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  1. The Production Sound Mixer on Mamma Mia was Simon Hayes Amps CAS who regularly posts on JW Sound. Simon won an Academy Award for Les Miserables and I'm proud to have him as a friend & colleague.
  2. The astonishing part of this request was that Ben was able to fulfil the request virtually immediately not the following day.
  3. More likely to be recorded on to 35mm fully coated stock.
  4. Eric, I'm afraid All Is Not Well. A good friend of mine had a piece of new equipment on consignment at PSS New York. This was sold but no payment was forthcoming. When my friend heard of the sale of the company he contacted the new owners Who said "not our problem see the previous owners". This proved impossible as the new owners woildn't release any contact details so my guy was over $1000 out of pocket and no way of contacting the ex owner. It was only when someone marched into PSS and finally left with the money.
  5. Canare is readily available in the UK from Canford or Studiospares to name but two. A good idea for you is to contact either Henry Smith or Stuart Torrance. They are making Hirose leads day in and day out and if you are hell bent on making your own leads I'm sure they will sell you the cable.
  6. I was given 2 of the 1Kg sticks by some prop guys in Cologne. The nick name on set in Germany is Elephant Shit. It's really good stuff, much better tha Blue Tack.
  7. Robert, I remember Pinewood and Shepperton studios in the UK mid 80's. The red light and bell were the exclusive domain of the Sparks. Last time I was there it was a runner in charge of it and people were wandering in and out when the red was up as all the door interlocks seemed to have been removed or weren't working
  8. When describing the cable orientation it is much easier to use the clock system. Straight up being 12 o'clock, straight down being 6 etc. I can't think of one cable technician in the Uk who doesn't use this system.
  9. In weight alone it's a no brainer. The Kortwich is only a few ounces against the SQN's few pounds.
  10. Phillip, I personally don't know anyone using the 'Pink Noise' one. It wasn't available when I had the 633's. (both of which came from Pink). I'll put the feelers out on the UK groups and find out who uses one. I would suspect that it will be very good as Pinknoise aren't just box sellers. John McCombie was a highly respected recordist before he changed track to selling gear so anything he has a hand in would get my vote of approval.
  11. I bought the three way Kortwich to use with a 633. It was excellent, very low noise and did everything it said on the box. I bought the six way to use with the Mini Solice and once again it was faultless.
  12. Fairly easy Vin until you get to my age and close up vision starts going!!
  13. There is legislation in the UK to cover this. 8% plus an admin charge of 40UK£
  14. The 3D printed caps made by Eric Kryglemans must be the way to go as they not only eliminate all the mixing of epoxy but allow you to have the cable exit at any clock orientation and also allow you to pull the xlr into its component parts to solder.
  15. I think it's made in Switzerland Mike.