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  1. I used a 702T recorder with an SQN IVe mixer for many years of simple work plus my Portadrive and a Sonosax SX_8 for drama. I'm now just a 664 user for all jobs including smaller dramas. And yes the metadata facility is very relevant today. mike
  2. All the best Bernie! I guess you were a big hit! Lol mike
  3. The front is to protect the capsule. You will see a round black plastic grille with circular holes Yep return to sender! mike
  4. My grandfather called them a tear-arse screwdriver! He was very old school! mike
  5. I would think that a mike on the camera would give a very poor quality guide on the camera. I use a Lectro UCR100 which is small which can be battery powered or I have made D tap and Hirose 4pin cables mike
  6. Hi Malcolm I use the visor style of magnifiers for a lot of soldering Also I use heat shrink on most cable asemblys as it's not going to the moon - lol Mike
  7. Right my recent efforts have prove so convenient! 664 stablised by elements from ORCA harness Pix attached mike
  8. I have a Zax two channel system for serious documentary work I normally use a Lectro LMa and two UCR100 for drama and commercial work Size and powering are a relevant issue mike
  9. Sure Jack Tomorrow mike
  10. Yes Phillip Film dailies were a forum at which all HOD's could jointly see (and hear) the results. I gel noise or generator noise were present questions were asked and solutions found! mike
  11. I use W/T / or VO / or ATMOS and a description in the notes of the 644 Also you can can add a verbal at the time to relate to scene number(s) mike
  12. Depends upon you client Are they regular / is it a one off / do you like them ? Why not phone them? mike
  13. Hi Mr Soundtrane I would post from New Zealand A few bucks into PayPal could fix a small cost and postage Let me know, also any other out there as I have used two out of 100 !!!! mike
  14. Bought 100 plastic caps that fit the end of the latest Neutrix XLR $20 US total so should last me a few years! Any interest? mike
  15. I do have pictures taken of a very small recorder that a Nagra rep demonstrated to me. Case milled out of solid alum and the guts just dropped into it He noted that the bias oscillator had the same frequency as quartz watches so it not be detected! mike