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  1. Best ENG boom pole

    Look at the K-Tek or PSC line of poles. Go into your local dealer and check them out.
  2. Gear Appraisal

    I'm out of suggestions. IMO I think you're over complicating the issue. Good luck on finding a solution that works for you.
  3. Gear Appraisal

    Ok, try this. Everyone make a list of the new cost of all their gear then deduct 25% for wear & tear, age, etc. That should put you in the ballpark.
  4. Yes that's correct. The TC direction depends on how the 5 pin lemo is wired. It can be wired for TC out or TC in or IN & Out depending on what it's being connected to. In the picture the Lemo is at the input end (female xlr's) of the snake which says the TC signal is from the Lemo to the BNC at the output end (male XLR's). While wiring a BNC is fairly easy, wiring a 5 pin lemo correctly can make you crazy if you've never done it before. Be sure if you buy that snake you specify what TC connector goes on which end.
  5. Gear Appraisal

    In that case check the used gear listings on dealers websites or Ebay and see what they are selling for. Just because they are no longer made does not mean they don't have a value.
  6. Zaxcom ERX cable

    You are doing it right. The grounds for TC & audio get tied together on the 3.5mm TRS and pins 1 & 3 in the XLR are grounded together for an unbalanced audio connection.
  7. DPA 4063's in high wind

    The Rycote Overcovers (little furry disc windshields) work wonders for wind issues.
  8. Gear Appraisal

    I would suggest totaling the new replacement costs of everything and work from there, assuming it's for insurance coverage. There are many variables to be considered such as age, condition, used market prices, analog or digital, etc, etc.
  9. Wiring COS-11D for Interchangeable Connectors

    It's all in knowing the correct wiring. For replacing the TA5 with a 3.5mm TRS. The shield & the white wire of the COS-11 get connected together at the ground on the 3.5mm, the black wire goes to the tip of the 3.5 mm. For an adapter that allows you to use the Lectro wired lav with a Sennheiser tx you'll need a TA 5 MALE connector wired as follows. Jump pins 2 & 4, Pin 1 is ground, Pin 3 is audio. Connect Pin 1 to the sleeve/ground of the 3.5mm TRS and Pin 3 to the Tip.
  10. They sound very similar almost impossible to say which is which. Nothing to worry about IMO. If there's a HPF on the 8060 I would keep it on.
  11. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    A couple of my favorites are: "Can you read it faster but make it sound slower?" The other one is, When the copy was 9 seconds longer than 60 seconds for the spot, the producer said "let's mix it with M & E and where it's long we'll shorten it" Still trying to figure that one out after 40 years.
  12. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    The entire script was a two word tag line. "On NBC"
  13. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Producer to VO guy, "great reading but it sounds like a Wednesday reading. Can you make it sound like a Sunday reading?"
  14. T power to 48v

    No higher praise for Pete than to say, "here at Production Sound Solutions in Ft. Lauderdale Pete is our goto guy for all T power to 48vp conversions for our customers."
  15. View From The Office:

    Not worth 10 cents when watching at home is so much better.