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  1. Ray Collins

    How best to stop contributors standing on mic cables?

    Gaffer Tape the cable to the ankle. Hopefully they are wearing socks. Also a tight fitting Velcro ankle strap will work especially if the talent is female.
  2. Ray Collins

    891 Vancouver tragedy

    No details but just received a email from 891. "Dear Members, Last night, there was a serious workplace accident on one of our film productions, which resulted in the death of a member within the film community. At this time, the incident is being investigated, and details are sure to be released when appropriate." Be safe always.
  3. Hmmm maybe I need to up my rates? ;-) http://www.indiewire.com/article/michael-moores-13-rules-for-making-documentary-films-20140910?utm_source=iwAlerts_newsletter&utm_medium=sailthru_newsletter Sent from my iPod
  4. Ray Collins

    Long term Nagra 4.2 storage

    Just removed the cover cleaned the commutator per manual. Mine was so clogged it was effecting speed. Pulling the shaft out I believe is a problem and should never be done.
  5. Ray Collins

    Collectible Audio Equipment

    Very old Western Electric tube amps and mixers, RCA 77DX ribbon mics, Nagras. Who knows but old Audio Developments mixers could become collectible one day, so I can unload one. I invested in gold shares, so what do I know? ;-) it's a market, timing can be everything. Hard to predict what people will care about in the future. The nice thing about the old stuff is it's repairable, pour milk into your Macbook it's value will be zero. I'm still looking for Ampex suitcase speakers with 6v6 tube amps built in, but prices seem high. I have 160 10 inch reels of tape 1/2 track stereo with a music library on them, no interest on Kiijii, along with a mostly rebuilt Revox A77, no interest in it either. You might be better to buy property in Detroit. Buy low sell high, seems to me some old gear is too high.
  6. Ray Collins

    Odd noise

    How close was everybody's iPhone to the mic, the noise seems to have a pulse. Perhaps unknown to you the interviewee had a iphonein a breast pocket. DVX user posted this http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?133811-Sanken-cs3e-and-rf Also how was the humidity where you were recording? Did you go from cool to hot and humid? It's always good to have an old 416 as a back up.
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eEefMDV1q3I
  8. Ray Collins

    Happy Birthday Jeff Wexler

    All the best Jeff.
  9. Ray Collins

    Happy Birthday Eric

    All the best Eric.
  10. Ray Collins

    I am a boom operator. How do i save my back?

    Watch out for frozen shoulder, nothing worked except acupuncture. Get a weight lifters belt, it helps by giving the the lower back better support.
  11. Ray Collins

    In Praise of Omnidirectional Microphones

    On set years ago they wouldn't work because the 16 mm and 35 mm coffee grinders were so damned loud. This was in spite of what the Austrian DOP said " I put ground glass in front of lens it make it quiet " it didn't. Bathrooms would also be an issue for omnis. Also whispering camera ops and noises off set are not friends of clean dialogue. They have their place but on a film set there will be issues.
  12. Ray Collins

    The Sound Of Motorway

    Get the DP to do an ultra tight shot, haircut, get the mic in as close as possible and remind the actors to speak up. We are technicians not magicians.
  13. Ray Collins

    Mix pre D - battery corroision

    Take a small hammer and tap around the circumference of the metal plug then wrap the vice grips with something soft and get it as tight as you can, then hit the vice grips with a hammer. Then your trouble really begins as the batteries expand and lock inside the tube, take a small drill and drill a pilot hole through the center of the battery, then use a bit 2/3 the size of the battery drill out what you can, then drive a screwdriver down the side of the battery, this will collapse the battery so you can get it out. Better idea send it back to Sound Devices.;-)
  14. Ray Collins

    Options for good 2 track portable digital recorder?

    Take a look at boom recorder software, a laptop Mac and a MOTU interface. Cost efficient choice.