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  1. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    Yes the TL 40 looks like a COS 11 both being top loaders, it's the 801 & 802 that looks like a Tram being front loaders.
  2. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Yes it is.
  3. Pictures up load problem

    When I try to attach pictures to a posting I get the following notice: "There was a problem processing the up loaded file -200" Tried on 2 different comps, same result.
  4. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    I make 4" long adapters that allow Lectro TA5 terminated lavs to be used with Sennheiser G series transmitters and adapters that will allow G series 3.5mm TRS terminated mics to be used with Lectro TA5 terminated transmitters.
  5. Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    COS-11 will surprise you with the G3, makes the G3 sound much better. Do your normal gain staging and have fun.
  6. Very strange. We go through about 20 TA 3,4 & 5 pin Rean connectors a month for the last 3 years and have never had an issue with them as you describe.
  7. Irrelevant. Any 2 conductor shielded cable will work just fine.
  8. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Them I'm sure you remember these:
  9. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    The ST-70 wasn't an Eico it was a 35wpc Dynakit poweramp that connected up to the PA 2 or 3 preamp. As I recall the ST-70 had 6L6's or EL 34's as output tubes. Such big fat sound going into a set of JBL D130's 15" woofers with JBL xovers and the 075 ring radiator tweeters. As it's said "those were the days."
  10. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Thank you for the kind words Larry. At this point in my long & storied audio career I'm trying to pay it forward as best I can. It's been 64 years since I built my first Hi-Fi set from an Eico amplifier kit, best part it's still fun and I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up with the digital world while having an analog education.
  11. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    I stand corrected on the pin numbers, I must have had a mild case of aixelsyd.
  12. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Larry, I should have qualified that wiring as being for Zaxcom transmitters as all of the 3 pin lemo lav connectors I've done have been for Zaxcom tx. I've confirmed that wiring with Zaxcom and testing at my shop confirms my previous diagram as being correct for Zaxcom tx units. If every wireless manufacturer could only standardize on a common input connector (TA5) life would be a lot simpler. Can you imagine what chaos there would be if microphones had different output connectors instead of the standard XLR-M?
  13. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    From the solder side the pins on 3 pin Lemo are as on a clock face with pin 1 at 12, pin 2 at 3 and pin 3 at 9. There is a key bump on the pin block directly over pin one. Once you find it, mark it with a sharpie so you can find it again. The black mark also helps in the placement of the metal half covers that go around the pin block. The black mark should show thru the cut out in one of the covers when it's in the correct position.
  14. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    In talking to Glenn Sanders from Zaxcom just now about this issue he said "Pin 3 on the Zax is 3.3vdc power for 3 wire lavs." I wouldn't connect up to it.
  15. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    The wiring that works with Sanken COS-11 for 3 pin Lemo for Zax tx is: Ground & White to Pin 1, Black/audio to pin 2. No connection to pin 3. I'm not sure if Lectro uses the same pin for audio, they might be using Pin 3 as they do on the TA 5 connector. You might try moving the black wire to pin 3 for Lectro Lemo connector. Also try jumping pins 2 & 3 and create a universal connection.
  16. wireless receiver antenna

    Have you tried Sennheiser directly? They're in Old Lyme, Connecticut.
  17. wireless receiver antenna

    Really easy, the 500 range antennas are longer than the 600 range. The two shortest are the 600.
  18. Rental and vendors near Michigan/in the Midwest.

    Second City Sound is closest to you and is a great full service operation. Gerry Formicola owns SCS and is a delight to deal with as is his entire staff.
  19. Headphone

    Ultrasone 580 are my choice.
  20. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    Same as I do and I rewire 3-4 sets a month for the local mixers here.
  21. Condenser mic stored in a PVC pipe - technical question

    Plug in the mic and test it. If it sounds good, it is good. Don't sweat the petty stuff,
  22. Lavalier outer jacket repair

    A fast fix is to smooth the cover down and coat area with clear nail polish.
  23. DIY camera snake?

    If you cut back the outer jacket enough to fit the Neutrik connector and cover the exposed wires with shrink tubing you should be fine with the Sommer cable.
  24. DIY camera snake?

    No problem with tying all the shields together, I do it all the time.
  25. DIY camera snake?

    Usually camera snakes are about 25 feet long with an 18 inch break away at the camera end with a 9 inch fan out. Your best choice would be a 4 pair cable as it's easier to handle and an overall smaller diameter than 4 separate cables bound with zip ties. Mogami has the most flexible multi pair cables. I'm not sure that running TC in the snake is the best choice as cross talk or TC bleeding into the audio lines is always an accident looking for a place to happen.