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  1. Red Wapon and Tilta noisy Fan

    Hi thankfully have not experienced this You need to point it out the director and say it's a big problem for his sound ! It's not your fault or problem Mike
  2. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Yep the two month old software requires a simpler approach Camera I was working with has not been updated to V5.1 so will post again when I know mike
  3. Sewing Lavs into Wardrobe

    Yep I've found some wardrobe folks who are so helpful Hope you do mike
  4. Boom op-less

    Stay cool Do what you can do Be polite and calm and enjoy mike
  5. Digital-analog sync sound

    Also daily projected rushes so those in charge can hear the generator and the gel flap !!!!!!!!!!! mike
  6. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Another issue this week with a camera not allowing TC in despite help from 1st AC A really tedious problem with the camera not having V5.1 firmware I'm over it as I should be focusing on sound not camera issues!!! mike
  7. Cuban Sonic Spying?

    In 1982 I transferred the rushes of a feature that I had recorded. The small monitor speaker I used was fed by a low grade amplifier. I found that after about one hour of transferring I needed to get some fresh are and get away from what I was doing as I was very fatigued! Some time later the owner of the facility told me that the amplifier had been found to have a parasitic high frequency oscillation that was causing my hearing problem! Enough said. mike
  8. Best mic for specific location

    Therefore Grant rig both lav and boom and your ears will tell you what's best and the one to use mike
  9. T-Mobile to begin rollout of 600 MHz spectrum this summer.

    TAI audio are already moving a pile of used Lectrosonics kit mike
  10. Rycote announces Stereo Cyclone

    Gee looks like something out of a space project! mike
  11. Best mic for specific location

    Recording anyone in a highly reverberant location is best done with a lav if you are after the cleanest voice result. I you want to display the acoustic then a boom will give you more of that. mike
  12. Environmental Conditions

    Did a 7 week shoot in jungles and beaches in Bougainville working with 2 Alexas No worries mike
  13. Sonosax SX-M32

    Forget the limiter threshold and go 633 mike
  14. Car Interior Solutions

    Sanken CUB-01 I recorded a short film with guys in a van and 90% was done with them It does work well if vehicle is static otherwise it's lavs on everyone mike
  15. Sound Devices & Audio Ltd

    A very interesting development! I just hope that Audio Ltd can supply quantity as in the past it was very slow mike