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  1. Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    can you send to several receivers at the same time ?
  2. Zoom F8

    Manual is online !
  3. Booming in rain

    http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php?pid=82&language=fr Envoyé de mon iPhone à l'aide de Tapatalk
  4. My COS-11 technique

    Nice! How do you apply on a clothes and skin? With transpore at the base? Thxs
  5. Sound Devices 664

    see a short report video in japanese here: you can see the screen...
  6. Show me your bag

  7. Zaxcom- MAXX

    Very important thing to know for me: are the four "iso" tracks necessarily Pre fader or can we set them as post ? Certain jobs can ask for post fade tracks (surrounding recordings, wild tracks, ...) Would be really a pity if it is not possible as I guess it technically nothing to achieve. Thxs Best Simon
  8. Dear Tapio, Do you mean that on all HDCAM (750, 790, 900) and (maybe DSR series), you can have a stereo return from earphone? (I always thought that it was impossible and was compelled to monitor either channel 1, channel 2 or the mono mix). That would be a revolution for me (unfortunately I can't find the menu "page 06: HEADPHONE OUT (MONO / STEREO)" in the user guide of the F900). Thxs in advance, Best Simon
  9. Lightweight bags

    I love my Sonosax SXM32. Preamp sound quality is amazing. You got one aes output. Direct outputs pre fader (or post) very helpful for use with a 744 for example. One downside is power consumption though with NP1 70W it can handle almost one day with one 48V and two wireless. Biggest frustration is it is only 3 channels...
  10. Lightweight bags

    Wow... great job. Something I dont understand: you have one L/R switch for each input: that would mean that you can send both inputs to the same channel (L or R) ? This acts as a mixer then (or can you only send one input to one channel) ? With gain control, this is fabulous. I absolutely need to build one of these myself for my Sonosax SXM32 which have also a Mix In input. But I am so bad in electronic, would you have the schematic (and name of the components especially for the boost in gain) ? It would be wonderful. Very thanks in advance
  11. Lightweight bags

    The last questiin was actually for Rob! Sorry
  12. Lightweight bags

    Thank you Simon. Great indeed. Could you please explain how is built your fader box and maybe post pictures? Thxs Simon
  13. Lightweight bags

    how do you do it on the 302? Dont you need an extra "custom fader boxe " as used by Simon ?
  14. Lightweight bags

    Simon, Your setup is great but there is one thing I cannot understand: how can you mix channel 3 and 4 ? You have no faders for those channels? So it is either all opened or closed? Thanks Simon
  15. Nomad Simulator Availability

    For mac users, please note that the app is running perfectly on mac using Crossover.