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  1. Bye-bye 600 MHz – Audio Technica Response

    NZ and maybe Australia will be in the market for 600 Lectro gear ! mke
  2. As well as watching the American equivalent we decided to re-visit the 1990 English version. Well 4.3 picture and 16mm film is not the best but the sound is interesting!!! All done on a boom (probably a 416) with brief wide shots overlaid from close-ups. Great boom operating though with much close dialogue on the move! Gee I was using lavs a plenty since 1980 on features but I guess the style for tv was simple Oh well styles move on now lavs in ties and frocks are the current trend Interesting mike

    Thanks for that story Jim, all unknown to me. So sad when such a talented person is lost to us. Best wishes mike
  4. DPA 4017C

    I have boomed naked - well wearing a Nagra and headphones! BTW I have used my Sanken mikes in tropical /humid countries for years including my stereo CSS-5 for 15 years!! no problems. mike
  5. Cheapo boom pole

    Sure, I think it's catching on !!!! mike
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi Paul Hope you and Ruth and family are doing well! Any comment about this noise level observation please? Fond regards mike
  7. High temperature lav mic technique

    Good comments JWB and yes the new Ursa belts are a great advantage too. mike
  8. How important is a sound mixer?

    Thanks Philip, As I see it my contribution counts and I make sure that supplying extra material is understood by the producer who will invite me back for the next job so it's a win win for both sides. Additionally folks its important to speak up, ask what is needed and apply your judgement as waiting for instructions (or not) from people who know nothing about our craft is usually of no use. We are the experts! mike
  9. Audionomix? cleans up production dialog...

    Did the synthesised Trump make sense!!?? mike
  10. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Exactly Philip, and you an easily add a tc generator in it's bag! What a low cost backup! I'm going to put a kit together using a Pre-6 in an Orca OR-30 so my boom op can do jobs. She can rent the kit and earn, and it will cover my immediate costs after 10 rentals!! mike
  11. High temperature lav mic technique

    I carry a small bottle of iso-propy alcohol to wipe the skin area prior to applying a lav. I normally use a hypo allergenic tape but I guess if extreme sweat is a problem them a cloth based medical tape would be better. Regarding microphones, perhaps a waterproof one like a B6 is not only not going to become noisy but also low profile under a T shirt. mike
  12. Alexa Mini TC sync

    I'm always surprised that most AC's are disinterested in audio and timecode and that they often have no understanding of the associated menus !!!!!! mike
  13. RED Helium

    Plug, play and hope - just like so many Reds! mike
  14. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    Also just recorded a 5 day online short with 5 lavs on UM 400's So happy with the results! I guess I've learned how to rig them!!! mike
  15. My Tram-TR50 Technique

    Here I go! Yeah but- Love TRAMS since I bought them in 1979 Have even talked to Ted Rapp RIP The integral use of a TR50 is using the vampire clip Easy and quick to rig but most significant is facing the mike into the vampire clip that works as a high frequency HF resonator and boosts the high end under clothing Have you tried it and listened? I moved on to the Sonotrim that was suggested by Gerry Bruck of Post Horn Recordings He suggested a better capsule (again Swiss made) that had a more controlled response. Sonotrims are my first choice as they sound great and are easy to rig with the vampire. Yep COS-11's are great as a broadcasters mike but even with the rubber thing do not cut it (I've had several experienced boom ops rig then and realised the Sonotrim is better) mike
  16. Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    Yes but I have recorded concerts with my Soundfield for mixing (in Peter Jackson's Park Road Post) with great effect for 5.1 release with stereo options so why B format? mike
  17. Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    Hi all Well said but I'm fixed on A format with my rig, it works , so end of story until post starts asking questions eh! mike
  18. Yep Jan Being English I supplied Rose's Old English marmalade!!! Cheers mike
  19. When lavs attack

    Hope they are below the bottom of frame !!!!???? mike
  20. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Yep there are no guarantees Buy a cable (or two) as they break easily The A box is OK but maybe not supplied on the day Then fight the Mini menu Mike
  21. Pelican transport case

    My 1650 has been to 9 countries plus local jobs - no issues! mike
  22. Transmitter SMA Connector

    Sorry Chris, thought it was a clear message Look on eBay Connector SMA Male Plug Cable Straight.doc
  23. Multi camera question

    Exactly Phil, Make good friends with the director, the DP and the camera operators. Make polite comment about situations that make things impossible for good sound. On the other hand point out situations (sound wise) that offers cameras a chance to do whatever. Quietly enjoy the moments when there are difficulties regarding lighting compromises and when one camera operator cannot get the shot he wants! Tee hee! mike
  24. Ground plane antenna

    Great stuff!!! In the 60's I worked with very early radio mikes developed by ATV Network The aerials were just like your one! A blast from the past for me Cheers mike
  25. Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    Thanks Mr T I have an SPS-200 and I believe it only outputs A format It's not a microphone that I use every day but I have had no complaints It connect straight into my 644 so ideal for location work, no added boxes Cheer mike