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  1. battery

    Apologies if I'm misreading this but a Nomad and QRX use very little power. Keep it bag powered.
  2. Sound Guys Solutions are meant to coming out with an eight bay one. Couldn't tell you when, it's all in the rumour mill at the moment. There was a bit of talk about it on the Australian soundie FB forum recently. I for one keenly await. Cheers Nate.
  3. If it a SRb in block 26 it will only scan block 26. Sra and b's only scan their designated block. Cheers Nate.
  4. Thanks Ramallo, the ambient is a good option. I already own the QWB and UMP2 although they haven't been used for years. Alas I don't have the qwb-re. My idea was to have a cover that just went over TX, for ease of use, quick deployment and so the pole can fully collapse. That couple of extra inches can be a nuisance wheeling the cart with a pole on it under KD's (Wet weather/shade tents generally used here.) That and I kind of enjoy designing, sewing, realising I've made mistakes and trying again. Trying to create something that works best for me, not interested in lending my hand to manufacturing. If I can't make it work I'll be ordering the ambient qwb-re. Cheers Nate.
  5. In anticipation of a ZMT phantom arriving in my grubby mits this week, I'm creating a relatively simple sleeve to protect the ZMT PH from the elements. I'm very much at the design stage, which means last night I woke up half a dozen times with what ifs and brilliant plans. Tac'd up a mock up today and the concept should work. Concept is a sleeve made from kite material (100% water proof), each opening sealed with velcro. Seam sealer on all stitching. Toying with putting a mesh pocket inside to hold a small desiccant bag and adding one or two elastic straps with toggles to tighten the whole sleeve up to avoid any rustling from the material in wind. I don't intend to put a window in to see the screen of the ZMT for a couple of reasons. It's a total PITA to sew on my domestic sewing machine, adds more risk to the elements getting in and once the ZMT PH is set up I really don't need to see the screen, all the important info I can see from my QRX. My main concerns are: The material can be noisy. Think cheap rain jackets. Tension should help that. The velcro openings/seals are never going to be totally water proof but a bit of tape can help alleviate that. I would love to see photos of how people already using the ZMT PH have them mounted. More specifically how your cables are routed as this is the biggest danger zone in regards to water. Also which way do you have the antenna facing. The four Sound Guys Solutions mounts i brought have the antennas facing up toward the mic. Easily changed. Any suggestions are appreciated and hopefully I'll have one sewn up next week.
  6. Used the new clips for the first time today. A lot of micing numerous construction workers. Made hard hat rigs easy and micing burly men who are somewhat touch sensitive, well less, sensitive.
  7. Tom if you're not already a part of the Australian Sound Recordists and Boom Ops FB page, join up. They also have a sales group. There's often second hand gear on there at great to fair prices. If I was in your boat I'd probably go Maxx or 633, Second hand Lectro's and the best boom mic you can afford. I'd also get a good boom pole, instead of cheating out, as it is one of the most important bits of gear and you'll be using it for many years to come. Best of luck once you have finished uni. Cheers Nate.
  8. Just received my order today. Thank you Oliver, they are truly amazing. Look forward to making up some cables with them. Cheers Nate.
  9. They have the regular ZMT but not the Phantom version yet. Or Ross is in trouble with me.
  10. As soon as ZMT3 Phantoms arrive in the country, I'm going that way.
  11. Currently I use a curly cable externally for run and gun work using mono mics. I wrap this around the pole as I would with a straight cable. The cable I use was designed to be used internally on an ambient pole but hey, rules were made to be broken. This is the best option I have found that works for me at the moment.
  12. Not the same wheels that Pascal used but I got a second hand Phil and Teds pram from ebay for $1, that has ten inch wheels with quick release axles for my follow cart.
  13. This is a topic that I often find myself debating. Microphone technology has advanced, as has recording equipment (I'm going to leave pre amps out of the equation) from what my sound brothers and sisters were using in the past. Shooting style and the work flow has become more (unnecessarily) complicated. Some days it feels more like management.
  14. Did you apply the Nickwix to the fur or the underlining? Might try some on one of my old Rycote fluffies. I need to reapply some waterproofing to my Goretex jacket and the garden needs watering. Perfect time to experiment.
  15. I went the control surface route over a Cooper, although I still dream of owning a Cooper. My reasoning was mainly based on size, weight and powering requirements. I drive a Mazda CRX5, not a van so the cart needs to be fairly compact. I also live in a fourth floor walk up apartment, so I need to be able to lug the cart up and down the stairs by myself. Being in an apartment storage is a premium and a control surface takes up less space when not in use. For me these were more important factors then workflow. Best of luck in deciding what fits your needs and Cheers. Nate.