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  1. Bag Cart

    Hi KG sorry to hear of your accident. I did post pictures of my ZUCA inspired cart which I suggest is much lighter, the handle sits down and for compactness , say air travel, the wheels and axle come apart and would go inside the "bag" I can walk into a job with 664 on my shoulder and cart in one hand Good luck for the future mike
  2. Nagra repairs

    Yep from my memory the the 4.2 phonic wheel was on the same shaft so no balancing issues. Sound like to are well prepared to take a big breath and do it, and you'll feel good too! Cheers mike
  3. Look at the transmitter - lateral thinking! mike
  4. Camera operator dies on set

    Very sad! I worked with Doug his father in a film in NZ - very funny man. Had a great face off with a director and said "you couldn't direct traffic" mike
  5. Nagra repairs

    I've had 4.2 motors apart but never a 111 I wonder if the warning is related to putting a magnetic shunt over the rotor?? Contact Kudelski if no local responses occur mike
  6. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Listening to a split mix still allows you to evaluate background. What is more useful with split mix monitoring is to help to locate signal or clothing issues with lavs. mike
  7. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Yep put the wires on L and R - this is then a split track not a stereo mix. Monitor on L R Stereo and yo have them in each ear to detect individual issues. The only reason to listen to a mono mix is to detect phase differences! mike
  8. SQN 5S / 4S Bags

    Go ORCA the best bags without doubt! mike
  9. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Yeah but if you are recording an unrehearsed 4 lav show like I was today I defy anyone to achieve what I would dare to rely on as a usable 1 track mix! You could only provide a guide. Since my 2 track DAT days with scripted and rehearsed shows it was possible but so often now it is a feeble block and let's shoot it! I rely on a two track split mix and provide everything as ISO tracks then you are covered mike
  10. The use of compressors in location sound

    I think the channel and output limiters on the 6 series really look after those unexpected moments! mike
  11. The use of compressors in location sound

    My last job using a Nagra 4.2 I used a small 12 volt powered compressor to get the best performance out of analogue tape. 3:1 for the quiet bits and 5:1 for louder dialogue The Canadian post house loved the results and had no idea of what I did. Those day mono track only- real mixing! mike
  12. Sometimes things slip through

    It happens Speak up and ask for another take apologetically! mike

    I have a young colleague I found at the film school I lecture at. He was a natural boom operator! I used him for two dramas and everyone was impressed A TV series show here grabbed him and he has done 2 years of Fisher boom operating. Is there still a demand for that skill in the USA as his girlfriend is moving to LA? Cheers mike
  14. #metoo and sexism in general

    Always have a costume person with you when you apply a lav to a man or a woman. Always explain what you are going to do before you do it. If a child, have the costume person plus a mother or chaperone present. It's just part of your job but leave nothing to chance or misunderstanding. mike
  15. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Brilliant!! Sadly shipping all my lavs to Canada would drive NZ Customs mad and Canadian post is not cheap. I've been making cables for 50 years but would love to buy your caps!!!!!! mike
  16. I have never had a handling noise problem with my M10 It's far more difficult holding a Sanken CSS-5 still for a 4 minute atmos or fx track. However a small Rycote softie over the end is essential. Sure I do not use it for critical work but it is so convenient and delivers good results! As the attached file indicates, I was on a day off in southern Italy. Italian_bells.mp3
  17. Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    Yep you can't beat live! Live versus say a CD/studio recording shows you that adrenaline gives a sparkle to a performance. In the early days if digital classical music recordings it was found that orchestras were too relaxed as they knew that editing was possible so they did not play with concert intensity. I worked on many musical TV shows in the late 60's and boom operated on well known singers. Music played at a controlled level was either pre-recorded or even fed "live" from our band room. I've operated a fold back speaker many times (on wheels) so you got as close to the singer as possible, but it was sometimes a battle when the singer wanted more level and the sound mixer wanted less level and therefore less colouration. Oh well those were the days! mike
  18. Busting the frame.

    Understood RP But I have dealt with many situations where there's a walk and talk in a forest, camera panning or tracking wide shot, trees between camera and actors who eventually arrive/stop in a medium wide. So not just and establisher or editorial mike
  19. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    No way no way of putting anything on the woman even a MM400 as wardrobe did not want any weight in the back of the bikini bra So I planted a Sonotrim in a white custom windshield on a towel near her. The guy, well a black B6 woven into his hair and pack gaffered behind him Quite good results for the wide shots mike
  20. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    Great one today! Medium wide then wide (then coverage!) Young woman in bikini sitting in a pool up to her top Talks to young guy He is sitting in a black plastic sack of water right up to his neck mike
  21. 600 MHz gear

    Hi Jim New Zealand I just bought a Lectro 400 Bk25 kit from TAI for $875 !! mike
  22. Just remembered I was on a Royal Tour with Prince Charles He gave a speech in a concert hall and I managed to talk the house pa guy into giving me a feed. I was doing coverage for BBC news and the ITV news guys asked me for a feed for them! Dam! I should have said yep $100 !! mike
  23. Busting the frame.

    Yep I guess bust the frame with permission(s) If the setup is wide and quiet use a lav mike
  24. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    Dear Bash What about dealing with nuns, operating room staff and barristers in court!!!?? Regards mike
  25. Yep bag in the picture car, auto mix why not, but ISO tracks a must If camera is feeding a good 6.5G radio link then feed the camera and then you can run headset system from the receiver for director etc. mike