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  1. Sold my two 4.2's Sold my two Fostex PD-2's Have a Portadrive gathering dust! Using my wonderful SD644 now Technology!!!!!!!!!!! mike
  2. I think I'll stay with my Sound Field SPS-200 mike
  3. Well this was my kit by 1982 (a good illustration) Nagra 4.2 plus a 6 channel mixer I designed and built myself Senn 816 / 416 x 2 plus a 406 and the inevitable DT48 headphones By this time I had 3 x Audio Ltd radio mikes and wow? Tram TR-50 personal mikes that I bought in Sydney and they were my saving grace. Nagisa Oshima the director commented after our first sync screening after 6 weeks shooting in the tropical Cook Islands "the sound is very clear, very strong!" mike
  4. True and remember to set camera menu for t/code in! Very few 1st AC';s seem to know or bother !!!!!!!!!!!! mike
  5. Yep any t/code and audio camera cables get a pretty hard time on particularly hand held cameras !! Soldering irons at the ready mike
  6. Gee would be $9.95 from a Home Store etc! mike
  7. But is the plug on more effective range wise up in the air???? mike
  8. Yes but cameras power down, change batteries and no camera guy checks the t/code!!! mike
  9. Gee guys get your RF Explorers out and start scanning and praying!!!! mike
  10. I totally agree! No standards for t/c boxes or cameras! Just looking at the MozeGear range this morning, why so many variations?? Plus the battery of their latest small t/c box lasts 4.5 hours!!!!!???? mike
  11. My approach would be to use a Pelican case larger than the recorder with foam packaging surrounding. Cheap and easy to open mike
  12. Hi Do not " connect the remote on/off switch to pins 2 6 7 " Stop/start switch you connect to 6 & 2 Yes you can take an audio out feed from 3 (signal) and 7 (ground) mike
  13. Great! But would you put it on your invoice?? mike
  14. iCom are really good for performance and build I had 6 of them but no longer needed them mike
  15. ..... and an XLR in the $#@@@&& mike