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  1. Best Reporters Microphone

    I rarely have to use a handheld in my work. I own a remarkable Beyer TG X-80 cardioid that sounds wonderful I recently bought am RE50B because of an isolated experience with a newbie interviewer. An omni would have offered a better result and the B version is the better sounding. Although I had her on a radio mike she insisted on waving my Beyer around between her and the subjects plus the subjects wanted to almost swallow the Beyer rendering level management quite tricky! If only interviewers listened to the sound guy and got out of their bad habits! mike
  2. Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    Thanks for that observation Larry. There is a similar problem with large HMI lamps on-set that produce a high level noise at 19kHz My ears cannot hear that!!! Regards mike
  3. 633 firmware improvements

    So you never note: traffic/wind/ plane/overlap/talking in the data? You must work in ideal studio situations??? mike
  4. DIY smart battery solution DC for audio bag

    I use Turnigy LiPo batteries 4 cell 14 volt I can run a 688 and at least 2 radio receivers/camera link/headphone tx for a normal day mike
  5. Mic Power Consumption

    Exactly Chris!!!!!!!!! mike
  6. Content Jobs

    Carry on sir I'm listening! mike
  7. Mic Power Consumption

    Why are you worried about power consumption??? mike
  8. 633 firmware improvements

    Yes Ed but what do you monitor if you have ISO tracks ? mike
  9. T power to 48v

    The circuit for a conversion is very simple! mike
  10. 633 firmware improvements

    Also a question about the 633 The instruction book described entering phrases in the note list It does not indicate how many can be stored - it it 10 like my 664 I ask this because I would love to have 15 to 20 possible phrases! Cheers mike
  11. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Another gem! "we are shooting in a sports changing room, its concrete block and echoing" "the clients are in another changing room a long way away, so instead of Comtecs can we have 12 wired headsets?" I replied that I can put a Bose speaker with the clients and that will do it" And another: Japanese director "can I listen to the sound fx from yesterday?" I played the recording of a huge water sprinkler "that's not the sound I wanted" I played the recording of a stream "too much windy trees" I replied I have two really good stream tracks from my library with me "no! it has to be the real stream!" I will tell more from that shoot soon! mike
  12. Content Jobs

    Hi Jay, I think you nailed it! Simple work for internet inclusion either commercial or not Usually producers and directors who know little about rates or conditions! So their simple 3 hour job at a low rate prevents you from accepting better work!! mike
  13. Content Jobs

    Last year I was approached by an Australian company needing sound guys for content jobs. Ok a job is a job! First job a red carpet job at local low rent music awards Worked out to be 3 hours for $300 labour and gear (i paid $20 for parking) More recently "we need you for a job in south Auckland" (45 minutes from where I live) The rate $200 I said no thanks! On the shoot day I receive an urgent phone call at 9.00am "we need you here urgently!" Sorry not available! mike
  14. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    OK "Are you recording surround sound" No I'm recording stereo fx tracks "the studio in Tokyo wanted surround sound!" Well if I recorded surround you would have clients talking, generator and unit generator/coffee machine too !!? mike
  15. Help with circuit diagram of Nagra BM2 mixer

    Hi Simon, Still doing it! Been a slow start to the year but having a busy couple of weeks currently. Rates here seem to remain low, driven down by small budgets and "content work" Added a 633 kit to my collection so that my capable assistant Caitlin can share the smaller work. I'm moving my SoundField SPS-300 on to a good friend who is keen to buy. It paid for itself but has been gathering dust lately. How is it there? Cheers mike