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  1. They have the regular ZMT but not the Phantom version yet. Or Ross is in trouble with me.
  2. As soon as ZMT3 Phantoms arrive in the country, I'm going that way.
  3. Currently I use a curly cable externally for run and gun work using mono mics. I wrap this around the pole as I would with a straight cable. The cable I use was designed to be used internally on an ambient pole but hey, rules were made to be broken. This is the best option I have found that works for me at the moment.
  4. Not the same wheels that Pascal used but I got a second hand Phil and Teds pram from ebay for $1, that has ten inch wheels with quick release axles for my follow cart.
  5. This is a topic that I often find myself debating. Microphone technology has advanced, as has recording equipment (I'm going to leave pre amps out of the equation) from what my sound brothers and sisters were using in the past. Shooting style and the work flow has become more (unnecessarily) complicated. Some days it feels more like management.
  6. Did you apply the Nickwix to the fur or the underlining? Might try some on one of my old Rycote fluffies. I need to reapply some waterproofing to my Goretex jacket and the garden needs watering. Perfect time to experiment.
  7. I went the control surface route over a Cooper, although I still dream of owning a Cooper. My reasoning was mainly based on size, weight and powering requirements. I drive a Mazda CRX5, not a van so the cart needs to be fairly compact. I also live in a fourth floor walk up apartment, so I need to be able to lug the cart up and down the stairs by myself. Being in an apartment storage is a premium and a control surface takes up less space when not in use. For me these were more important factors then workflow. Best of luck in deciding what fits your needs and Cheers. Nate.
  8. Thanks John, good to know. I'll be going to my local dealer on Monday and will check out the INV-Lite.
  9. Thanks Constantin. I was going to add the new DPA to my OP as they have a similar design regarding a really small preamp. I've ordered an INV6 and some stiffer Lyres to try see if I can make that combination work. Until that arrives I have an INV7HG.
  10. Folks using a Schoeps MiniCMIT with a Rycote Softie or Bumblebee Windkiller what shock mount are you using? I knew this mic is small but I didn't realise just how small until mine arrived today.
  11. I made these up for bra straps. Well they were actually made up for SMa transmitters but as there is very little difference in size they work fine. The holes in it are from being stapled to costume. I believe Sound Guys Solutions have just come out with a clip. Not sure if it's available yet.
  12. Thanks John. Edited.
  13. In regards to being small and light weight, a ZMT3 weighs less then the 3 AA batteries I use to power a 742 and the same as 2 AA to power a Lectro HM. I assume the ZMT3 weighs the same or incredibly close to a ZMT3 PH. I'll be adding one to my kit for bag work and doing away with the curly cable between mixer and boom. No more getting hooked up/tangled on stuff.
  14. To be honest I'd like to see NeverClip implemented into the ZMT Phantom but I assume it isn't possible to fit all that magic into such a small box. With such a light and small TX, look forward to seeing my American brothers and sisters enjoy why so many of us prefer to have the TX at the business end of the boom pole.
  15. Honestly when booming I think your foot work, stance and balance are probably more important then your hand work. Understanding how the the whole body/bone structure works will save you so much pain. That's a whole different thread. Never walk flat footed. Use the sides of your foot and roll in as you step. The first point of contact changes depending on the step being made but generally it's the outside edge. Did a job with the SAS (elite soldiers) and we had a silent walk off. Now these guys have been trained. Guess who one. Well they did actually over a rough bush path walking slowly. I kicked their arse at walking at a moderate to quick speed on the same path. They did point out if they had to move that quickly they were probably under fire and quiet footsteps no longer mattered. The point is the were trained to walk the same way I do.