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  1. 4018c or a second 641

    Thanks Johnny. All the user experiences mean more to me then just the specs. It al helps in making my decision. Doesn't mean i'll make the best choice but hey, I've been forewarned.
  2. 4018c or a second 641

    Contemplating adding a DPA 4018C to my kit or playing it safe and getting a second 641. Currently all my boom mics are Schoeps. Curious for those who have used/own both how the two compare? How close of a match they are are if you have to mix the two? Note I am primarily a bag mixer so it will mainly be used for interviews but I like to be prepared for those more dramatic days. Pros and cons. Personal preference, I know this is subjective. Will organise a test mic before I commit but any info from those in the field is appreciated.
  3. Sewing Lavs into Wardrobe

    Costume Dept I worked with a year or so got me onto these micro Tach-it guns or magic wonder gun as we called it. Brought one straight away and I it has been that problem saver you always wished you had but didn't realise you needed. Been meaning to put this item in Jan's thread It's The Little Things for a while but for some reason never gotten around to it. I mainly use it to tach pouches strait into costumes. Also comes in really handy when you loose a button and don't want to be immodest.
  4. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Hey Rob. I went with a different approach and underslung the monitors and permanently built them into the top shelf with a patch panel and separate power (NP1) cup built in. My work is no where as neat as yours or what Pete has done but for me a part of the joy is modifying things to suit my unique ways. I'll try post some pics next week. At the moment it is set up in low profile mode for some rough terrain in Lithgow and Bathurst. Your carts are such troopers, from being lugged up and down my 3 story walk up apartment regularly, to beaches, bush tracks, bad car packing days, etc, I have had to do little to no maintenance to it.
  5. HI Chris. I've had good success with Zax Automix in cars. For this I'm talking about bag drop with IFB send to follow car. I wouldn't say it has been the mix I would want to hand in but it is a sure site better then leaving all channels open. For me the main benefit is it gives me a better indication of which mics may have issues or where other sound problems are coming from. Personally I am a fan of using AutoMix as tool when things are out of your dexterity control. I'm a bit rusty on the better AM settings and have a bunch of car stuff coming up over the next few nights. Wish me luck.
  6. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    Personally, if the location and the shot permits I'll choose a 641 over a CMIT on an exterior. Appropriate wind protection of course. The other day we did a number if short interviews with 3 to 7 school children whilst in a working classroom. This was a reverberant space. All on the boom. I went with a Mini CMIT although technically the 641 would of been a better choice. The main reason I chose to go with the mini CMIT. The extra reach. When working with this many subject matter cam is going to need widen out, giving more head room. It is up to us to pick when we need to force the frame line. In this particular case the kids can be easily distracted by a mic hovering above them and it may be more beneficial to pan the mic then slowly move it get them in a more ideal pick up position. For a sit down interview 99% of the time I will go with a 641. All said the mic better be ready to move. On a boom that is obvious but for me it should be able to move to a degree with the IV subject on a stand. Top knuckle loose. I think I have illustrated this badly but technique and understanding your tools are the key to good sound. Oh and people skills.
  7. New: Cinela (IBC 2017)

    I've been debating going Cinela for a while now. I'm sold on these new products.
  8. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    Curious what batteries you guys are using. I doubted what I had perceived as run time, so retested today using my oldest Fujifilm NP50 batteries that I brought when ZMT body pack first came out. I got 3hr 35min until low battery warning and a further 10min until complete battery failure. 50mw 45v Mini CMIT. With a regular CMIT run time until warning was roughly 10min shorter. I missed when the warning appeared. Same settings. The shorter run time on the CMIT is probably just a battery thing (honestly haven't checked if there is a difference in power consumption between the CMIT and Mini). Agreed it certainly ain't the 5hrs advertised. I guess 5hr is based on 25mw 12v, but that isn't where most of us work.
  9. Reviving a HI-Q Battery

    I haven't encountered your issue and this may be of no help but the travel charger features a battery wake-up function for fully depleted batteries. https://www.trewaudio.com/product/audioroot-elc-smb/
  10. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    No argument there. Production put us in possibly the worst hotel I've stayed in and alas I had no choice. Luckily it was only one night. We the crew demanded production find us somewhere better.
  11. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    How good are the silent chargers. Had an away job the other week where my charger was inches from my pillow. Not a sound.
  12. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    I made the swap to Hi-Q batteries almost a year ago and haven't looked back. My ol' trusty Np1's have now been relegated to poweringing my cart monitors and other non essentials.
  13. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    The audio quality is not the main thing that concerns or excites me about the new 4080 gooseneck. I already have two 4098's and I think they are great mics that have far exceeded my expectations. For me the desire to add some 4080 gooseneck's is do to the smaller tube and what looks like a more mouldable gooseneck. The more flexibility for mounting the better. That and with car stuff I find you often need more then one plant mic per character, especially if you have some in the back and front seat. Even with sim travel multi cam shoots will find a why to bone us and we need to be quickly adaptable.
  14. Running the Set

    I rarely just boom these days but when I did I thought of it as a part of my duties to inform the mixer of any coverage changes, changes in performance (whisper last take, yell next take) and line changes. I would often also let the continuity person/script supervisor know of these. A lot of things get whispered into ears of actors and cam ops that don't get relayed to the rest of the crew. As a boomie you are in the middle of it all, quietly listening in.
  15. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Sorry to hear that. It's hard when we are using gear that isn't really designed for the rigorous elements we work in. For me it's been a tough 4 days of night shoots based around cars with tight turn arounds. No blocking, shoot the rehearsal, everything done in a rush, all the fun stuff. My 4098's saved my arse. They were rough handled, bent into all kind of shapes to remain hidden but are still in tact. Honestly I'd hate see what the grill looks like once i take the foamy off. I had intended to do this job with planted booms in the car but it became quickly apparent that was not an option.