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  1. Rycote INV-Lite now shipping

    That doesn't sound right at all.
  2. Rycote INV-Lite now shipping

    That UFO piece you are talking about does come off. I don't own a cyclone but when I checked them out a while back when they first came out I was able to take it off.
  3. Rycote INV-Lite now shipping

    Try switching to the black 72 Shore lyers and see if you are happier. The green lyers are lighter more like a 65 shore or even lighter.
  4. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Keep checking Trews website consignment section probably the best spot for used gear. Also Audio Services has used equipment just not on as big a scale as Trew Audio does but still worth giving them.a.call to find out.
  5. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Audio Services and Trew Audio both have. Call and get a quote
  6. 633 loose object inside machine

    Try unscrewing the top and bottom and see what could be floating around. Pretty sure you won't hurt anything by just unscrewing. OTOH if you just got it brand new take it back and request another.
  7. DPA 4017 c vs b preamp

    I wish dpa would make a b preamp in a smaller size minus the easy switchable rings. Little dip switches in the XLR would be perfect.
  8. Comtek Questions - 72 vs 216 - Old vs New

    I cut my antenna on my non op7 to half the length. No noticeable reduction in distance with a more manageable antenna.
  9. MKH40 high pitch noise

    Ask for a chassis upgrade and you should be good. New everything except for shell and capsule.
  10. MKH50, Sennheiser vs Rycote mount?

    The mount that Sennheiser provides with the 50 is a nice added bonus. Works well.
  11. Recommendations for a smart slate

    Check also the new slate from Betso.
  12. 4018c or a second 641

    Get both. :).
  13. Zoom F8

    Yes I Think your fine. Use away.
  14. Condenser mic stored in a PVC pipe - technical question

    Like Eric said don't sweat it. Would rather protection then no protection. But... If your so worried try this.
  15. Mark fourm as Read

    And today it's working fine. Get the are you sure warning of I want to click a fourm as Read.... Odd.