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  1. Atlanta legend Freddy Chancellor
  2. Anybody know this guy?
  3. There is an app that I've used successfully in the past for PCB layout called Kicad http://www.kicad-pcb.org/display/KICAD/KiCad+EDA+Software+Suite it's free, cross-platform, and will export gerber files for uploading to any fab house, even print yours out for etching in your kitchen. the downside, it's not very intuitive, but lots of literature online for getting started.
  4. If you're interested, I'd be more than happy to build one for you, or others. Shoot me an email at dana (at) simmons-audio.com
  5. Lots of room for other do-dads inside the case, so make suggestions!
  6. yup, that's it in a nutshell. There is some resistor magic in there too which adapts the LTC to a more iOS friendly level. But you get the idea.
  7. Here's a little diddy that uses the gpio of the 788t to switch the timecode on/off to your iDevice (iPhone/iPad) in order automagically roll MovieSlate,
  8. If anyone has ever looked at the output of the voltage from a cheap power inverter on a scope, it is way nastier than what TC looks like and much higher voltage!! I'll put a small amount of money on the problem being caused by dirty power. Cheap inverters are even KNOWN to cause problems in TV displays, why not cameras too? Bellow you can see to waveforms, the first is from whats know as a "sudo-sine wave inverter", the second is a "true-sine wave" inverter and is a proper AC source.