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  1. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    The white is bias and the black is audio. Pin 1 is the ground, Pin 3 is mic level audio and pin 5 is line level.
  2. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    Reduced sensitivity functions are built into the mic not the connector. The Sanken reduced output versions are 10db down from the regular versions regardless of what connector is attached.
  3. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    The best wiring for the COS-11 to Lectro TA-5 is as follows. The white wire and the ground wire goes to pin 1, the black wire goes to pin 3, jump pins 2 & 4. Guaranteed to give you more gain than you can ever need.
  4. Sound Devices & Audio Ltd

    Sound Devices Named North American Distributor for Audio Ltd As an exclusive distributor for Audio Ltd, Sound Devices will bring the new A10 Digital Wireless Microphone System to North America and Latin America effective November 1, 2017. Statement from the Vice President of Sales at Sound Devices, LLC, Ed Capp: "Sound Devices is excited to be named the distributor for Audio Ltd’s new A10 Digital Wireless Microphone System. For decades, Audio Ltd has been a highly regarded wireless company in the TV/Film production industry. This is a great chance for both companies to showcase how well our products can work together to ensure a premium path of audio from transmitter to the mixer. We look forward to bringing the A10 system to a wider audience." Read the full news announcement from Audio Ltd.
  5. If your grounds are separate and isolated from each other you should be fine. I'm a bit concerned about radiated RF or crosstalk within the multipairs. You would have to build the assembly and then test it. Even then there are no guarantees.
  6. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    From what I read on the 10T specs page it appears the duplex XLR inputs can be either mic or line level but the 1/4" are line level only.
  7. TA3f to TA5f (Lectrosonics)

    There are many ways to skin this cat. Once it works I don't try to fix it anymore.
  8. TA3f to TA5f (Lectrosonics)

    The top diagram is what I always use. You ground pins 1 & 3 on the TA3 to pins 1 & 4 on the TA5 ends and connect pin 2 on the TA3 to pin 5 on the TA5. Always works just fine.
  9. Sonotrim: Positive or Negative Bias?

    Positive bias lavs have the ground and bias wire connected to the ground (pin 1) and the audio wire to pin 3 in a TA5 connector. Negative bias lavs have the ground and bias feed connected to pin 3 and the audio feed connected to the ground. Try mixing both types together and listen for any difference if any.
  10. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    The Rycote Overcovers are the best for eliminating clothing noise or wind noise when used outside clothing. The ME 2's size makes it difficult to hide under clothing. I don't understand how a $15-$20 lav rental is going to make them go over budget or go broke. Hope you're getting paid fairly.
  11. Trade Shows and Expos

    I think the closest to the UK would be I.B.C. expo in Amsterdam starting in about 10 days. www.ibc.org.

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  13. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Goo-Gone works pretty good but leaves an oily residue that can be removed with liquid soap & a paper towel.
  14. The Opposite of Mixing?

    Close enough for Government work.
  15. MKE2-5 to XLR

    Red goes to pin 2, Blue to pin 3 and shield to pin 1. You can't power a lav with 48vp if that's what you're trying to do by using an XLR connector. Lavs normally run on 3-5 volts supplied by a wireless transmitter. 48v phantom will damage the MKE2.