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  1. Hi Tommygun Yes sweet talk and boldness will gain access. My research has shown that larger bra's often creak and that due to effects of gravity a higher rig above the decolletage is a better bet.. What a strange job! mike
  2. Yes a delicate issue but essential to approach it early, see what happens and hopefully avoid an " I told you so". Some years ago I was booked on a drama that involved 2 weeks initially in snow on a mountain. Had a meeting with the producer and the director and advised that outdoor clothing is usually noisy! A month later here we are with noisy outdoor clothing and big ski googles too! "oh we can see the reflection of the boom" I cannot post my reactions! mike
  3. Well said sir! I'm currently watching a TV series shot in Ireland, no Hollywood stars, just script/casting/direction plus great camera style and sound, what could be better. Oh one error of mine! Gillian Anderson is the lead role and is a most remarkable actress. I was never a fan of X Files but Gillian is a truly amazing woman. "The Fall" highly recommended mike
  4. These discs did not reach me in the UK sadly. My greatest jazz experiences were West Coast musicians captured on the Contemporary label in stereo by Lester Koening and Roy DuNann in the mid 50's using Telefunken, Neumann and AKG microphones in a "hole in the middle" stereo setup an using Ampex recorders. Hear any of these sessions on CD today and it defies belief that they were recorded mid to late 50's mike
  5. Exactly, and if they were holding close eyeline by a 35mm camera they were covered in camera noise! mike
  6. Off camera actors do not always deliver at performance level or intensity from my humble experience. mike
  7. Single microphone recording can work well for simple situations if a natural balance between the instruments is present. The greater number of instruments and the loudness of each may mean that a natural balance is not easily possible and also the detail of each instrument may be compromised. An orchestra can be captured with one microphone because the conductor controls the balance. Whereas a large jazz band presents a more difficult situation as the are loud brass instruments, a drum kit that can be loud or soft, a piano and perhaps amplified bass or guitars. Add to this a vocalist and the need for more than one microphone is obvious in order to achieve separation and balance. mike
  8. A few UK movies are well cast and shot against a good script. Meanwhile there is good TV drama from the UK and USA that are worthwhile. IMHO mike
  9. But even with actors wired and on separate tracks the acoustic separation would still cause an editing problem when an overlap occurs. mike
  10. Fascinating! I operated Fisher studio booms and also Mole booms in the mid to late 60's in the UK Imagine a long arm Fisher with a Sennheiser MKH 804 (long shotgun) a true feat of skill. Here in NZ I bought, for a company, a Fisher location boom $1,500 in 1977, what a steal? mike Pic attached of the probably only surviving Mole boom in New Zealand. It was used as a prop in a US tele movie, so I restrung it properly and set the weight balancing so it was completely usable.
  11. I was kindly send some samples from an Australian company. I was considering placing an order for more and have found that the price has jumped from $22 to $50 !!!!!!!! mike
  12. Fascinating and so many great links to explore too! My kids were brought up with Steely Dan and still love it. Took them to an SD concert here in Auckland a couple of years ago. Timeless music with intriguing lyrics! mike
  13. Why not ? mike
  14. So has the army lol!
  15. The recordings done with my SoundField SPS-200 have shown that it's noise level is surprisingly low plus it fits into Rycote windshields for outdoor use. mike