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  1. Thanks for jumping in on this topic Gordon. So If you curretly own Block 26 what are the reprucussions and what are the stipulations heading forward of using it? Is it affecting production for you? But does that mean other parties now own the rest? Thank you Bill
  2. Be prepared for an influx of RF's coming up for sale. Bill
  3. Long gone are the days where the 1st AC would be on the whip or actually on the barrel of the lens. It seems now all they use is the Preston or the Arri remote. On my last show every time we cam in close with the camera all I could here was the servo and the lens being racked back and forth back and forth. It was like the 1st had some kind of nervous twitch with the remote. I may be getting old but God forbid you even say to them "do you have to be on the remote"? Sorry to hi jack the thread. Bill
  4. I've been thinking about adopting the ACN for some time now and these Nano's seem like they could be the ticket to sign the deal. Shug great minds think alike. What's the on set practical range of the ACN? Thanks Bill
  5. Man I love this site! A pot of coffee and a stroll through JW, perfect Saturday morning. Bill
  6. I can not speak highly enough about the Ram mount for Ipad. You can roll over any terrain and not worry about the arm falling off or the Ipad. Bullet proof. You will have to choose the correct adapter to mount to your cart for your needs.
  7. I find that the "snorkel" does pop out of the button hole. By using some tape wide enough to cover the back it will stay in palce. Breathing is by far the biggest issue but a brisk walk and talk can also prove a challenge. I whish there were clear snorkels to use on a variety of coloured clothing and make it even more transparent. I like to use them in the top button hole and run the cable under the collar and down the back. If the jacket is off talk to wardrobe about a small incision under the middle of the collar. No question though it is another great tool to have. Bill
  8. It is the manual. Page six.
  9. Try this. UP and DOWN Arrow Buttons The Up and Down arrow buttons are used to select the values on the various setup screens and to lock out the control panel. Press and hold both buttons until a countdown is completed to lock the keypad. Remove the battery to unlock the keypad. These arrow keys also turn the LEDs on and off. With no other button pressed, the UP arrow turns the LEDs on and the DOWN arrow turns them off. When the LEDs are tuned off, the LCD with display a reminder every few seconds.
  10. Pascal: I am very pleased with the SSM. The overall construction is good. My only concern is with the little rubber stopper on the interior side of the door to make a tight seal when the battery door closes. That stopper can fall out. The battery life is awesome. I can load it in the morning and run until lunch at 50mw. That combined with the size of the unit has gone over very well with #1 on the call sheet. My show is a studio show so I have not had much experience in the enviroment with it. All the batteries that came with mine were actually tamped "Fuji" The feature I think is very cool is when you hold the up arrow and the power button and turn it on. Then go to audio and you can scroll between what mic you are using. It really brings the individual mic's to life. Maybe "Old Lead Ears" could explain more. I agree with Constantin, the SSM does sound better than my older SMV's and when I turn on say the DPA setting with the SSM it makes a world of difference. I will be turning over my SMV's for newer SSM's. Bill
  11. wtf

    Matthias wins! I wonder if Neutrik ran a whole batch like this?
  12. wtf

    Here is my WTF yesterday. So I had a dolly run over one of our cables in a cable caddie and I told my 3rd to quickly solder a new connector on between setups. When he brought it back to set I said WTF? The male connector is brand new and the female is the older one. Spot the problem.
  13. Is there a firmware update for the RM to work with the SSM's? All funtions except freq. change work. Or is it just better to get the APP? Thanks Bill
  14. Jeff: Deepest condolences. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. It my be a wrap on principal photography but man aren't the dailies awesome. Bill
  15. Thanks Richard I'll look for that in the sampling menu. Bill