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  1. iPad Mini Mount For Sound Cart

    Hey Rawturnip, This is what I use and it has never let me down. You can roll over any type of terrain no problem. Look no further job done. https://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-121-AP14U Bill
  2. Deva 24 seminar

    Hi Jack, Do you have any more pics of the current version? Could we see the side panels please. What does it ship with? ie hard drive size, power supply, cables, Zaxnet antenna, Dante etc. Does it come with the necessary hardware to use the removeable face plate? When you say it interfaces with IOS how is that done? Is it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or hard line? Thanks.
  3. Deva 24 seminar

    I'm not sure if it happened due to "Irma". I'm sure people were preoccupied with other things on Sunday. But I too would be interested in hearing any feed back. What did people think re Pro's and Con's. Bill
  4. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Rado, While you have the attention of DPA how about getting them to make some "clear" button hole tubes for the 4060 slim and also a vampire clip for it. Not just the concealer but a vampire type clip like the one for the regular 4060. Bill
  5. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Hi Jason, I had it custom made from my local supplier. It wasn't very expensive about $50 US. a lot less than Lemo wants for theirs https://www.lemo.com/en/other-special/right-angle-connector-anglissimo Bill
  6. Alexa Mini TC sync

    I've been using the Denecke SB4 with a right angle Lemo in the 12 o'clock position and camera is leaving it on. This gives the ability to load cards easily without becoming a problem and a reason not to leave it on. We slid it back in this picture for clarity of the connector Usually it sits much closer to the body, which does mean it can heat up with the fan being so close but we never had a problem with it. This was recomended by Panavision because the mini uses internal software to jam TC VS the SXT which uses a Ambient hardware based program to lock and re generate the TC. The other thing I like to do is keep track of the TC on my monitors. The 2 frame off set has been explained to me as an error between the refresh rates and timing of the two Teradecks. As for the jamming, camera trainee brings the slates and clockits to the cart we jam them and camera takes them back. I then verify the jam on the monitors. I like the fact that the "TC" indicator will actually change from red to white indicating a successful jam. Bill
  7. MovieSlate and Sound Reports

    Yes currently "Movie Slate" only syncs with SD 6 series recorders. But you still need a third piece of hardware, that being the TC System :Wave or :Pulse. You then join the WIFI network generated from that. Maybe Cliff Joyce or Eric Goodwin could chime in and let us know if SD provided R&D money for which they were granted use of the APP. I think that Cantar now has their internally generated WIFI up and running and Zaxcom may be doing the same with the long anticipated 24. But unless both of the aforementioned are willing to pay a licensing fee I think we will see proprietary GUI versions of something similar. Bill
  8. T-Mobile to begin rollout of 600 MHz spectrum this summer.

    Thanks for jumping in on this topic Gordon. So If you curretly own Block 26 what are the reprucussions and what are the stipulations heading forward of using it? Is it affecting production for you? But does that mean other parties now own the rest? Thank you Bill
  9. T-Mobile to begin rollout of 600 MHz spectrum this summer.

    Be prepared for an influx of RF's coming up for sale. http://radioactiverf.com/tech-talk/prepare-for-loss-of-600mhz-by-years-end/ Bill
  10. NEW: ARRI Alexa SXT W - Wireless

    Long gone are the days where the 1st AC would be on the whip or actually on the barrel of the lens. It seems now all they use is the Preston or the Arri remote. On my last show every time we cam in close with the camera all I could here was the servo and the lens being racked back and forth back and forth. It was like the 1st had some kind of nervous twitch with the remote. I may be getting old but God forbid you even say to them "do you have to be on the remote"? Sorry to hi jack the thread. Bill
  11. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    I've been thinking about adopting the ACN for some time now and these Nano's seem like they could be the ticket to sign the deal. Shug great minds think alike. What's the on set practical range of the ACN? Thanks Bill
  12. Soldering problems

    Man I love this site! A pot of coffee and a stroll through JW, perfect Saturday morning. Bill
  13. I-pad arm

    I can not speak highly enough about the Ram mount for Ipad. You can roll over any terrain and not worry about the arm falling off or the Ipad. Bullet proof. You will have to choose the correct adapter to mount to your cart for your needs. www.ram-mount.com
  14. DPA Slim Mounting Techniques

    I find that the "snorkel" does pop out of the button hole. By using some tape wide enough to cover the back it will stay in palce. Breathing is by far the biggest issue but a brisk walk and talk can also prove a challenge. I whish there were clear snorkels to use on a variety of coloured clothing and make it even more transparent. I like to use them in the top button hole and run the cable under the collar and down the back. If the jacket is off talk to wardrobe about a small incision under the middle of the collar. No question though it is another great tool to have. Bill
  15. Lectrosonics SSM Info

    It is the manual. Page six.