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  1. Underwater Mics

    I own two of these and used them on Cousteau expeditions http://www.aquarianaudio.com/h2a-xlr-hydrophone.html mike
  2. 633 loose object inside machine

    Totally Martin Don't power it up until you have it opened up and got the bit out. Good luck mike
  3. Guard Bands

    JWB I totally agree! I recently worked on a local music awards event for MTV Every man and his radio mike was there but the frequencies were planned at least. Sure how can "they" enforce and measure your power output ? I was on a job yesterday using Block 26 and a 10.00am a digital tv channel fired up. Totally unexpected in east Auckland and yep some fill in channel. Luckily I use Block 25 also but no information about new stations. Usually you can scan on a 400 and find holes that are usable - yep we all struggle to shoot programs and commercials that appear on the same channels that we fight with!!! mike
  4. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Hi Paul hope you and the family are all well. Is the write speed of cards critical? Also is there software that can verify the stated speeds? Cheers mike
  5. Prepping a room

    Buy the lighting guys some beer and they will hang black drapes up! mike
  6. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Hi sorry all this sits above my post - do not know why. RP did not take my bait! I'v mixed features and TV dramas to a Nagra 4.2 from 1980 to 1992 so I know how mix! Then DAT/ hard disk and Sound devices 2005 to present. I'm continuing with other to research opinions on how we or others favor doing it and why Cheers mike
  7. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    So with respect, is that being a "sound mixer" ? mike
  8. Timecode question

    Another suggestion: Use time of day on your recorder then it's easier to check on the slate or camera during shooting mike
  9. Guard Bands

    By the time you have put a 50mW transmitter on a person the body has probably absorbed 25mW! mike
  10. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    So RP if you are using 4 lavs in a random discussion situation do you truly do a good mix to mono?? mike
  11. Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    Well researched Jay. New Zealand is well stocked with small businesses and they are the biggest tax take for the government. I have long operated as a company know as a "limited" company which offers a degree of protection for your personal assets. I wonder if you guys in the US operate in the same way or indeed others in the international world of sound. Perhaps like one of our big food companies we could call sound recording a religion and pay no tax!!! Regards mike
  12. Wireless in Europe

    Can you contact any local sound mixers?? Also see if Zax or Lectro have agents there Also when in doubt buy an RF Explorer and do your research there. mike
  13. WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    Had no problem using my SD664 to record my SPS-200 mike
  14. Gee it's so hard to get through all the woffle! Had this problem in NZ and have dealt with it for decades. Sold 6 Lectro radio mikes some time ago and had to replace them. But I'm still treading on glass as I find that a suggested block suddenly has digital TV on it! All you are told in return is the "the spectrum is a valuable resource" and as you do not have to buy a license that you have to cause no interference and put up with interference. How much is radio mike usage putting millions into the US economy - lots! mike
  15. 4018c or a second 641

    Hi Richard, Yes the original CS-1 is what I use for everything! It's got reach, great detail and yes a remarkable front to back ratio. Also it's angle of acceptance is quite remarkable. I have owned and used a CS-3 but did not prefer so I sold it and bought a CS2 Again a similar level of detail and I guess reach but I hardly use it. The 1 and the 2 have 2 capsule but the 3 has 3. I also have owned a CSS-5 for 17 years and that has given me a remarkable collection of stereo sound fx and atmospheres. Sanken is a very small but clever company and I visited then in Tokyo. mike