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  1. Cute
  2. Have you contacted sound devices? Perhaps your the lucky person that discovered a possible bug?
  3. Plenty of options but if the cos11 works for you then why change it?
  4. Have you tried asking who ever does the mod work for the unit? Perhaps they can do other work including repairs? Sounds like input section is fried. Perhaps a this would be a good excuse to get one of sound devices new MixPre units? Also have to ask yourself is it worth getting it fixed? Might be problematic later down the road. Also assuming the mk1 is the original version so may just be easier to find one used. The mk2 is 499 new.
  5. The oats one made me hungry. Thanks.
  6. Would be awesome if dpa had support for Android devices.
  7. There is a warning about updating the transmitter in the zip file. Read it and proceed with caution
  8. Software for the transmitters has been pulled do to a possible bug when updating I believe. It's been over 6 months.
  9. Currently using the inv6 with the dpa 4017c. It was actually and inv3 but changed lyers to make it essentially and inv6. Works quite well and light.
  10. Simon any idea of when a upgrade version for the rycote modular Windshield will be available?
  11. A version for use with a windshield would be awesome. Did they give a timeline at all?
  12. Isn't it "I couldn't care less"?
  13. My understanding is the capsule can not be repaired unless sent back to Germany. Think they just swap out provided it's not abused
  14. Looked cool till I saw micro USB.
  15. Can be used with any mic including there 40xx series with the optional mmp- preamp
  16. I thought this has been out for awhile now.
  17. A little off topic but I want to get a Softie for my 8060. I know rycote says 12cm but I remember someone on here saying that the 10cm works better. Rycote seems to suggest the next size up at least with modular windshield and have always gone 1 step lower. But a Softie.for the 8060 10 or 12 cm. Using with the inv7hgII Thanks.
  18. The 744T is discontinued so it's now an antique and sells for more.
  19. Try using a heat gun to loosen it up.
  20. Kashmir. Yeah the name is funny.
  21. Looks cute.
  22. What new stuff do you know??? Spill it. Tell us now.
  23. Really depends on what you see yourself doing and needing in the future. If you want reduced size and weight go for a 633. If you think you will need more go for a 664. Only you can decide. As for zaxcom or sound devices once again you really have to research and make the decision yourself. There really is no easy answers.
  24. Audio Services Trew Audio Sono technique Studio Economik in MTL (Free shipping on orders over $100) Some av shops can order in stuff but if you want to go and actually touch what you want to buy then the 2 top ones are your best bet B & H if you see something you just have shipping free (over 100) and usually only 2 to 3 days
  25. It might not even be the capsule it could just be a component. Capsules are generally pretty expensive. Good technician or Sennheiser should get you going in no time.