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  1. Looks good. How about a case for the zaxcom 742 ?
  2. As long as it's not been abused or the capsule is f*cked (the most expensive part) you should be ok with $$.
  3. Do you have an automix option on the menu screen? Try doing a factory reset.
  4. Get both.
  5. the rx200 is a beast. In a good way.
  6. Let's all be happy it was a free upgrade a non advertised feature Thanks sound devices
  7. But in a pinch the 742 would work.
  8. Same here. Just mentioned the transmission aspects of it which works great. Also he could jam the 742 and the rx200 sees TC no problem.
  9. I've done it in a pinch. It will work. Obviously you have to worry about batteries among other small things but the answer is yes. It will work.
  10. TX timer mode.
  11. Omg omg omg omg omg omg yay yay yay
  12. If I can find them in my storage locker downstairs I will but it's been a few years. I just ended up going back to my older lyers 1st gen?? And they work really well still.
  13. Had I known that I would have sent some universal lyers that I bought a few years ago back to be checked out. They never really held a 19mm mic correctly. Mic always.moved and would eventually have come off the lyers.
  14. What happened to the microphone after the encounter with the fan?
  15. anything is destructable if you try hard enough.