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  1. Rycote sausage-ball. Nice.
  2. Don't believe the inv-lite was meant to be used with a Softie. I think someone mentioned they did and it worked but don't believe that was the original intention
  3. Thanks. Well aware of cinela for the 4017b. I have that but lately have been using the 4017c and am looking for something for it.
  4. Does cinela now have a mount available for the 4017c with a foam windscreen? I have not seen anything one their website. Please if someone knows what mount is available please provide info on here.
  5. Made. Believe he does not make them anymore. :(.
  6. Are these available for the fb3 trx?
  7. Can't imagine going back to screwing the mic to the top of the pole.
  8. The 4017c is awesome. What suspension are you using with the microphone?
  9. Decisions decisions. Sound devices 633 might be a good option. Might want to surf the many topics on this forum
  10. If it works then why not?
  11. Anyone watch it. Got a laugh when Chris Griffen was interning as a sound person and calls for room tone.
  12. I will second the ASC mod. It's great. It does not move. And not terribly expensive.
  13. After a while if doing it becomes just finger memory. Never really thought about the process. The fingers or a stylus usually just fly and do the work.
  14. Ahhhh the memories
  15. You make the deva sound like an ancient recorder. It may be older but it does many things far easier then alot of the newest ones out there.
  16. Nice mod.
  17. And it's time it was a kick-ass machine and still is. At that time it was was a perfectly acceptablethe media. Yes things have changed and have gone to more solid state for hand-off however options have been given to work with newer media
  18. Only port available for transfer is the FireWire port. If that works then a good option would be a FireWire card reader. I had great success using a SanDisk Extreme CF FireWire reader.
  19. Mirror mode
  20. Mirror drive can be either or. Cf or dvd. I don't remember off hand but there are some mirror settings read the manual all will be there.
  21. You can always burn as you are working throughout the day. I believe it burns the take once you hit stop. If your not familiar with the deva perhaps taking a quick glance at the manual might help. Its a great unit. I also believe there was a way to increase DSP for a slightly increased speed in burning. But I just burned after the end of every take when I had my 5.8
  22. Sweet. Made my day.
  23. What is the side mic that you are using?? Mkh30??? The 40 is very popular. As well as the 8040. Your right there are not alot of recordings online that demonstrates the various options.
  24. A 633 in white would be cool.
  25. They could just go with initials. RRS. Sounds a lot better then Really RightStuff.