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  1. Definitely a step up from counterfeit 416s. They even got their own logo!
  2. 70 € for shipping a 4071. Nuff said.
  3. Good for you, cbsixty. I've had a few 4060s get cable breaks near the capsule, so straight to the garbage. Strain relief is a must for these mics. DPA slim might be better in that respect.
  4. Check out the FB group London/UK Production Sound Dept. They're very open about theirrates but don't take kindly on lowballers, just as it should be ;-) However, they're not really post folks but they can surely forward you to the right people.
  5. Constantin and Martin, sitting on the tree... sorry, I'm sorry, you guys.
  6. It's what I do too, but I find it quite fumbly and sometimes unexpected things happen when pushing the menu button to turn. A logarithmic scale would be the most elegant solution for sure, as 1 Hz steps are really useless when I try to notch out, say, a hiss between 9000 and 11000 Hz. There, pressing the menu button and turning for 100 clicks will move the freuqnecy by 1000 Hz, which is very unelegant. Just saying, since I find the Nomad to be very elegant in general, except in this instance.
  7. The second item is the phantom power box. It runs on a 9V. Very satisfied with it. Works with all my mics (Schoeps etc.)
  8. to you too, Vas, and everybody else on here!
  9. You probably already sent it away, but if strange sounds come out of a Schoeps, put it in its box in a dry and not cold room for a day or two and then check if it still sounds bad. Hot/cold/humidity affect Schoeps more than other mice but the effect is often not permanent.
  10. yes, you can totally do a sweep and monitor the notch, but it takes some practice, as the frequency moves linear as opposed to logarithmically, so the higher up you go the longer it takes. On my (and maybe others') request now you can press the menu button while turning, then the frequency will move in larger steps (50 instead of 5 Hz I think). But you can also dial in a random frequency number that you suspect a noise in, and go from there, which is what I do. I have an app on my phone that I use when I'm not sure what frequency I might be dealing with (I'm not one of the guys that are like 'yup, 745 Hz.') which is a bit quicker than just with the Nomad, as you can't "invert" the notch on the Nomad.
  11. I like this thread. We're all in the same boat, brothers and sisters! It has happened to me, too, and the seconds while deciding whether to call out on your mistake or wait for the next take can seem endless. I did realize that the few times I did not roll on a take was mostly because of bad communication on set. In one case during an interview the director would call cut but the camera would keep rolling, then the director would just ask another question, without announcing that we roll again, and I missed the cue. Once I realized, told them technical problems (the interviewee, a big manager guy, was listening and I didn't want to attract too much attention) and we re-did the question. Got a call from post later why that part of the interview is without audio, explained what happened and all was fine.
  12. I don't have the numbers either but I do use the notch filters (two per channel) a lot and am quite impressed by their quality. I never heard any influence to my signal aside from removing the hum or whine I wanted to remove. Compared to using software plugin eqs set to notch in post I find the Nomad notches' effect very effective and good sounding. All you can set is the frequency, nothing else. They must be quite narrow. Don't do much on broader noise sources frequencywise. And yes, they affect tracks both pre and post fader.
  13. I am always very happy and grateful when that happens, but relying or counting on or even asking for that kind of courtesy would be very risky and not apprpriate for doing our job IMO.
  14. By processed I meant preset 1, channel 1 as opposed to unprocessed analog CMIT sound (channel 2). AFAIK both SuperCMIT presets on channel 1 are processed.
  15. I use the Kortwich power supply, very small and light, runs for a day on a 9V, and sells at a decent price.