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  1. AES inputs on high track machines

    I think SD970 does it Alternatives might be a bit ... since there are two venues - 788T x 2 or any recorder + another one covers 16 tracks ...;)
  2. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    Totally agreed! That wasn’t obvious to me at all too. I struggled quite a bit at the beginning when I got them on my hands. Like the first time I got my Nomad and QRX100 stuff. Massive confusion... at the beginning.
  3. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    Technically, there are open full frequency channels for self-tuning. you can sync other transmitters ( sen, evo etc.) from those channels. and you could save those frequencies on that channel as well. They got that open freq channel since the beginning.
  4. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    It’s like all the sennheiser 3000 series. Lots of transmitters are on different frequency plan but in same TV channel. I assume their idea is to have planty frequency options when lots lots wireless working in the same environment, with different owners or big opera show etc. I did talk to wsiycom about the frequency plan. They mentioned the previous version is on different plan. For the two you have, I don’t really think it’s avoiding intermod purpose. They seemed just had different frequency plan. Hiro
  5. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    http://www.wisycom.com/www3/products/category/programmers I assume you need a UPK (mini) to align your two units, or send one back to get back to a dealer or mothership to get the same plan. In addition, on the receiver if there are open gr/ch , you could manually set the ch to be same as another.
  6. M/S mic for documentaries

    it depends, I assume MKH418s, AT4029 and Sanken CSS5, M are all shotgun type... I might be wrong, but please check, they probably got more reach than you expected.
  7. M/S mic for documentaries

    According to the dealer, it does change the sound quality if you switch from 48v phantom to 9v battery. The mic is quit heavy as well.
  8. M/S mic for documentaries

    Lots of my friends on MKH418, I had few doc jobs required stereo for atmosphere, so I had chance to their 418. I would say it's great piece of gear. Of course if you hate 416, don't come nearer to MKH418. I think the mid part is like 416 sounding However, nowadays I am carrying a different setup for recording stereo atmosphere, which are Zoom H6 + Rode Stereo VideoMic X http://www.rode.com/microphones/stereovideomicx ( they said there are two NTG3 heads without the shotgun pickup pattern and also with all the low cut and sensitivity parameter on the mic itself.) I could set the recording somewhere and pick them up later or asking someone to watch it while I am shooting something with the camera crew. Love the set up. But you have carry a bit more gear on site. Hero
  9. REVIEW: Schoeps miniCMIT

    From what schoeps stated. They should match exactly the same. I would assume in most of situations,they would perform the same.
  10. REVIEW: Schoeps miniCMIT

    mini Cmit seems picking up more room echo than other shotguns. I sold and bought microphones, so no serious A/B comparing testing tho... I had cs3e, 8060, 416 as shotgun, MKH50 as interior mic. I never expecting the mini cmit has the same pickup pattern indoor as the MKH50, but it feels quite a bit echoey, maybe it's only from me. Hiro
  11. MiniCMIT

    I am using kit2, but I think rycote design one specially for MiniCmit.
  12. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    It's not about what Schoeps or how many you use. It's how you use them. From the situation you describe, 416 and DPA 4063 lavs are good combination. I don't see why they can't work.
  13. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    1k or 1.5k resistors I assume. The picture showed at least 3k or more.
  14. Any WISYCOM users?

    Sync them: 1. MCR42: Press Sync button for 2-3 sec, screen : sync RX1 , press ok 2. MTP40s: scroll menu to infared page. 3. Put the infared window near to each other. sorry, my english is a bit rough but hopefully works I think the short range might be caused by Freq scan and inter-mod. Let's say you adjust your group to 28 ( if here is a preset freq. this is not frequency block) and scan that group of channels, and take the best one , and test distance again. Good luck Hiro
  15. iTune does the job, with manually putting stamped TC in artist or album section.
  16. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    I guess I was not the lucky one from yesterday shoot. Noisy white semi transparent shirt + chest hair + leather boot and belt, every movement made a hell lot of noise. Tried all my skills ... subject was a bit anonyed I felt. Ended up mute the lav completedly, and MKH50 on top of his head all day long. Not bad sounding... guess I need more practice on my hiding lav skill! Hiro
  17. sound devices 633 inputs 4-6

    There should not be that much gain applied using Lectro recevicers. I am using Wisy now, sometimes +16 gain on the 4-6 channels are needed, but the audio won't be clipping or have clipping effects. The problem might be somewhere else, not the line level inputs on the 4-6 channels I assume.
  18. HELP! Amira not seeing TC from ERX

    Fs7 doesn't have TC in/out, unless the camera is with its external part screwed on. Hiro
  19. G3 system as "Comtek" IEM

    I have been using Sony D11 as the audio monitoring and feed to camera units. They are pretty good on both functions.
  20. Wisycom RF Interference

    If you change the transmission power highmw to low , is that gonna change the noise floor? What is the MCR42s scan like ?
  21. Tentacle Sync - Red Epic-W

    In addition, both devices need to be set to the same frame rate before jamming. As Red Epic 23.98fps, Tentacle set 23.98fps etc, etc .....
  22. Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    Hi Martin, sorry for my late responds... just read the thread. A test might show the difference. But we rarely worked under those weather conditions. After that in-sync incident happened, I was always getting the sync from my tentacle from other mixers'SD, then sync back from my Nomad. In the real world, I guess I had no chance to test again for that. I am on SD633 for most of time.
  23. Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    I wrote on another thread on my Nomad was 1 or 2 sec behind from a 664 and a 633, we jammed at the same time for a joint production. After lunch we simply read out the TC, which I was behind. No shut down or power off. It was -40 degree celsius, which was freezing cold tho. Hiro
  24. Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    I thought there is an internal battery keeping the timecode clock up the speed. I don't the on and off does everything to the timecode not sync... I might be wrong.