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  1. To be honest I'd like to see NeverClip implemented into the ZMT Phantom but I assume it isn't possible to fit all that magic into such a small box. With such a light and small TX, look forward to seeing my American brothers and sisters enjoy why so many of us prefer to have the TX at the business end of the boom pole.
  2. Honestly when booming I think your foot work, stance and balance are probably more important then your hand work. Understanding how the the whole body/bone structure works will save you so much pain. That's a whole different thread. Never walk flat footed. Use the sides of your foot and roll in as you step. The first point of contact changes depending on the step being made but generally it's the outside edge. Did a job with the SAS (elite soldiers) and we had a silent walk off. Now these guys have been trained. Guess who one. Well they did actually over a rough bush path walking slowly. I kicked their arse at walking at a moderate to quick speed on the same path. They did point out if they had to move that quickly they were probably under fire and quiet footsteps no longer mattered. The point is the were trained to walk the same way I do.
  3. One of the best bits of advice I have read on JW and one that I often neglect.
  4. You are correct Constantin. Pilot tone is actually set to inactive on the IEM just like my brain was set to inactive when I typed my earlier response. I shouldn't respond until I've had my morning coffee intake. Cheers Nate.
  5. Constantin, I'm using a EW300 body pack TX and EW300 IEM. Cheers Nate.
  6. I have a G3 and IEM that I recently brought for boom ops. To me it sounds just as good if not better then my R1a's and has comparable range. Definitely not hissy. I find that the headphone volume on the IEM at around 3 or 4 (Not O'clock) gives a good monitoring level. Mode set to Focus and Balance set to L+R Pilot tone on, on my G3. I have read people needing to have it off. Coming out of my Nomad at line level. I'm new to the system but that's the settings that are working for me.
  7. Hi Trevor. Not sure what Matt has used but you can use cabinet drawer runners and top or under-sling them. They are a bit heavy though, about 250 Grams a set if I remember correctly. Linked an example from Bunnings. I've used a miniature version, that I sourced from a kitchen and wardrobe place, to under-sling a keyboard shelf on to my Rastorder folder cart. Hope the west is treating you well brother. Cheers Nate.
  8. Be careful that Zax stuff is contagious.
  9. Can you elaborate on 'reserved thoughts' on the Ursa thigh straps. I have been thinking about trying them as I find the Neopax thigh straps slip to easily.
  10. In regards to camera links I use a RX200 if audio on camera is to be used in the edit. If it's a guide track (scratch) I use either an ERX or Lectro R1a. Generally I use an ERX, due to size, power efficiency and being able to output GT audio and TC. You do have to take into account that it's on 2.4gHz spectrum and thus has limited range. For most bag jobs range is more then sufficient and I'm not to worried about a couple of drop outs. If I need greater range for whatever reason I'll use a R1a on cam for GT. Based my faulty ears, unscientific testing and on what I use, in order of sound quality I'd say ERX, Sennheiser IEM and then R1a. In range, R1a, Sennheiser IEM and then ERX. If it's simple bag work I tend to use an ERX for director monitor. On commercials and Drama, Zax ERX's go on cameras, Lectro R1a's for Dir/client/Conti and who evers important cousin. Sennheiser IEM for boom. Cheers Nate.
  11. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Gene. I've just emailed you. Cheers Nate.
  12. Concept looks great and look forward to seeing a prototype. Can see this being added to my kit. I am assuming it's a silicone cover similar to some phone covers.
  13. Once I bent the clip that comes with TRX a little it is useable, a little tight, yes but I've never seen the need for a third party clip. I do put a little tape over the clip, as I do with my Lectro SM clips. Personally I prefer the lower profile of the Zax clips despite their faults. One Zax clip has snapped near where it attaches to the TRX whilst on talent.
  14. I'll refrain from making some sort of bad NeverClip joke.
  15. The older I get or more experienced (some days even jaded) I find myself worrying less about certain sound issues. Sometimes I think I have gotten to relaxed but it is on those jobs that I am usually complimented on my sound by production. It's not that I don't care, it's the fact I don't stress it. I quietly get the job done and save any outbursts until it's all really turned to shit. I don't want to say this but sadly sometimes it comes down what is an acceptable quality for the client. I heard a DP I respect say to his Gaffer "Don't think beautiful lighting, think illumination." Our brethren in the optics Dept are playing the same inane game of politics. In regards to micing people, we often don't get to do our thing until the last minute and we are pushed. I tend to take my time to get it right. My Don't Fuck With Me face has gentled to my I'm Doing What You Need For Your Production face. Same meaning. It helps to have the talent on your side. Sometimes the mic placement doesn't work and you have find a time out to fix it. If it's a serious issue fix it straight up, if not find an opening but always have the boom at the ready and a silent dialogue with your camo. Actually all these issues are about communication. Sometimes you will get lucky and production will give you the relevant information the rest of the time it's about listening in and thinking on our feet.