getting a camera ditty bag as an option. What do you all store your lav's in as well? I have been using those small blue boxes from Gotham but they aren't the best in my opinion. I currently carry 9 transmitters, a bunch of lav's, waist/thigh/ankle packs, undercovers, lithium AA's etc. Even with cleaning it out and thinning it between shows it always seems jammed. Cheers
  4. MKH8060 weird noise

    My 8050 did the exact same thing, sennheiser gave me a warranty replacement. The newer models have a silver ring between the mic body and the xlr adaptor and they have apparently fixed the issue on them.
  5. Waterproof case for 633

    Im looking to make a water proof enclosure for my 633, an np battery and an src receiver. Ideally it would have a clear panel to see meters through. Does not need to be deep water submersible as it will likely be on a kayak deck. Has anyone messed around to make something like this? Opening the lid to adjust gain is probably fine and I will use wingman to roll and cut. Cheers
  6. Timecode solution

    I rejam as a matter of habit, the time code is probably fine for the day but there seems to be no reason not to rejam (time permitting) on a drama set.
  7. Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633

    I reverted back a version to 4.10. I don't feel like being a guinea pig when production is paying for my gear to work without major glitches. Monday morning I'll put a call in to SD and see what they say but my feeling is firmware
  8. Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633

    The cards had been formatting in the morning before the first roll of the day.
  9. Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633

    I got the cards back, files are all clean. Just the headphones had issues. I re-flashed the 633 with the 4.50 firmware again and it went back to normal. Note to self: carry a dedicated SD with the firmware already downloaded onto it with the kit with the 633. My 664 has been bullet proof for years, guess it's the analog guts in the 664 vs digital in the 633?
  10. Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633

    My assist is out in the field with it right now. Its a developing story ... I told him to try and plug xlr directly to the camera and use it as a mixer, record to the camera L&R tracks.
  11. Anyone encountered this? the meters on the ISO's look to be recording as per usual but all monitor outputs are outputting static including pfl's. Tried a cut/re roll as well as full power cycle. firmware 4.50
  12. Timecode solution

    I use three Denecke SB4's. Great tc boxes, nice and small and run a full day + on a pair of rechargeable AAA. Plus, the customer service at Denecke is really great!
  13. Does anyone have experience with how long an LT will go for on a pair of AA Lithium at 100 mw?
  14. MKH 8060 + Lectrosonics plug-on failure

    I just had an 8050 fail on me. Something came loose inside the mic and make a clunk sound when moved quickly or inverted. They warrantied it and the customer service was excellent from Sennheiser Canada however the interesting part for me was hearing from the Sennheiser tech that the 8050 was 'not a serviceable microphone' and that that generation (2 years old) gets replaced rather than being fixed. I think he said it was because the internals were glued into the mic body? Makes me a bit nervous for a few years down the line after my other 8050 is out of warranty to have a high end mic that cant be fixed or taken apart.
  15. Mackie 1620i and Boom Recorder

    I had a major issue with the 1220i board and boom recorder a few years back to do with it not having a great clock and not accepting word clock. I was backing up a two track mix to a 744t (which was my TC master) and recording the mix + iso's on boom recorder as my master that I delivered to post. On long takes (15 + minutes) it was drifting out of sync from the camera while my 744t stayed in sync, I cant remember now if it was under sampling or over sampling but either way, it was not running at 48k. With a low accuracy clock and not slaving to external word clock it was a bit of a disaster. Also, Mackie is terrible about updating their firmware to allow OS updates on your computer.