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  1. Yes, i suppose i mean a 688 "cart" version that can still use the CL12 and could take up a rack space, giving the unit much more space to utilize.
  2. Rack mountable 688, or something newer, that uses the existing and wonderful CL12
  3. Congrats to the Nominees and their crews. Also, congratulations to Mr. Pritchett on his well deserved lifetime achievement award!
  4. HAHA. with Daughter #1 being a 1.5 year old playback mixer in training and Daughter #2 being due in March, yes AND no.......
  5. I've always been a pretty vocal lover of Sound Devices and Lectrosonics, but yeah, are we giving out participant trophies? It seems silly.
  6. Makes sense. I am going to go with the rack rail. I ended up on a big car job and this project fell by the wayside to my need for grip gear and antenna gak. Eventually I'll get back to it and I really appreciate all the wisdom
  7. I'm doing a show that is 100% in the car right now. Got 2 of these and they have been lifesaving. Lower profile than a dipole, and almost the same range. Incredible idea. I definitely reccomend.
  8. Maybe it's because I'm the oldest millennial that I take offense to millennial bashing, but still, I am a condescending prick, so I guess I have the best of all worlds here. Edit: I've also been to a library and didn't have a cell phone until I was 18 so I dont know where I belong, but the Gen Xers dont want me either.
  9. Jeeeez that's scary. Glad you're doing better Marc! Get well soon!
  10. So.... how did people actually use the Nagra 1 well without a meter? Was it all by ear. Very cool thread for us youngsters who missed the good old days. Actually being able to think about sound as a part of the process as opposed to "wire everyone we aren't going to make a plan" - I long for those shows. Oh I didn't realize this thread was 12 pages long. Apologies if my question has been answered.
  11. Would love to see pictures, Rado. Always love a good DIY! J powered by Mr. Fusion!
  12. Cool! Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys, looks like it's a software update away!
  14. X3 users, I have a question for you: when you route inputs to tracks, can you select pre or post fader? I'm interested in the unit for its number of outputs of course, but I would like the ability to create several mix minuses to send to different outputs. Example, l bus is mix, then I want to say, send a mixminus to 2 earwigs, say each a mix minus so the characters with the earwigs don't hear themselves. Is this possible? This is something I currently use my 2 auxes on my 788T for. Thanks!
  15. Awesome, thanks so much guys. Jeff, your cart shown there was actually the original inspiration for what I want to do. I also have a BDS system on my follow cart to power chargers, lights, etc off of a 12v source, so I plan to integrate the cabling for that into the cart. I Also plan to build a more logical storage space for my carpets and mats. I'll post pictures when finished, provided I'm a success.