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  1. That just got me to look you up on google, really enjoying your music- I'm slightly surprised I hadn't come across you before from that side of things...
  2. I've also had a really good look at the metric halo lio-8 for similar reasons but at another point in the signal chain- I've found there's a noticeable difference in noise floor using the converters on my wisycom mcr42 receivers, so would be looking at splitting their signal in the lio-8 running analogue outs to the ad149 and staying digital to run to the recorder isos. I haven't bought an lio-8 yet (and found it's surprisingly big, it won't fit my current cart) and would prefer a control surface. It does offer an advantage too of being able to run playback, secondary recording and processing (i.e. Isotope for reference) as an interface
  3. 8x RX Sonosax rig, can be rigged so all analogue ins are still accessible
  4. You can always get rid of bits of it.... Actually, the bag itself is sometimes the heaviest thing
  5. I've tried a few things and actually found the best solution for me is a light bag with a shoulder strap- I've used a waist belt only for a while but found the best solution is to not be carrying the bag and the shoulder strap's the fastest way of getting it on and off. I'm putting together an 8 channel+ bag at the moment (not as big/scary as you might think) and ordered the big portabrace shoulder strap for it... watch this space
  6. That amused me (still considering one...)
  7. I've been waiting since about the start of this year for a new MacBook Pro, my current Windows machine which I've had for a few years is still pretty quick (it was *very* fast when I first bought it), but has had a few physical issues. I've also had a few instances where I've had issues with files from OS X, so thought it was finally time to get one as the rest of the industry has them and I don't have compatibility issues. Like Philip, I've also got some windows only programs which I use for editing and that's slightly worrying to me I'm mildly disappointed that running a dock is pretty much mandatory, although a few options for external pcie cards have appeared which may offer some solutions for me. The price is also a kick in the teeth, we've not only got the increase on the base US price, but sterling's also 20% down on the dollar (this has also meant a rise in sound devices prices here)
  8. I bought one of these for this reason: to be honest it hasn't been attached to my bag much as it adds sticks out quite a bit and adds some weight
  9. Is that a BNC quick release?
  10. I've just seen some of portabrace's more chunky memory foam shoulder straps (such as the HB-A2) and I'm wondering if anyone's using them as a 'harness substitute'. I've been getting used to using one with a lighter bag recently and am putting together a 'larger bag' option. The advantage is that it'll be easier to put the bag down. Also has anyone had any success running transmitters or aerials to the storage compartment?
  11. Rycote have just brought out a 'baseball' windgag which I've been testing with the 8050 and it's been rather successful. More of an upgrade to stock foam, but makes a big difference to swings and can deal with light wind outdoors. Lighter than a ball gag (which doesn't fit the 8050 anyway) and reasonable acoustically transparent. Don't think it's up on their website yet, but get in touch with them and they should be able to ship one
  12. I'll be attending the London one (as long as I don't get booked for work)
  13. Is the issue the file breaks? Before about v1.4 firmware it would actually record huge files (which broke the .wav specification). I think wav64 compatibility is on 'the list' of things to get done (which allow much larger file sizes). If it's just a case of splitting the files, sound devices wave agent can handle that (free download)
  14. I've also found that combinations of regulators in certain kit can cause hums/whines from them interacting with one another (older Sonosax sx-r4 seemed to be susceptible)
  15. As far as working in a bag on your own, the DPA 4017 and Sennheiser MKH8060 seem to be the go-to mics. Mostly due to a balance of compactness, directivity, sound and working pretty well indoors too. Operating one of those single handed compared to a 416 makes a big difference