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  1. and the best reason is that I'll be there to host & MC the JW/RAMPS party.
  2. Legendary for sure and not in his own mind either.
  3. Plan ahead. The 2018 NAB convention will be April 9-12, 2018. So the party will be April 10th.
  4. Yes it does.
  5. As of today Professional Sound Services of Ft. Lauderdale is no more. But fear not the new name is "Production Sound Solutions" now owned & operated by Eric Toline & Ahmed Lugo. Address & telephone numbers are the same. I am still going to be the chief curmudgeon that you all have grown to know & love.
  6. What is an audio pit? If you mean the Mixers party it's Tuesday night April 25th at Satays. More details on that on this home page at the top.
  7. The RATPACK connectors are a study in frustration. The tiny set screws do not hold the front piece securely for any length of time. I've found that using clear nail polish on the front piece threads as an adhesive, clamping the assembly in a vise until the polish dries with the set screws tightened as tight as possible does a very good job of locking everything in place......hopefully. At $35 each they are way overpriced.
  8. Allied Electronics has them for $4-$5 less than Mouser.
  9. A 1db difference between the loudest & softest parts sitting @ -.05 db on the meter seems to be reasonable.
  10. user name & password is most likely what you registered with.
  11. Be happy in the knowledge that it will only take a few weeks perhaps with Sennheiser. If it was a Schoeps that had to go back to the factory it would take 8-10 weeks before you got it back from Germany.
  12. Open the barrel on the TRS connector and check the wiring. You should have the white and ground wires together on the TRS ground connection, the black wire goes to the short tab, that's the tip connection. That has always worked for every COS-11 that get's connected to a wireless transmitter.
  13. Using .032 diameter 60% rosin core solder will eliminate any heating issues. The smaller diameter heats and flows faster than larger sizes. I use the basic Weller soldering set up with the temp knob set at #4. I don't know what temp that is but it works perfectly at that setting. Since it's not broken I don't try to fix it.
  14. Rosin core solder has all the flux you need. Stay away from mixing rosin core solder with the lead free solder as they don't bond together and cracks will develop in the solder joint. Much like a cold solder joint.
  15. The Lectro plug on units we used powered other microphones with no problems. The CMC 6 in question worked fine at both 12 & 48vp when fed from a mixer. I should add that the mic used to work fine with a plug on tx and then just stopped a couple of days ago. In any event the mic is on it's way to Schoeps via Redding Audio and should be back in about 2 months.