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  1. I like the idea of a two bay version for my 633 bag.
  2. I worked on an international doco with the cam assist flying his drone ( great shots!) and as I couldn't do sound while it was up I helped him set up ( ahhhh, my inner nerdiness! ) He let me fly it as thanks, but boy did he generally pucker up when he thought I was heading straight for the mountain side!! We had problems getting his batteries through security occasionally due to their being odd shapes and sizes, so I made sure I got through ahead of him....
  3. I am very impressed with the Orca bag, great build and the internal frame makes it feel solid. I've teamed it up with the Stingray harness, best of both worlds IMHO
  4. Smooth work Mike.
  5. A man born with a golden voice.
  6. Blowing off..... V LOUD!!!!
  7. I am loving my Stingray harness mated with my Orca bag. When I want to wear the harness on its own I just connect the two upper carabenas on each side and it hangs in there, ready to reconnect the bag.
  8. Sounds like you have to develop a deep personal relationship with Zaxcom as you will be sending it home for maintenance. This is the main reason I have not ventured down the Zax road as sending things back from Australia is expensive of dollars and time.
  9. Only available for USA at the moment...... CURSES!!!
  10. Apart from the price of the Lectro RATPACK I have found them great. As far as the set screws go, nothing a drop off nail polish won't hold.
  12. View from my cart.. in a studio with closed doors and a messy camel...
  13. Hard hitting interview...
  14. Hi Chris Despite using charm by the spadeful, this supervisor dug his heels in and didn't care if we were close to missing our flight. Might have been handy to have had this app?