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  1. SRC-A1 firmware update is available for download

    Will do, thanks!
  2. SRC-A1 firmware update is available for download

    Thank you for the reply Larry! Anyone know what version of FireFox works? I've followed the instructions on the Lectro site with no success. I tried with an older version of Firefox And the latest release. It just keeps wanting in install Silverlight for some reason. So I never get to Wireless Designer.
  3. SRC-A1 firmware update is available for download

    What are other MAC users experiences here? I have not been able to download Wireless Designer nor get Silverlight to work. The Wireless Designer link just keeps wanting to install Silverlight. Using latest ver. of Firefox, as recommended.
  4. really nice job! thank you for the insight
  5. Elon's Falcon Heavy Tesla launch

    wrong. but I did laugh out loud.
  6. Viviana Straps

    how do they compare to the URSA straps; comfort, durability, etc?
  7. BLK 24

    I also sold quickly when I heard about the coming changes. So I got some decent prices for my gear; four 411/um combos in 24/26 and some extra transmitters in 24. I did reblock one um trans and kept it for an IFB feed. I would say now its probably hit or miss with selling vs. re-blocking since the cost has gone up significantly for that service. Everything I own now is in A1(470-20) and 21. Good luck!
  8. View From The Office:

    environmental doc shoot. boom seems happy to be the lookout.
  9. Show me your bag

    Anyone using the Porta-Brace MXC-688 SLX? If so, is the front wireless compartment detachable?
  10. Cos 11 repair

    Anyone ever use this company? http://www.lavaliermicrepair.com/lav-mic-repairs
  11. Rolling case dilemma...

    So, its been quite a while now, anyone have updates on ideas or the cases they made? Very curious about doing my own now. Thanks!
  12. Timecode embedded MP3 ?

    How about a Mac version?
  13. New reviews on Lectrosonics L series?

    Hello all and Happy New Year! Wondering what the latest favorite AA batteries you all are using for the Lectro LT/LR system. I'm interested in which rechargeable AA's fit the best. It would seem as far as batt life, the Eneloop Pro 2450's are getting good life. Any contrary results? Also, anyone have any issues getting the batt doors to close? Seem with most batts I've tried, I had to really work it and in some cases not been able to close the doors at all! As with the Powerex 2700's. This is disturbing since I own a bunch of those batts. Ok, thank you in advance for any feedback.
  14. Constantly logged off - password reset

    It's not autofilling, I am making sure each time. I've purged all data and started over and still same issues. Mac Safari
  15. Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know that I often get logged out of the site and my password does not work to log back in. I have reset my password a couple dozen times in the pas month or so, at least. Is there a setting I am missing? I appreciate any advice. Thank you! Dave