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    Production sound for fiction, docs and commercials. I used to do tv episodical work for a few years but now I mainly do commercial/corporate stuff as it's more family friendly. Here and there I do some audio post, too.
  1. These knobs would look cool on my Nomad...
  2. If possible consider headworn mics (cardioid), such as the DPA 4088. Closest possible to mouth and will make no problems in live situations. But of course they are visible.
  3. Had the same problem recently. Don't remember what the reason was, but it was one setting in the menu that wasn't set right. It wasn't the frame rate was it?
  4. I put some recordings of birds of prey (the ones that sometimes eat the small ones) on my phone and play them back via a loud bluetooth speaker, sometimes works well (depends on the birds).
  5. Awesome little thing. I want this!
  6. Quite similar in features to the ULX series, which are great and a standard in event and theater applications. RF power is very low but range is very good nonetheless. No portable receivers though for both ULX and ADX series.
  7. Not one of the SD users here, but have been quite happy with the rather small and simple Nomad/Mix8 combo for fast paced drama productions with several lavs in addition to one or two booms. For commercials, I guess a throw fader board makes a good impression but not sure if I would really need it. Sometimes I have wished for more EQ options, but post tends to dislike EQed tracks and the mix is often almost only for editorial anyway.
  8. OK I'm gonna buy a license if he implements that. Could have used it couple of times already. Just wrote to him.
  9. Is this a series or a movie?
  10. Mallorca, Spain. Could get used to this kind of office view...
  11. Thanks for sharing! I have a vdb that spent too much time near a lamp so one section melted a bit, which makes it hard to extend. Might try a bit of your filing approach.
  12. I agree that 7 ms doesn't matter in relation to picture sync, but I have dialed in a few ms of delay on some inputs to compensate for differences in distance when mixing boom and lavs. For some wide shots it did help me achieve an appropriately sounding mix.
  13. Nice list, Mike, and wow you must have that picture framed above your bed
  14. Jeff, dou you know if there is a particular reason for this? Did movies change locations more often than before that time? Or did "new" filmmaking approaches (Coppola, Scorsese etc.) of around that time facilitate that kind of change?
  15. First shoot (not my own gear): Nagra III & Sennheiser MKH 416. First own kit: Edirol R-44, SIE MP-232, 416, Oktava MK012.