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  1. Show me your bag

    I think Rado was referring to the petrol 607 bag.
  2. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    I'm using a dpa4017c with a rycote WS1 and love it. The small size is great and just like being compact I to also use it with a deathcat. It's smaller then what is recommended but with the right angle XLRf it's works perfectly for me. Depends on the mic and how you plan to use it.
  3. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    What would happen if the mic accidentally got broken? Accidentally... But seriously they will fail at the worst possible time.
  4. Zaxcom has a handheld mic now.

  5. Boom Poles on Sale Today

    They look like pretty nice poles. Not sure if they are worth it at the regular price but the sale price you can't go wrong.
  6. Headphone

    It's really a personal decision. One my not like what another suggests. Really need to try for yourself
  7. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Rx full 470 -694 The tx 3 available options A10-TX-A (470–548 MHz)A10-TX-B (518–608 MHz)A10-TX-C (594–694 MHz)transmitters are tunable in 25 kHz steps
  8. All Round Shotgun Mic MKH8060??

    8060 is great so is dpa 4017b/c.
  9. How hot do IDX NP-L7S batteries get when charging?

    Has it been dropped at all? I had one take a pretty good hit and when I put it on the charger it got pretty hot.
  10. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    Is there a power switch? Or does it just come on when battery is inserted?
  11. Deva 24 seminar

  12. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    Lmount battery mod. That's pretty cool. Where did you get that mod done.
  13. Wingman on Android

    So how's it working and what phone and os are you using?
  14. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    I have both the dpa b and c preamps but lately have been staying with the c just for size and love it. I just wish for a smaller version of the b preamp even if it uses little swites on the XLR
  15. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    I don't think being modular has anything to do with it being less rugged.
  16. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    I wonder if Jim was referring to how light the mic is
  17. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    +1 for all the above on the dpa 4017c it's small and light. Having both the b and the c is great for options.
  18. Schoeps CMR vs. Colette cable

    I wonder if it's compatible with the newer zaxcom tx that were just released. The ones that supply more then 3.3V?
  19. Jamming TC From a 633 to a Denecke TS-3

    You should. It's a great mixer/ recorder. You will be very happy with it.
  20. Hey Jeff, wasn't there a member buy/sell section?

    50 Post minimum.
  21. Jamming TC From a 633 to a Denecke TS-3

    Don't give away everything. Let him do some.reading.
  22. Jamming TC From a 633 to a Denecke TS-3

    Pages 75 76 77 78 SD633 manual
  23. Jamming TC From a 633 to a Denecke TS-3

    Have you taken a look at the 633 manual at all?
  24. Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Not to mention that wonderful smell it leaves behind.
  25. I need some used sound equipment

    No such thing. You are so close I assume you have registered on here so it will magically happen. Perhaps take a trip to the how to use this site section at the home page on this forum. Also many dealers have consignment sections. Trew Audio has a pretty big one. Everything is in sections so fairly easy to check.