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  1. Lawrence Chick

    Freight rates & other things

    Hey Laurie, nice to see you here too ..., Yes and Rastorder's cart has been serving me well ever since it arrived here in Kuala Lumpur. Best Regards, Lawrence Chick
  2. Lawrence Chick

    My Bag Light

    With a little velcro I could put it on my cart too....
  3. Lawrence Chick

    My Bag Light

    Hi, It's not 3D printed. I think it's some sort of dye that they used. As for the power switch, I picked it in a hurry on one of those days I was getting pass some electrical shops and it just caught my eye. I'm guessing it's probably one of those from China. The power socket, I know for sure, as I had to specially order it. It's from Switchcraft and it's mating part is the the 761K model which is common with your bag's power distributor. Hope that helps. Post me a photo should you build one yourself ya
  4. Lawrence Chick

    My Bag Light

    Here are some other views of it ...
  5. Lawrence Chick

    My Bag Light

    Here's another one of my DIY projects, and it has gone through it's first test last weekend on a night shoot and some various low light conditions after that ...
  6. Lawrence Chick

    6 new Ambient products

    Hi Tim, please check your message box. PM Sent. Thanks.
  7. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

    Scott, Sorry didn't quite get your question on hitting the sides of the bag, but I use Neutriks connectors for the XLRs too. Lawrence
  8. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

    Hi, When I use the whips, I mount directly on the PSC distro itself. If there's any dislike about the PSC, I must admit that it's an incredible tight fit to put them in (and taking them out). This is using the whips supplied by Lectro. Otherwise, a happy user. Hope that helps. Lawrence
  9. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

    Thanks Steve, Yes, I do like the PSC antenna distro a lot and it does take a bit more battery juice if you need to power up your active sharkfins, so just factor that in to bring more batteries on set or a charger. If you are using it with whips, then it uses lesser battery. Perhaps that was just stating the obvious, since obviously it definitely needs some power to power up the active sharkfins. Just a heads up only. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. Hope that helps. Lawrence
  10. Hi Brandon, It was made up from various existing sets of Legos. Best Regards, Lawrence
  11. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

  12. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

    Hi Guys, Firstly i have to thank Scott Farr, for his original idea in colour coding his 8 pcs of 411 in a way I liked it. However, I understand that he actually painted over the unit. However, it wouldn't be my personal preference in case for whatever reason I was going to sell then like errr.... 20 years down the line (kidding). But hence, after much thought, I had idea of putting heat shrink sleeves over them. And so here it is. Hope you guys find this helpful. Just my bit of sharing.. Best Regards, Lawrence
  13. Lawrence Chick

    DIY-Colour Code

    So my DIY Right angle connector gets to join the rest of my DIY colour codes family...
  14. Basically the place where I'm at, almost everything comes to a screeching halt during the Chinese New Year holidays last weekend,... hence the light hearted pix... Glad you enjoyed it...
  15. Lawrence Chick

    DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Eric, thanks for the kind comments.. I wanted to TA3 connectors for my 788T, but timing didn't allow me and the lack of parts. I'm hoping to get the Rean connectors (as I could only get the normal ones) as they seems to allow more space, than the "normal" connector... Honestly, this was a "project" I've been eyeing to do for months,... and finally had a long weekend to allow me to do it,... and those "Lego Sound Carts" just for laughs...