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  1. Jeff, dou you know if there is a particular reason for this? Did movies change locations more often than before that time? Or did "new" filmmaking approaches (Coppola, Scorsese etc.) of around that time facilitate that kind of change?
  2. First shoot (not my own gear): Nagra III & Sennheiser MKH 416. First own kit: Edirol R-44, SIE MP-232, 416, Oktava MK012.
  3. Just went through the MixPre-6 manual. USB keyboard and Bluetooth Wingman app supported. Wow! One question I didn't find an answer to in the manual: If ext LTC is connected (say via a Tentacle or NanoLockit) to the Aux In, does that mean I can only record 4 channels aside from the mix LR? In other words, is 6 channel ISO recording only possible without Timecode?
  4. I personally have never had an issue with combo inputs and haven't heard of anyone ever having one. So I honestly don't get why people complain.
  5. The 302 will stay around for a while, just as ENG teams still use their SQN3s for simple stuff. As long as there will be cameras that record sound more or less professionally. I'm not sure how intuitive the new MixPres are, but it's almost impossible that they will be as self-explanatory and straight on as a purely analog mixer like the 302. The two don't really compare at all.
  6. Looks like in order to get to the card you have to take out the batteries?
  7. This should make quite a bunch of folks who are about to buy an F8 for smaller jobs stop and think again.
  8. Happy birthday Jeff!
  9. They could have painted out the boom pretty easily I'm sure (all green and just one very wide and very long shot) but they wanted dry lav sound and an ISO track of each of the five talents, so I agreed to sit down and mix instead of one man booming it all. Plus I got all the time I needed to adjust and correct lavs until I was 100% satisfied with the results, something that's very rare these days.
  10. If I'm not mistaken the same problem occured on the URSA Pro. The URSA Mini Pro has it fixed. Nice little camera, not sure how loud it gets though.
  11. Great plan Bogdan! You're gonna learn so much on this trip, maybe have some gear stolen, but whatever. I would definitely bring along a binaural mic, because it's the simplest way to achieve full immersion and realistic reproduction of ambient sound (as long as you listen to the recordings with headphones). I use a Soundman OKM mic for stuff like that, record it on an Olympus LS-12. A wool hat on top for windy conditions. If you want to record distant sounds with low noise, I would get a 416 or 816 with wind protection and record mono into a SD 702. Maybe record both the shothgun and binaural at the same time, and build your final sound later. All this stuff would leave you enough money on your budget to buy some cans of beans for the trip. Good luck!
  12. Preparing my first 3D VR shoot. Recording several object based audio tracks (a.k.a. ISOs )
  13. Just confirmed that with the URSA Mini Pro (!) the level can be set manually with both mic and line level on the inputs. Not sure about the URSA Mini though, which is the one you asked about.
  14. My friend just got his URSA mini yesterday, I'll take a look this afternoon and report back.
  15. Is there any recommendation from Tentacle's side as to which settings to use on an Alexa Mini, as these issues seem to happen often with Tentacles (without being their fault obviously)? Nick, you wrote they have tried syncing from the TC input, so is that their recommended way of doing it?