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  1. mikewest

    Squealing Neumann KM185

    Take the outer case off and leave it on a windowsill in direct sun Thanks try mike
  2. mikewest

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Wow there will be re-sellers moving old stuff cheap as chips mike in NZ
  3. mikewest

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    Looks like a great product. I have 14 IFB units that are constantly left around after a shoot sometimes on the floor so the price is relevant versus the quality for people who don't care! mike
  4. mikewest

    Abisonic Microphones

    I guess you could question that about any microphone. You place it in it's foam lined box and that's it. I flew to Italy with my SP200 and travelled to Calabria to record and orchestra without problems. On returning to New Zealand it was then hired for 2 weeks to record sound fx in Antarctica. No problem! mike
  5. Great advice from all as multiple radio systems are not easy to set up. I will add only that if you travel with this system you will need to check that the frequencies you use suffer no conflict with local TV channels well before you perform at your your new location. Good luck mike
  6. mikewest

    Bias tee and Betso Sharkie

    I used to run a cable drum of very low loss coax which was as thick as a hose pipe! mike
  7. VHF was never a good choice in our busier cities here also the propagation of VHF is not as reliable as UHF when there are obstacles. I did run a 4 pack of 195D's from 1997 till frequency changes forced me to sell them (plus two 200 channels) about 5 years ago. I now have 6 x 400 kits plus 4 x MM400 kits The digital generation of Lectrosonics units perform so well but it's a shame that in NZ we continue to face frequency changes and struggling around the ever increasing DTV channels. mike
  8. mikewest

    Keeping current and abreast of new techniques

    Totally Bil! On an American drama I recorded in the mid 80's, if there was no sound on a shot at rushes the director and the producers would all shout out "where's the track!" mike
  9. mikewest

    Audix SCX1 Repair

    Moisture is my first guess Try placing in a warm oven after it has been used and turned off mike
  10. But quality wise were these no more that the quality of cassette recorders unless the use of Dolby was involved? mike
  11. mikewest


    Lovely! Actually I've been to Tern Island where the tracks of birds were recorded for Hitchcock's "The Birds" Also Hitchcock used to call for the extras by saying "bring in the cattle" Hope you are well Simon, it's blxxdy cole in Auckland Cheers mike
  12. mikewest

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    Yep Dave But if you are recording an ad-lib discussion using 4 radio mikes you cannot achieve a polished mix! Maybe a blend so providing ISO tracks supports post audio mike
  13. mikewest

    Micing an old car for effects: a Ford Model T.

    My choice is: A stereo mike in the vehicle Dynamic mikes for exhaust and engine because of high sound levels mike
  14. mikewest


    The terrible term for a sound person in NZ and OZ is "soundie" Cameramen are "shooters" Actors are called "talent" mike
  15. Look at the script Look at the pay Make the decision mike