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  1. Help support this site

    I haven't donated in 2 years so send my $50.00 in support of this great site. Thanks Jeff for keeping it in tip top shape
  2. Rates & other tips when traveling?

    If I have to travel and shoot the same day especially when flying I bill from when I get to the airport to depart till we are wrapped at hotel after shoot. I only live 10 mins from the airport if your far from airport I would bill from when you depart your house
  3. Sennheiser 816 (p48) hiss and crackling noise

    You can contact Pete Via his website http://www.416tupgrade.com/416Tupgrade.com.html
  4. New Tails

    Here are the top cable builders in your neck of the woods I would reach out to one of them to help you or answer you questions Custom Cabling: Henry Smith Ex Richmond Film SVS 07905 175 577 henrywiresmith@gmail.com Stuart Torrance 07941893289 Torrance.stuart@gmail.com Richard Miller 07930310949 rich@rmsound.co.uk
  5. Sonosax Repair

    Have you reached out to Vark near Washington DC 301 229-0288
  6. My MKH 50 stopped working. Sent to Sennheiser USA....

    You have to pay the Expedite fee for $50 or $75 I don't remember exact amount for them to look at it as soon as they get it if not it takes a few weeks. They are very durable though.
  7. Lectrosonics SMQV

    Just cosmetic its a more durable coating.
  8. Gps tracker

    Been using Spot Trace for about 9 months works great no regrets buying it. https://www.findmespot.com/en/?cid=128
  9. Favorite CF Card reader with USB 3.0 interface?

    Had these reader for awhile too works great super fast and can dump both cards at once
  10. The people that hire me know they could save a $100-$200 a day sometimes hiring a less experienced mixer with no extra gear or back ups for some straight forward jobs but they don't because they don't want to risk there reputation over a few hundred bucks. I had a simple corporate interview job this week 5 interviews boom only to camera less then 6 hours. I still got $800/10 for gear and labor. The camera guy that hired me could have used his 416 into the camera directly and made another $800 or hired someone else for $500 all in for the day to make $300 extra but he didn't because he charges a good rate and in addition to providing good sound I was also able to help him set up and also helped keep the client out of his hair while he got set up. I am always his first call on jobs that have the budget for sound. Good sound mixers bring much more to the table then just great sound. Bring more to the table and people will pay you more
  11. Didn't quite roll for some of a take.. What happens next?!

    There are certain folks I work for that I just never cut once we start rolling because of issues like this.The lack of proper set protocol is terrible though
  12. UCR411a hardware variation?

    The firmware revision list shows you all the changes. Most changes have been due to component changes. All 411A on current firmware for the hardware in them perform the same http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/Table/Audio-Board/2.0-Series/
  13. Lectro firmware update?

    Any Lectro dealer should be able to get one for you. You need a PC the correct HEX file and the update Utility. You remove the cover on SR and plug in a special cable then update. You can also update a few other products too but not all of them I have had for many years http://www.pro-sound.com/p/lectrosonics-lectrolink-firmware-adapter-and-freq-utility-tool.html
  14. Lectro firmware update?

    No But on the website it says you cannot field update SR or SRB which is not correct if you have the Lectro Link update interface ( Which I own) you just need the right HEX file to do the update.