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  1. Signing out comteks

    Literally looked at a variant of one of these last night at lowes. This fits the bill. I can add pockets inside for full count and it would help to know all is good when all slots are filled -Ken
  2. Signing out comteks

    My thoughts exactly. People around her chuckled at her suggestion. If it was a working system, i figured people here would be doing it already. They are replacing them so i am not worried. All i can do is do my best to round them up after each move -Ken
  3. Had 2x comteks go missing from agency folk between locations. Producer asked me if I signed them out to people which at first i thought was insane because o have never seen anyone do that in these parts but keep thinking maybe there is a better way. Does anyone here have a system for keeping track of mass amounts of headsets out in the field? Or any sort of app based tracking fancy stuff? -Ken
  4. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Hi Larry. The information you're providing here is compelling and rich. I cannot thank you enough. I think I'm finally understanding all of this now that I've gone back over the ssm manual. To sum up. All of my lavs wired for use with zax lemos - dpa b6 and sanken with white wire tied to ground - should be set as follows? dpa = In dpa b6 = In b6 sanken = In otH do i have that correct? -Ken
  5. DPA 4098 Noise Floor

    Thanks larry! Will check settings pronto -Ken
  6. DPA 4098 Noise Floor

    I myself am dealing with this issue as well. But consensus seems its part of deal and i do accept that. I was able to test with 1) a zaxcom trx and low dc microdot lemo adapter, 2) a lectro ssm with same adapter*, and 3) a lectro sma with microdot ta5f adapter. I have found what i feel to be pretty much the same unacceptable noise floor across all 3 tests, test number 3 being negligibly better. All 3 transmitters required gain to be set all the way up to get acceptable yet still too low recording levels requiring more gain at the mixer to compensate. The only thing that was helpful - but did not completely eliminate - was full noise reduction on a 411a receiver. My test was with a sitdown interview so especially after reading here, unacceptable is harsh judgement on my part. i now know after reading here this mic is not designed for that and it has its place where features far outweigh this noise. i tested a zmt3 w 4098 on a modified rycote suspension thinking it would be a super lightweight nevercliping built in recording boom alternative. Might still work in certain environments outside controlled sitdown intv settings. Sma might still sound best. I will still keep this mic and use where appropriate. I am famiiar with noise floor with lavs to varying degrees and since i use many different brands i have been conditioned over time to use certain mics on certain speaking levels to navigate those waters appropriately. I guess going in i was hoping this 4098 would be relatively on par with my most noise free lav. Unfortunately not in my experience. Am i missing any settings on the lectro side? The sma was best sounding combo with 411a full noise reduction. Would love equal results from ssm being smaller/lighter *somwhere here i believe larry at lectro said the low dc is the adapter to use with ssm's and it was also said this is the same as the sennheiser microdot adapter just a different part number from dpa. Someone please correct me if i am wrong -Ken
  7. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Cool i have alum trx-123's in sn 1694 and 1700 so it sounds like I am in the clear and the fault may lie with the mics themselves as I am getting closer to determining. Thank you guys for your input. I am oh so close to getting to the bottom of this. At the very least I am very glad I asked here to get this conversation going about lemo'ed mic compatibility -Ken
  8. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    KG i am sure you have been down this path but there are interesting antenna options out there if you low-loss-cable-remote your antenna position to a good not so interfering spot on your bag that i had had some increase in range from. I had one of these biquad antennas made and by no means is it is magic bullet but in repeat locations i did notice extended range with frying twig n berries
  9. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Thank you larry john and eric for your input this is very educational about this subject all around! john and eric maybe you can answer this - as far as the current zaxcom wiring you described for 11-d's, does this apply to older aluminum shelled trx's as well? Some of my sankens work on all trx's and some dont. I possibly could have wired something incorrectly and going to explore this whwn i get home. If i did wire correctly, my next thought is something weird might be going on with the mics themselves and may just back burner them in lav rotation and mark them accordingly -Ken
  10. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Thank you john for bringing up dpa - i just purchased a lemo low voltage microdot adapter for zaxcom, waiting to receive delivery. With what you mentioned above: Larry- is this microdot adapter appropriate for ssm transmitters? -Ken
  11. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    This is most excellent education. I have been swapping between ssm and trx with these mics without even considering different wiring. For a year now i have been lucky! No issues for me. I am on a job right now where talent is on the move with an ssm and with interviews later i will switch to trx on the same mic. I thought iirc others here have been doing similar with the lectro lemo introduction. -Ken
  12. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Copy that will explore this one further. I swear iirc i did exactly that for all sankens i have but may crack open the sanken that seems to work across the board. But if that one in particular is wired exactly as you say, I am stumped and left with maybe it's this particular mic itself -Ken
  13. I am out in the field and discovered one of my sanken d's wired for zaxcom lemos works with newer lectro trx's as intended but does not work with my lectro ssm. But my other sankens as well as countrymans and others do. I also recall this being the same issue with my older trx900-123's where some sankens worked and some didnt - will be testing as soon as i get home next week. I wired all of these myself and to the best of my knowledge i followed most recent recommendations here on jw. Is there some universal wiring i missed here on jw for sankens that is known to work across new zax/old zax/new lectro lemo transmitters? -Ken
  14. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    Your only as good as your mix to the director - and the erx is killer. But on the other hand, they hear too much and start judging things that arent critical - and comteks are perfect. Oh the struggles -Ken
  15. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    You will be a hero when you crack this! Alot of zaxnet users here want a bag solution without any rf snags (within reason of course). I wonder too if somehow sep batt power might do the trick like an external batt option? -Ken