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  1. As mumbling seems to become more and more of an issue recently, I'm starting to wonder if there are maybe deeper reasons for this phenomenon. Maybe a generational thing? Maybe because we bow our heads down a lot due to smartphone use, the chest area and lungs become neglected, the breathing becomes flatter, and it gets harder for us to speak loudly and clearly.
  2. +1 for boom ops not needing headphones. It's like directors who used to not look at a screen but instead at the action and trust the DP with the picture. It's not realistic in today's world but I always say booming is as much (or more) of a visual job than an acoustic one (which is why I'm not very good at it).
  3. YMMV. I had a few directors ask me why I didn't stop a take when I already knew that there was a problem. Normally they don't want somebody else to call cut but it really depends on the director's style of working, and also what they are used to. If they are used to very nitpicky sound folk they will wonder if you do your job right if you don't hassle them constantly, but if in turn they are used to the sound dept. never complaining they might get nervous if you let them know there are problems more than just once in a while. It's one of those things where the sound mixer's personality and ability to walk the tight rope of production sound is so important.
  4. My kids are 6 and 8 years old. For the first three years my wife worked full time, after birth part time for a few months with each kid. I took the jobs that came along and my parents helped out as they don't live too far away. My wife eventually quit her job because the kids missed her too much, and I started to get more and better jobs around then so we managed financially. We don't live in New York but let me just say that these first few years in your kids' lives will never come back. And family is more important than any job. Sometimes one has to sacrifice one for the other. I did pass on jobs that might have given me a better career for my family's sake, and so has my wife. A few years later, we don't regret any of that. We're happy now. Opportunities will keep coming. Kids grow. They'll be big sooner than you can grasp.
  5. I do that sometimes on my Nomad. No need for further processing.
  6. I don't record empty tracks. As long as tracks are named, edit should be fine is what I guess, and noone's complained yet.
  7. haha, at least I'm not alone in this...
  8. aww goddamn I'm so freakin jealous! J Mascis!!!! And all I get to record is freakin' future cars...
  9. I think you're in for a fun shoot! The advice above says it all...
  10. I tried the Rodelink plug on Tx recently. Great product in general, has phantom power, thought this might come in handy for plant situations, and it's very cheap for what it does. However the noise floor of the system is quite noticeable in quiet situations, and it sounds like digital noise. Also as soon as you don't have line of sight connection the signal cuts out a lot. The Rode lavalier sounds good when in plain sight, but if you hide it it gets very muffled sounding. So the Rode stuff is great for low budget shooters, but not useable in tough situations.
  11. Spot on post. Thinking I might print this out, frame it and hang it above my cart (by your permission of course, Philip!)
  12. Hi Ryan. It's different depending on the kind of shoot. If I do a sit down interview and have to hide the lav I aim for 100%. If it's narrative it depends on what I can get from the boom. If I know I won't need to catch lines with any given lav I will at times not bother with the lav rustle (but if it's bad I won't even record that lav). If I know editorial works a lot with lavs and off lines I will take more care to get them clean. But there are times when acting, wardrobe or other reasons make it very hard to get the lav clean and consistent, so in those instances sometimes I just have to let it go and if needed get a wild line. But if I got rustle 50-60% of the time I would probably try different placement methods, or (if the materials are the reason) talk to wardrobe.
  13. Definitely a step up from counterfeit 416s. They even got their own logo!
  14. 70 € for shipping a 4071. Nuff said.
  15. Good for you, cbsixty. I've had a few 4060s get cable breaks near the capsule, so straight to the garbage. Strain relief is a must for these mics. DPA slim might be better in that respect.