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    Besides work, I write, play and record music: www.belv.es
    Gear geek. Nature. Music. Food.
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    Production sound for fiction, docs and commercials. I used to do tv episodical work for a few years but now I mainly do commercial/corporate stuff as it's more family friendly. Here and there I do some audio post, too.
  1. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    "LiveTrak is also a 14-in/4-out USB audio interface " "Mix and overdub your finished project onLiveTrak" sounds promising... BUT: "Recording format: WAV 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereo WAV format" so one will end up with plenty of mono files. Not so promising...
  2. Zaxcom Nomad notch filter

    I doubt post could hear the Nomad notches being active. They are very transparent yet effective but don't colour the overall sound at all. Which is why it's easy to forget they're on. Maybe it's the wireless that were in use on this particular production?
  3. 600mhz equipment resale?

    The deviation of US transmitters can be changed to the EU mode by a competent seller/repair shop. It is not too expensive and works well.

    Thanks Jim, and RIP Don.
  5. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

  6. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    This may be besides the point, but honestly, if I get asked to work on a student film and they can't afford to rent proper wireless, I would only work with boom and plants instead of working with bad wireless. Good learning effect for them too in many ways.
  7. Tascam DR-70D

    Yes, but only as in 2-channel polyphonic files (aka stereo). 4x Mono and Wave Agent is your friend...
  8. filming in a suana

    make sure who will pay for it if your mic dies and then just go for it, with a backup as said above.
  9. Wireless - Is the sky falling?

    Mike, I always enjoy reading your posts. They read almost like poems. Cheers!
  10. Video Chat with Jan

    A nice chat! Thanks Dave and Jan!
  11. Flat earth... I have no words! Just hahahahaha!
  12. Recording, '50s Style

    These knobs would look cool on my Nomad...
  13. Need 3 wirless mics

    If possible consider headworn mics (cardioid), such as the DPA 4088. Closest possible to mouth and will make no problems in live situations. But of course they are visible.
  14. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Had the same problem recently. Don't remember what the reason was, but it was one setting in the menu that wasn't set right. It wasn't the frame rate was it?
  15. Pesky/noisy bird deterrent

    I put some recordings of birds of prey (the ones that sometimes eat the small ones) on my phone and play them back via a loud bluetooth speaker, sometimes works well (depends on the birds).