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  1. Masaki Hatsui

    Nomad 12 Fader Gain

    Which firmware are you using ? There's a bug introduced since vers X, which was now fixed. I wonder if you have some fader not being touched (moved) after booting which enabling audio at unity gain (at 12 O'clock) to your mix track.
  2. Masaki Hatsui

    Wireless Boom Hiss - Sennheiser - Need Help

    I don't have an experience with the gear you use but just a guess. Sennheiser's plug on transmitter uses its body as an antenna, like Lectro's HM TX. This may cause an RFI to certain material. Disconnect or connect Pin 1 to shell might be a solution, that I think it's worth a try but depends on how it is designed. It is possible that Sennheiser's Phantom power supply does not well designed RFI proof. If that doesn't work, I'd rather consider purchasing SKP 300 which has its PH48 integrated.
  3. Masaki Hatsui

    best preamps in a small 2 track recorder?

    It's kinda old one but Sonosax MINIR82 is still a recorder with one of best preamps and small enough size that you can slide it in a pocket. It's pricy but maybe you can find one a second hand?
  4. Masaki Hatsui

    4-pin Hirose

    No, Canare is still a japanese compagny. What you are refering to is a US sales branch. http://www.canare.co.jp/en/contacts.php
  5. Masaki Hatsui

    SGS 2.4GHz Amp Field Reports

    First disappointment of the year...! As I thought this could be a real problem solver. Isn't it possible that Zaxcom makes their own amplifier or better antenna themself for Zaxnet ? Glenn
  6. Masaki Hatsui

    Maxx+Nomad users: question re notch filer

    Invert notch filter option is what I want to recommend to Zaxcom. I'm thinking of making a cable from Nomad's output to my Smartphone to better using frequency analyzer apps.
  7. Masaki Hatsui

    Tiny antenna for Nomad?

    Thanks John for this information. This little gear may change some situation of headache, where an assistant or director says there's drop in the audio. Hope they will coming up soon.
  8. Masaki Hatsui

    Tiny antenna for Nomad?

    Hi, Bring up this thread to the winter season. Is there any update about the Sound Guys Solutions' amplifier? I'm pretty much interested in this one but there's still no annouce about this on their website. Masaki
  9. Masaki Hatsui


    No problem Mr Soundwil ! Seems like an item for the next purchase (even though I have a CUT1...). Any cons to mention? RFI weakness?? Masaki
  10. Masaki Hatsui


    I'm not sure if you're talking about the same accessories as this one cannot connect to CCM. Are-you talking about LC60 ?
  11. Masaki Hatsui


    Hi everyone, I was looking at the Schoeps website and figured out there's this new (?) inline filter on the list. Seems like a CUT1 alternative, smaller fixed frequency inline hipass filter: http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/cut60/overview Has anyone already tried this? Masaki
  12. Masaki Hatsui

    Schoeps MiniCMIT

    This one is a DPA 4017C competitor. 4017C is 154 mm long while MiniCMIT is 151 on their website. Below is my modded Rycote suspension for DPA4017C, for the moment for interior use only, which works quite well. Windscreen version (shorter than WS1) is coming... Hopefully Cinela will coming with a sophisticated solution for these shorten microphone bodies. I was not convinced their answer with Pianissimo to DPA 4017C, because of its final volume, and non compatibility of use without basket. And now that Schoeps makes a miniatured body, how about to make a MiniCMC with interchangeable capsules Masaki
  13. Masaki Hatsui

    Any disadvantage to using regulated power?

    If it is only the Tascam needs to feed a regulated 12V, I'd rather put a regulator next to DR680. I really don't know that recorder but according to the picture I found on the net, maybe you can even put a small regulator inside the box... https://www.gearslutz.com/board/9310017-post25.html
  14. Masaki Hatsui

    timecode jumps over rf

    Hi Patrick, Not sure, cause in this case the clip starts at 16:27:07:20 and ends at 16:29:24:04. TC drop occurs in between 16:28:41:07 to :11, timecode jumps 7 hours and 12 minutes but strangely stays at the same second - where I thought it might be a miss read /miss trascode of LTC audio signal.
  15. Masaki Hatsui

    timecode jumps over rf

    Even if I'm happy working with ERX's TC, trombles's test is still interesting to understand the camera's behavior. From my experience, if FS7 looses its ext TC from behind, it will automaticaly switch through its internal clock, which is rather accurate than previous models (seems at least for one hour it hold the tc quite acculate but I didn't have done a precise test). Here, his test doesn't show the case. I wonder if Lectro D4 outputing some digital noise when it looses the signal, that the camera accidentaly interpret to false timecode, or it's simply camera doesn't working as supposed to be. What happens if we simply use a trusted tc generater hardwired to the camera and just unplug the cable? Another question is... If TC on quicktime (or whatever nonlinear digital files) is simply a time stamp on file's header, why are we seeing the TC drop in this case? Masaki