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  1. Miami best blocks

    Thanks for the help and info everyone!
  2. Miami best blocks

    Ouch, ok... I'll make sure I take some butter with. Thanks, I saved your number. Will defo get in touch if need be.
  3. Miami best blocks

    Hi All, I have an upcoming shoot in Miami, and wanted to know which freq blocks you guys/gals suggest? I did some searching around on JW and didn't find concrete info other than Miami being a nightmare in terms of RF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Ps. On Freq finder, it seems 470 to 668Mhz is all noise!

    I have both 4017c and MKH50. Did a series all indoors and we tried the 4017 a few times on wide shots and found that it often picked up more reflections than the mkh50. Which makes sense since it's a shotgun. For closer framing it sounds amazing and it's a perfect interview mic for talking heads indoors and outdoors. Outdoors I was surprised at how much reach the 4017 has.
  5. Renting out / Renting in extra gear

    Thanks for the replies so far... Yeah, its a tricky one.. I live in a small city and rent in extras from a few local guys, but again its always tough especially if they suddenly need to use the item themselves. But it usually works out fine with enough notice, and of course if the source is reliable. I do also sometimes think it would be good for my gear to also earn a bit of extra money on the side instead of lying around in a drawer when not needed, coz face it.. we don't always have every piece of kit that we own on every job that we do.
  6. So I was wondering… where do you guys rent your gear from? and do you rent out your personal gear to other people in your area? I know that places like LA, London etc. have large rental house as well as most sound recordists have their own kit (myself included). But if you need something extra, say, extra wireless channels for a specific job or extra IFB’s etc. Where do you usually rent from? From a local SR or from a rental house? I’ve always preferred to rent in extra bits from a local sound recordist, but always been reluctant to rent out my own gear to people I don’t know. feedback and thoughts appreciated…
  7. Check out the audioroot 49wh batteries as an alternative. They are robust and very light. I usually need 2 a day, (3 with overtime) to power a 633, 2X SR and a G3 for scratch.
  8. New Steadicam at Cinegear

    Same Guy that dropped it too....

    If only there was a way to have a separate ERX feed where you can monitor the HP output, then you could leave your audio bag off to the side and just have an iPad, wireless boom and ERX on your person. If that was possible I'd totally switch to a zaxcom system!
  10. Lithium batts on flight - new rules?

    I flew from Geneva to Cape Town, then Johannesburg and then Kigali in January, took 2 73wh Np1's and one of the camera ops 98wh batts in hand luggage with no problems. Just tape the connectors and make sure you have batts under 100wh with you. Also took the same combo of batts to Cambodia in October with no problems
  11. 8060 and 4017 in humid/wet environments

    Just got back from 10 days in Cambodia. Used a 4017c as my principle mic. No problems at all with 85% humidity everyday. Also in and out of buildings with A/c with no problems.
  12. Microphone/Beltpack adapters on ebay...

    Has anyone here used these Has anyone used these adaptors with Servo wired COS-11's? I bought one and it doesn't seem to work with my lavs. I tested the adapter with a multimeter and I think TA5 pin 2 is wired to the tip. Shouldn't it be pin 3?
  13. Sony FS7

    ​Hi Rodrigo, Just did 2 days with an FS7 and the V-lock addition. Thought I could jam sync in the morning and at lunch (like with EX/PDW), but within 2hrs the internal TC was out by about 10 seconds. Definitely need a lockit box / ERX
  14. Lavalieres and Pace Makers

    This is an old thread, I know... Has anyone mic'd up someone with a pacemaker, where the RF from the Tx causes problems? If so, any hints as to how to avoid causing trouble?
  15. FAKE Sennheiser MKH 416 ALLERT!

    So annoying.. I unfortunately have just bought one of these too.. its exactly the same as in angelpgrandi's pics... Even the rusty staples on the manual! just messaged the seller telling him I want to send it back and expect a full refund + shipping costs. Wish me luck.. ** I suppose it was too good to be true.