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  1. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Just one thing: your video title is missing the '+' as in SX-R4+. Otherwise, 10/10 :-)
  2. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much, Rado!
  3. Much obliged, Jeff! So great to hear an eyewitness account :-)
  4. Whoa!! Many thanks
  5. Jeff, did you get to see a demo of the new Sonosax products? I must say, just from that photo the SX-R4+ screen looks really good.
  6. My question was rhetoric, but it's good to know about that Maxx stand
  7. Sonosax at NAB 2015, with a photo of their new products!! PS - Can't help but wonder what the ZAX-MAX is doing under the AD8+ :-)
  8. Perhaps it shouldn't be that way entirely, but certainly I could compensate for any limitations that fortunately are negligible in my line of work. I'd even take a crankshaft over the power button to get that kind of dynamic range :-)
  9. Announcing the new SX-R4+ product page!
  10. New pics (3D renders)!!! Diagram 2 Diagram 1 And some additional tidbits: Mixing Control Surface Available summer 2015 1100 g / 2,43 lbs Price: TBA SX-R4+, 16 Tracks Recorder Available May 2015 890 g / 1,96 lbs € 4'999 / $ 5'499 SX-AD8+, 8 Channels Mic-Pre Available summer 2015 820 g / 1,80 lbs Price: TBA TOTAL 2810 g / 6,19 lbs That does it, I'm in :-)
  11. Unpublished Cantar X2 Specs

    That and the fact that the machine is virtually future proof. Anyway, it's easy to solve the case of the missing specs:
  12. Unpublished Cantar X2 Specs

    At least here I'm actually quite approachable in Cantar circles But to me every piece of equipment I buy is just the means to a far higher end. With all due respect to Aaton, I never want to be remembered as a Cantar user but someone who accomplished good and helped others do the same.
  13. Unpublished Cantar X2 Specs

    Play&Rec, extreme resistance to dust and water, and several other tidbits... like the "huge" dynamic range and [unquestionably] "unsurpassed" mic pres.
  14. Unpublished Cantar X2 Specs

    I'm sorry if my initial comment on the 788T was misleading. I simply meant that there are other recorders with higher specs that I prefer and are more suitable for me.
  15. Unpublished Cantar X2 Specs

    Thanks Marc, you're right. Yet with regard to preamps, I much prefer the Nagra VI to the 788T, Nomad, etc. But my needs also require certain features that are only found in the Cantar. I'm sure looking forward to the X3