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  1. +1 Another piece of hardware abandoned by Zaxcom....
  2. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Probably due to the weak pound
  3. New Zaxcom small transmitter - ZMT

    I also chose using 4060 (slims) with my TRXLAs, low sens was a no go hiss wise
  4. the FRC8 is almost the same size as the Mix8 , but a lot thinner Trade off for the short faders,is getting a lot more of control, in fact you can control everything of the F8 from the FCR
  5. no "delete me" file on Zax TRX

    It has been replaced with the SNXXXX.ME file (serial number of your TRX)
  6. Let's see your lavaliere kit!

    http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/92-143_SENNHEISER-MZ-2-3-GOLD-MAKE-UP-PROTECTION-CAPS-pack-of-10 Enviado desde mi D6603 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Zoom F8 MP3 time code

    Just tried to record a few MP3s on my F8 and they show fine on BWF Widget
  8. Lemo right-angle plugs

    I thought that with these new Anglissimo Lemos the user could change the angle themselves depending on use....
  9. Zoom F8

    Zoom FRC fader controller for F8 & F4 Available January 2017 https://www.zoom.co.jp/ja/products/field-recording/frc-8-f-series-remote-controller
  10. Mod Squad

    Looks very nice ! I suppose this blocks you from using at least XLR input 1 and maybe 2 if not using 90º Hiroses
  11. Right angled Lemo

    In UKSU there was a post recently about one I think from Wendy's Broadcast
  12. Identify this Slate

    It's probably a early Ben Fisher/Fisher Robotics Slate The guy went out of business fairly quickly due to bad business practices.
  13. Lectro PDR, not Lectro PMR

    Was more referring to the previous quote saying : Since its not a transmitter its not really stepping on any patent. Its just another recorder as far as anybody is concerned.
  14. Lectro PDR, not Lectro PMR

    So where is the difference ?