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  1. Excellent work, Gene!
  2. For your second QRX, get a 235 w/ QIFB. That way, you can jam your transmitters with Zaxnet, control gain and frequency from the QRX's and use ERX's. That's how I run my 633 bag.
  3. 4063 is what Zaxcom recommends, although I've also had good luck with 4060 slims.
  4. I've been wanting to try these. Happy to hear that they might be available in the states soon.
  5. I know this is an older thread, but this is a very cool cart. Too big for my purposes, but very slick.
  6. I'm also interested in this. I've had mixed experiences with the snorkel.
  7. It's definitely a bit of work to take apart. I have a Nomad, micplexer 2, and two QRX's ready to go in another bag and I plan on adding another QRX200 to the Nomad bag this year. Either that or sell the two QRX200's and micplexer and get an Rx12. The RX12 is pretty heavy, so I wouldn't bag it often, but it would make it super quick to change from nomad in a bag to Nomad on a cart. Since I run my wireless AES in my Nomad bag it would be one audio cable and a few serial cables to switch between bag and cart. Still deciding. As it stands now, I already have power cables and audio cables set up for two additional QRX's in my Nomad bag. So all Inhave to do is pull the QRX100's from my 633 bag and put them in my Nomad bag since I have separate cable setups in each bag. They're all held together with dual lock so it's not too bad moving them around, but I wouldn't wanna have to do it in a hurry. I'm with you, Rado. I prefer going AES and it really saves weight on cabling. Even still, this bag is between 7 and 8 lbs. I only have a bathroom scale, so can't get too precise.
  8. Totally. I still own a Maxx, I just wish it had been a little more well thought out. Still love my Nomad and excited to check out the Deva 24 when it comes out. I miss Neverclip and phase invert on every channel when working with the 633, but other than that, it's pretty great. It's not exactly a Rado OneUnit, but it's light and tight. I'm not as adventurous as Rado is with modifying gear
  9. You could always do what I did. Get a 633 and use it with 2 QRX's and a QRX235 w/IFB. That way i get a boom and 5 channels of wireless in a small bag with tactile faders. The QRX235 w/IFB sends audio and Timecode to my ERX's and I use serial cables between the QRX's so i can control transmitter gain and frequency from the QRX's. It's pretty good. I tried to get along with the Maxx, but just didn't bond with it. Still love my Nomad for bigger bag days and cart gigs and would welcome a better automixer. The Nomad is still my favorite recorder, but I think the 633 with Zax wireless is gonna be my new go to for bag days.
  10. Very, very cool.
  11. Cool. The manuals are deep, but fairly clear.
  12. Zaxcom can send 2 channels of audio on a single RF frequency. So, for example, the Camera Link is one transmitter but it can send two channels of audio to an RX200 which is a 2 channel receiver. A QRX200 can receive audio from 2 mono or 2 stereo transmitters. If using mono transmitters, that's 2 channels of audio; if using stereo transmitters, that's 4 channels of audio. Think of it in terms of frequency. The QRX200 can receive two different frequencies. The number of channels is determined by whether you're using mono or stereo transmitters. I know it's a little confusing, but does that help at all? Also, the QRX235 has an audio input on a mini jack, so you can feed it whatever you want from a 688 and send that to ERX's. Just cable from an output of the 688 to the input of the 235.
  13. The QRX200 will get 2 transmitters into your 688 via analog in. Jack is just pointing out that if you want some of the benefits of Zaxnet, you might consider a 235 w/ QIFB. In addition to simply receiving two Zaxcom transmitters, you could remotely change the frequency and gain of the transmitter from the QRX235 and send Timecode wirelessly to your recording transmitters. In addition, it would let you send audio and Timecode to ERX's to use as a Timecode box and mono scratch audio to camera or as IFB's. The downside is that the 235 is block specific where as the QRX200 is wideband.
  14. I'm dying to try some out. They seem so much better than Neopax.
  15. I also thought they weren't available in the US. Would love to try some.