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  1. Headphone

    Dont rule out earbuds! Again comes down to personal pref, but my personal pref -Ken
  2. Rycote lyre indestructable?

    I broke one and i swear i kept it! Gonna dig tonite... i agree that nothing is indestructible -Ken
  3. Dipole Antennas on bag/Harness

    Micplexer2 for both zaxcom and lectro receivers, whips or dipoles outside bag on selfie sticks mounted to the sides. Best flexible setup for range i have ever owned -Ken
  4. first dpa for zaxcom

    All great input thanks guys -Ken
  5. first dpa for zaxcom

    thanks john good input - when an indoor shot calls for a shotgun i almost always use my 4017 with hi boost on outside of a zep for the extra reach effect it seems to have, and in my head i thought the 4071 might be a better match. anyone else have any comments in this regard? i will contact the dealer to see if i can indeed get one of ea for side by side tests and send one back. for my first DPA lav purchase i am leaning more towards 4063 with a 4071 possibly down the line. would love to hear both side by side if they will let me -Ken
  6. first dpa for zaxcom

    sorry i got confused - D:screte and all these model numbers. standard 4063 is indeed what i am referring to. i may have to see if usual suspect will let me somehow compare a 4071 and a 4063 at home -Ken
  7. first dpa for zaxcom

    about to purchase my first DPA lav to use with my zaxcom trxla's as well as lectro ssm. after reading here as much as i can find, and also after the recommendation of a usual suspect, i ultimately feel the 4063 slim cable is the way to go. if i understand correctly, there is no 4073 version available yet? i really wanted to go with the 4071, but usual suspect is telling my it's hit or miss for success with 4071 on zaxcom transmitters according to their reports from the field. is this also the general feeling here? 99% of my lav use is buried under fabric so the feature set of the 4071 seemed to speak to me more. but the 4063 i understand as tried and true. wanting to go with hardwire pushpull lemo connector vs microdot adapter. either way, excited to try DPA lavs. i have a 4017 that i use quite a bit so i am already a huge fan of DPA mics. mostly 11d's and b6's when it comes to lavs. -Ken
  8. What stick mic is this?

    Will have to take another pic when back at home, but it is closest to an md46. But flat black, no markings, and a signature flat top windscreen foam that i see a lot in broadcast. no brand or model id on it of any kind. -Ken
  9. What stick mic is this?

    Anyone know what make/model stick mic this is on right? Re50 on left for size reference -Ken
  10. New Lectro Wireless Boom Options

    i am all zaxcom wireless, but decided to go with an hma for a particular job and now i love it. it was a budget decision at the time, but i have had nothing but great success with it. wideband is a nice addition. range is spectacular. and i tie it into my micplexer setup so everything plays really nice. if considering an hma you wont be sorry -Ken
  11. Maxx+QRX235 QIFB zaxnet?

    thanks for clarifying - i corrected my post but failed in not knowing maxx tc was single bnc. had it in my head it was lemo -Ken
  12. Maxx+QRX235 QIFB zaxnet?

    On a qrx, timecode in/out is determined by "use timecode from trx900" which is just a fancy way of saying timecode in/out. When set to OFF that means the timecode connector is an input, taking in an analog timecode feed. When set to ON, the connector is an output which feeds rx'ed timecode from a trx out to that connector (or generated from qrx). If tip is in and ring is out, couldn't a single cable be made for dual purpose, if I'm reading this right? Please someone correct me if I have this all wrong. Going from memory… I do have one client that still demand's record run time code, which I do take time code from a QRX back to my bag once or twice a year -Ken
  13. 761k female

    Thanks guys. Might experiment with panel mounts and see what i can devise -Ken
  14. 761k female

    Curious to know if the receiving version of the 761k exists and if anyone might know a part number? Working on a project for a friend. Tried mouser and digi key etc but no luck nor on the googler. Thinking there is a specific part number rather than just 761k female. Also not sure if i have the gender right? The standard cable plug 761k is noted as male on mouser but the receving end i am looking for would have the pin and the threads and also be put on a cable vs a panel mount. -Ken
  15. wingman?

    Agreed - and i figured as much. Would rather have the proper dongle designed with reliability in mind. but to me not about breaking the bank, more about actually being able to get one. Demand is super high. Supply is now non-existent. I am on a wait list but PM me if anyone has an extra to sell! -Ken