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  1. the MKH8060 has a hotter output as well (63mV/Pa) vs MKH416 (25 mV/Pa) So you will need to apply less gain from the 8060 to get to the same level as the 416 At the same gain settings MKH416 Equivalent noise level 13 dB MKH8060 Equivalent noise level 11 dB
  2. Zaxnet Slate

    Ok If now all these 3 manufacturers could kind of "work" together to bring a more elegant solution to this
  3. Betso slate WTCS-1

    New firmware released, to make it compatible with movie slate app
  4. Deva 24

    Ditto +1
  5. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    And are heavier as well It does an amazing job getting rid of Aircon, ballast fan noises, etc... the constant the noise is, the better job it does. I use it mainly on commercials and when shooting in bad designed Soundstages or interiors especially in summer where they need to have the aircon always on , or in locations you can still hear the genny rumble. It also gives you a more clear idea what can be achieved in post NR wise and depending on the circumstances not being a PITA on set With only -2 or -3db noise reduction you can already hear the difference. Was in the market to buy SUPERCMIT but finally found that for my work the DNS 2 was more flexible, had 2 channels, and can use it with any mic I want, Also with the new short shotguns coming to market (4017, mini CMIT, 8060) IMHO the SUPERCMIT size is becoming a huge mic to use & handle :-) Rental wise I try to do my best, but it not easy. On the other hand would someone using SUPERCMIT charge more ?
  6. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Still In the process of configuring the bag
  7. Zaxcom Bluetooth

    If Zaxcom would add Transport control to the Nomad Touch software ,(plus the Bluetouch dongle) something similar could be achieved
  8. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Yes ofcourse
  9. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    So has anyone finally bought one ? would really like to see real life pictures of the bag :-)
  10. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Sennheiser barclip with a 3D printed COS11 adapter
  11. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    The introductory price is awesome but their shipping costs are outrageous for outside the US
  12. Zaxnet Slate

    Velcroing an ERX on the back of a TS3 or any other smart slate to have Zaxnet TC doesn´t seem too difficult. What I would really love to see is the metadata info like Scene and Take. Since Zaxcom doesn't seem interested designing one Been trying to convince Jan from Betso to see if he would be interested in collaborating with Zaxcom to see if there was a possibility to adapt his new slate firmware wise, to "understand" the Zaxnet TC stream with all the extra info Since IMHO the new graphic display the Betso WTSC-1 slate has opened a lot possibilities for that
  13. Betso slate WTCS-1

    I've received mine last week Really like the design , the construction, feels solid, plus of course all the new features it offers Paired with a TCX-2+ it makes sync very easy :-)
  14. Funny that a G3s system has the same value , except that the retail price is 3 x less