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  1. Working on a short film budget for August

    Ok As they are funded ask what their sound budget is and negociate from there I always indicate the value of equipment to be supplied and that I will do a job that will save them money in post production Good luck mike
  2. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I keep my mikes in their windshields and in a Pelican case when travelling mike
  3. Working on a short film budget for August

    With shorts it varies so much Is it funded or not? Think of a low daily rate and cheap gear package Offer that and then enter into negotiation advising the value of the equipment Also are they nice people, is it an attractive script and will they have 1st AD who has well planned days or will it turn into Sxxt fight that drags on for 15 hours??? Good luck mike
  4. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Slightly off topic but I have my 664 and 633 in Orca bags that are amazing!!! mike
  5. Neural Networks for Audio: how they work

    Had a regular lunch meeting with a close friend who owns Imaginex Studios in Malasia and NZ He told me about cloud software that sort your dialogue tracks out and then you download it - done!!!!!! mike
  6. Repairing a COS 11

    Please see my much earlier post Super glue kills electret capsules!! mike
  7. Totally agree! Every job has different equipment needs and also different budget sizes Look at the script, judge the scale of the production and what it needs and talk to the PM if you need to understand their sound budget, then bargain. mike
  8. Burnout, stress, depression: experiences?

    Great comment Jan after the interesting article. I've survived fairly well despite working in 30 countries, long hours and being away from my family for several months at a time. My greatest endurance was "Hercules" for 3 years! 12 hour days plus overtime and travel for 80 episodes with the occasional tele-movies in the hiatus breaks! and building another business at the same time (Sound Techniques NZ) It was fun, I used my skills and learned a lot! Regards mike
  9. Defending your Work

    Understood Philip, I agree, But when a young post guy blames it on you, what next? Cheers mike
  10. Help Me Round Out My Kit!

    A lot of trivia there! Firstly what sort of work do you do? mike
  11. Defending your Work

    Hi Phillip I do not agree as many directors are focused on content not on overlaps or helicopters We are the ears and know what post needs mike
  12. Defending your Work

    I understand the frustration. If the overlaps are the major issue, did you point out this problem to the director during or after shooting? I'm well aware that at times it is hard to enforce "no overlaps" when things are tense or that an interruption might hinder the flow of the interview. Regards mike
  13. M/S mic for documentaries

    M&S was once compared to telling a DP to only use a 50mm lens for the whole shoot! mike
  14. Absolute UTC-based Timecode?

    Yeh but! Time of day is not needed to be UTC accurate on normal shoots eh? mike
  15. Reverb in exteriors

    Hi Jay, I'm sure post had a hand in that! I often listen to interiors that have had too much reverb added later If I'm using lavs I will iso a boom for acoustic but then it's out of my hands Cheers mike