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  1. Been using Spot Trace for about 9 months works great no regrets buying it.
  2. Had these reader for awhile too works great super fast and can dump both cards at once
  3. The people that hire me know they could save a $100-$200 a day sometimes hiring a less experienced mixer with no extra gear or back ups for some straight forward jobs but they don't because they don't want to risk there reputation over a few hundred bucks. I had a simple corporate interview job this week 5 interviews boom only to camera less then 6 hours. I still got $800/10 for gear and labor. The camera guy that hired me could have used his 416 into the camera directly and made another $800 or hired someone else for $500 all in for the day to make $300 extra but he didn't because he charges a good rate and in addition to providing good sound I was also able to help him set up and also helped keep the client out of his hair while he got set up. I am always his first call on jobs that have the budget for sound. Good sound mixers bring much more to the table then just great sound. Bring more to the table and people will pay you more
  4. There are certain folks I work for that I just never cut once we start rolling because of issues like this.The lack of proper set protocol is terrible though
  5. The firmware revision list shows you all the changes. Most changes have been due to component changes. All 411A on current firmware for the hardware in them perform the same
  6. Any Lectro dealer should be able to get one for you. You need a PC the correct HEX file and the update Utility. You remove the cover on SR and plug in a special cable then update. You can also update a few other products too but not all of them I have had for many years
  7. No But on the website it says you cannot field update SR or SRB which is not correct if you have the Lectro Link update interface ( Which I own) you just need the right HEX file to do the update.
  8. You can update any Lectrosonics SR , SRA, SRB or SRC with the Lectro Link you just need the firmware file.
  9. Yes I am aware! All of us are concerned that is all that is budgeted for. So we will see. I did EPK on the new "Gifted" movie which was shot on film. They were regularly shooting 25,000-30,000 feet per day with two cameras. Originally we expected to be rolling 10,000 feet a day
  10. That is my hope they are only planning on shooting about 5000 feet a day and we are single camera. I am hoping this will contribute to a great final product. They agreed this afternoon to follow the recommendations of myself and the lab. They are going to edit at 24 with audio being at 24/48. Yes this is the reason the Lab did not want a 30 workflow and I agreed. I appreciate all the input
  11. They aren't sure. I was "told" we had a complete deliverables documents but when I finally got the document this morning it was all about data back up and archiving nothing about what we are shooting at
  12. Hello Brain Trust, I am starting a project next week which will be shot on 35mm film. Production has left it to me and the film lab handling the telecine to figure out the workflow as they have not hired an editor or post production supervisor yet despite my urging to do so. Also due to shooting starting Tuesday we will not be having a sync test or workflow test despite the lab and myself wanting one below is what the lab is suggesting let me know your thoughts. You will be shooting film at 24FPS, your options for dailies would be 23.976 or 24 FPS depending on the framerate you are planing for editorial. If you decide on 23.976, your Audio will need to recorded at 48048 KHZ with 24 frame timecode and will get pulled down to 48000 KHZ when we sync with film. If you decide editorial will be at 24 then your audio should be recorded 48000 KHZ with 24 frame timecode. Avid is best at tracking keycode which is needed when going back to the film for your final scan for finishing. The last film shoot I did which was a commercial 5 or 6 years ago I recorded 30NDF and 48000KHZ, Any input from the group is appreciated.
  13. Longest I have gone is 125ft and they preformed the same or slightly better then the Lectrosonics powered version. I dial the gain to 13 to compensate for signal loss. The Sharkie go up to 18 power which is about what is needed for 200 ft with RG-8/X - Belden 9258. I am sure you already know it is better to move closer if possible but I never worry about them when I do use them
  14. Been using them about a year they work great no over loading issues and you can actually turn them down to -5 as well. I usually run the when on my cart at 4 which makes up for the loss on my 8ft run. I have been very happy with them too. They are also water proof which is nice I still put a bag it over them when I remote them out in very bad weather but don't have to worry about a quick summer shower or dew hurting them. If you have any more questions feel free to call