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  1. I've owned an SPS200 for 3 years I have recorded orchestras in NZ and Italy and it was on a 3 week rental to record icebergs and avalanches in Antarctica. I fine it a very quiet microphone and have had no moisture problems at all. mike
  2. Hi Ryan, Yes I've got and 8 channel Sonosax that needs attention before I sell it But I will have to work on it myself! BTW thanks for the latest purchase Arrived yesterday mike
  3. The 4.2 is the cat's whiskers! mike
  4. I use Turnigy LiPo model batteries ($60) 4 cell 14.4 volts and can run a 664 and other stuff for a day! mike
  5. Do people love to stand for 10/12/16 hours?? Varicose veins on the call sheet lol mike
  6. Centre forehead gives the best result Ear rigs need a lot of eq mike
  7. I think we are now pressured by smaller budgets, less time and multiple cameras, video shooting (no structure and rolling for ages "keep rolling and let's pick it up from....." Additionally less patience for rehearsals, "DP says why don't we shoot it!" All this would not have worked well when we were mixing multiple sources to a mono recorder! mike
  8. Does that infer that he is 24 years old, a run and gun guy and "I'm know in the industry world wide in Cornwall"? mike
  9. And the human voice is directed slightly down not straight out as it is reflected off the roof or the mouth. Also that causes the sound to be brighter if/when you boom from underneath mike
  10. Thanks Rachel you have made my day! mike It's all changing in the UK according to a friend who visited me last month I understand that to approved block they have used for years is no longer I think the 700 area Maybe check with Bash (Simon Bishop) often posts stuff on this group Cheers mike
  11. I think I'll have a nightmare later! mike
  12. Thanks nickreich A Strinberg play Peer Gynt in a new and random style No PA system used I worked on sound reinforcement on huge London West End productions in the 60's Yep totally agree with your comments Oh wel! mike Characters in Peer Gynt.doc
  13. It's gotta be Kagamuchi microphone made in China Ideal for capturing bullshit! Sorry mike
  14. I've just escaped a wonderful debacle! Brief from Producer: 1/2 day shoot / stage production dress rehearsal / 3 cameras / 30 actors / 2 hour running time Small budget (not defined) / we cannot afford a sound assistant / we want a high quality recording Can you use radio mikes or slung mikes? My answer - "No thanks" mike
  15. Hi Giraffe, There are probably many topics already on this forum that explain. The term sound mixer stems from the days of 1 or 2 track recording required microphones to be mixed to produce a finished or near finished result. This required rehearsals, a script (that actors kept to) and a great deal of skill and judgement. With the arrival of multi-track recorders, yes, individual microphone sources can be captured but usually a mix is required for a director and others to hear all the dialogue and to provide the editor with a guide also. Currently this guide is commonly fed to camera so that the picture files have audio. That's about it. mike