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  1. HD SDI and 3G SDI compatibility

    Does anyone know; if a monitor only has HD/SDI input, will it be able to receive a 3G SDI signal? I may be purchasing a used Marshall dual monitor that has only HD/SDI but most likely it'll be plugged to the output of a teradek bolt receiver. Cheers! pablo
  2. Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    After some research and reaching out to the previous sound guy on the show I confirmed that the only way to do what the director is asking for is getting a transmitter plugged to the direct outs of my 664 set to IFB mode for each of the talent tracks. We only have 3 cast members on this show, so it's doable but probably not worth it... Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    Looked into icoms. Interesting but not something I would invest on just for this show. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    Thanks Larry.
  5. Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    Glen. That's the point of the setup. It's not a fiction shoot and they are aware that they won't led be heard even when off camera.
  6. Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    That's what I thought. Thanks Larry. Any ideas on how I could accomplish such a setup without compromising the audio quality of the main program?
  7. I have a director who would like to listen into the individual transmitters of the talent without having to go through my feed. He mentioned that in the last he has used an R1a to do this. My question is: if I set my talent transmitters to IFB mode so that he could tune in with an R1a, would the quality of the audio that I would be receiving be affected? Pablo
  8. Show me your bag

    I just finished this upgrade to my bag and wanted to share. I've had this design for a while but had not gotten around getting it done. It's a 3D printed bracket (or dashboard). I copied the idea a while ago from Pascal's original aluminum bracket. This one is very light and cost me CAD$120 to print (about 12 hours). I used PLA plastic fillament, but will probably go for nylon next time as I already have ideas to improve the design.
  9. Booming with a Neumann KU100 head

    http://3diosound.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=47 Maybe this would work better. You'd have to negotiate mounting it on the camera...
  10. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    Thanks John. Great find. But at $41 per connector and $17 per meter of cable, a 4 xlr snake seems not too bad after all...
  11. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    Thanks John. Indeed, that's for now the solution... But so many connectors!
  12. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    Oh. Good to know.
  13. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    True Glen. The cinela is on the list. But still big for what I need.
  14. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    Peter, like Glen said, it's a cinela Leo, but it's there because I was trying to 3D draw one to adapt it to the SPS200 but it proved easier said than done. I currently have it on a Rycote kit 4, but I'm looking for a smaller footprint. The mic is not extremely sensitive to wind, so I figured the cinela cage with decent fur would suffice. I have a project coming soon that requires me to be far from the mic and that's why I'm looking to make an extension. With the right tools and parts it should be quite easy. But the trick is finding the right parts... The link you shared is for a bigger connector. Once I find the part I'll share it here.
  15. Soundfield SPS 200 connector

    Thank you Craig. I did look into Lemo under the same assumption, but no luck.