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  1. Well well! Watched a BBC drama last night "One of Us" 2016 Low level deliveries generally, much lav use (a 2 camera shoot) Sound so cooked that close ups and wide shots sounded the same. Quality was compressed, bass light and so much pushed high frequencies You could hear the words but it sounded so un-natural and unpleasant! mike
  2. Lyre suspensions support my microphones and my living! Hi Simon I did visit Rycote years ago and met the lovely owner So helpfull All the best mike
  3. Yep if you get gear that covers what you do and does it well that's the way to impress clients and move on earning And you will love using great equipment mike
  4. My sentiments totally Chris. I have even told actors that there's nothing I can record "do it now or do it later" it does not affect my invoice! mike
  5. Small but perfectly formed mike
  6. Depends what work you want to do now and in the future I'd save another 9000.00 Sterling and buy the best mike
  7. Coincidentally I had a visit from an old friend who works from London on TV dramas. He mentioned this subject and said he had worked on several series with this problem. Added to mumbling local English accents mumbled make it worse. Yep BBC said it was transmission problem then blamed the sound mixer. After many things were said, now directors are told to ensure that their actors speak up!! My friend added that he worked on American series and had no problems. ( my thanks to Mark Hinkley) mike
  8. Yep the good old Mole fan at low revs takes a lot of beating mike
  9. Great stuff Taz mike
  10. I only had moisture issues once with DAT I walked into a warm and steamy swimming facility and no go! Also working in the cold icy southern alps of New Zealand I would have to run my Fostex for some time before the red error light went out. I guess tape to head contact was compromised a low temperatures! mike
  11. Hi Bash I love the sentiments on the end Fondest mike
  12. Hey RPS start living please!!!!!! mike
  13. Great stuff Philip and John After all these decades I find myself telling directors what they need and how I contribute. I don't just record sound I contribute, focus on my colleagues in other departments, and with actors presenters and documentary subjects to develop and a working relationship so we can relax and enjoy the process which I know adds to the experience for them and me! mike
  14. Thanks Philip But you end up with a great CV, skills, stories, travel experience that few can match!!!!! mike
  15. Beautiful Simon Hope all is well at home mike