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  1. I always have to resist the temptation to be draconian about the matter of getting RT. But to punish all those ADHD actors and crew that can't hold still for a half a minute sounds so delicious, so decadent, you could practically spread it on a muffin and call it a cupcake.
  2. Hello All, I asked a few mixers whom I greatly respect to help me to apply for CAS membership. Graciously they have agreed to sponsor me. However, the application calls for a "comprehensive letter of recommendation"? Can someone tell me exactly what CAS is looking for in one of these letters? I'm assuming they want to know the work history of said applicant, but that information is pretty much covered in the actual application. What exactly does CAS want to see in that letter? Thanks for any advice you can give me! John
  3. Hey does anyone else have an AVID S3 controller board? The 16th fader just malfunctioned and just pegs the fader at +12 (you actually hear a thunk when it does it). Has anyone else experienced this? What's so annoying is that the board is less than 2 years old. I tried resetting EuControl but to no avail. I also powered off the machine and rebooted my system thinking that perhaps the driver was being wonky. After a bit, you can hear the motor in the fader buzz just a bit, then the fader pegs back up to +12 again Thanks!
  4. Howdy Everyone! I am available for work in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area as well (I can work as a local up there). I have: Zaxcom 12 Track deck 4x Wireless Lavs 2 Timecode Boxes 1 Smart Slate Schoeps CMIT5U /Boom Boundary Mic DPA 5100 5.1 surround Mic Thank you! John (415) 305-1667
  5. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.
  6. I have a fusion 12 that feature didn't exist when I bought it. John
  7. Thank you! I searched for MP3 & Timecode but didn't see this! Exactly what I needed!!! Thanks again, John
  8. Does anyone know of an application that can convert broadcast waves that contain time code to an MP3 that has time code embedded? I run into this problem on a shoot today. They need transcripts right away and didn't want to wait to upload the full-size wave files because the interviews are two hours long. They Needed transcripts right away because it's a sports related show and didn't want to wait to upload the full-size wave files. I'm hoping there something out there. I gave them the mix track but they wanted an MP3 with timecode . thanks for any guidance you can give me, John
  9. Howdy Ladies and Gents, I'm hoping to find some work for production audio. I have a kit with: Boom Schoeps CMIT5U 4 zaxcom wireless kits, (2 900LTs, and 2 ZHDs, and two stereo receivers. Fusion 12 Deck, smart slate 2x Betso TC boxes 5 Zaxcom comtecs, and a DPA 5100 surround sound mic. OR any post mixing gig you may need help with (I have a studio built onto the back of my property). I have PT 12.6HD, AVID S3, AVID Dock, and can mix in 5.1 or 7.1. Also Neyrinck's Dolby Digital 2 plugin, and a whole host of other goodies. Thank you and have a great 2017! John
  10. ADR it. You'll spend less time doing it and you'll need to process the crap out of it to try and save it. Steve hit it on the head. the sound fluctuates, (it's not a steady state sound which can be more easily be fingerprinted by BNR programs) . the amount of processing you'll wind up doing will make the audio sound terrible. Re-record it and drop in a beach SFX. That way you can control the ocean.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try!
  12. Yeah I finally talked him into some limited ADR but we'll see how far that goes...
  13. I bought the DPA 5100 about a year back specifically for a documentary film I'm on for recordings in Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Besides just being plain old fun to make surround recordings, I found it quite durable and easy to pack away in my backpack. It has a top screw mount so I can place my CMIT on top of the mic for directional stuff. I haven't given this a try quite yet but that makes for a heavier load to tote around on a pole. I really have to be careful when recording field recordings. A longer cable is necessary, or at least the mic needs to be above your head so you don't block rear channel stuff. My only complaint is the LEMO cable. It's quite expensive if you want to replace it (to the tune of 600+ bucks). And since I rent it occasionally to others, I'm always worried about it being damaged.
  14. Thanks guys. I have a pretty good sounding mockup and it seems to be working! Sounds good to me at least. I think it will work!
  15. Hi Phil, I'm hearing the actual mechanical sound of the film sprockets. It's not a constant hum which would be easier to remove since RX5 really works well with steady state background noise. I'll give declicking a try. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks!